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About this Item

ISBN: 9780973425611
format: Trade paperback
pages: 320
publisher: Maurice Guimond
pub. date: 2019-06-01

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A bubble nestled in a universe of competing realities, the city known as Hub isn’t so much a destination, but a place where you end up. Long-term resident and small-time mercenary Hazard Martin has spent his life scraping by in its alien shadows, allying himself with ragtag wanderers and the monsters who live in every darkened door.

Then strikes opportunity. Hazard and his prehistoric friend Chubs stumble into an incredible treasure, one so precious that it may even purchase redemption.

All they have to do is stay alive long enough to spend it.

ANYWHERE: Fantasy noir with just a whiff of humour, where love is an illusion, friendship doesn’t come cheap, and if a dinosaur doesn’t own you, the architecture will.

Like so many Canadian writers, Maurice Guimond started his career as a lumberjack. Staying sane during the pitch-black night shifts in the lonely forests of frosty Manitoba required prolonged lapses into his imagination, which inevitably led to his choice in education.

He got his degree in English Lit at the University of Winnipeg, and, as most English Lit grads do, immediately went back to his old job. At least until the market crashed in ’08. Good times.

During that period, he joined the Lake Winnipeg Writers’ Group, and has been writing ever since. He has published over a dozen times in Voices, and self-published a book of poetry. Good luck finding a copy of that. This is his first venture into full-length literary fiction. Probably not his last.

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