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Dementia Prevention

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ISBN: 9780968846568
format: Trade paperback
pages: 245
publisher: Gary G. Adams
pub. date: 2020-04-01

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The author draws on more than a decade of experience with highly successful Mind and Memory programs for seniors, plus extensive research in medical and other literature to show the way to a life free of this terrible disorder. It establishes that with these simple, constructive tools, dementia can be avoided or effectively managed. Dementia is a brain disorder, usually chronic and progressive, in which the mental ability declines to an extent that interferes with daily life.

The symptoms vary greatly, but generally present an impairment in two or more of memory, thinking, orientation, comprehension, calculation, reasoning, learning, capacity, language skill and judgment. Decline in cognitive function may be accompanied (or occasionally preceded) by loss of emotional control, changes in social behavior and reduced motivation. Consciousness is seldom affected. Dementia is overwhelming, not only to those who develop it, but also to family members, neighbors, caregivers and the community. There is currently no medical cure.

However, this book presents a plan based on lifestyle choices and activities that can prevent, delay and reverse debilitating impacts of this condition. The techniques it describes can be used by anyone to maintain the same high levels of brain health, capacity and function seen in individuals who do not develop dementia.

Building on well-known measures that we can all take to assure physical wellness, it adds specific ideas that promote mental capacity and wards off the changes that lead to dementia symptoms. Mental decline is not a normal or inevitable part of aging, but the first step to avoiding it should be taken in mid-life.

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