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The Mosaic Effect

How the Chinese Communist Party Started a Hybrid WAR in America's Backyard

October 24, 2023 | Trade paperback
ISBN: 9780888903167
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We live in two parallel worlds--one that exists in plain sight, governed by laws and borders, where the illusion of security prevails. The other, concealed in shadows, is the battleground of a silent war masterminded by the relentless Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Their audacious objective? To dismantle their primary adversary, the "United States of America," and assert global dominance by 2050. But the CCP's ambition extends far beyond America's borders; it's a global conquest where traditional warfare takes a back seat, replaced by covert operations masked beneath layers of legitimate organizations and respected figures.

In this clandestine conflict, no shots are fired, and the chosen weapons are social chaos and economic manipulation. The vanguard of the CCP's covert assault is an enigmatic trio, known discreetly as the Trinity, acknowledged by the USA's intelligence elite--the CIA, DIA, DEA, and State Department. The Trinity represents an unholy alliance between PRC intelligence agencies, the influential Chinese business elite, and the notorious triads.

This strategic infiltration began over three decades ago, gaining entry into the United States through its northern neighbour, Canada, exploiting immigration fraud as its gateway. The 49th parallel, which divides the USA and Canada--the world's longest undefended border--became the backdrop for the CCP's sinister machinations. The CCP methodically constructed a United Front network in Canada, subduing or directing individuals and groups to serve their agenda. This subversion has steadily corroded the political foundations of Canada, sounding alarm bells among undercover American intelligence agents who now view Canada as one of the United States' foremost security concerns.

Meet Scott McGregor and Ina Mitchell, guardians of some of Canada's national secrets. McGregor who has worked in military intelligence, law enforcement and for the current Premier of British Columbia, advising on the convergences between transnational organized crime and national security threats; Mitchell an investigative journalist and documentary filmmaker, pull take readers on a journey like no others have ever dared to do. in their forthcoming book, "The Mosaic Effect," McGregor and Mitchell embark on an enthralling odyssey, providing unparalleled insights into the CCP's far-reaching influence and espionage in the Western world.

The authors assembled a formidable team of intelligence collectors, including seasoned journalists, former agents, law enforcement experts, dedicated researchers, and incognito informants within the Chinese diaspora. With precision and dedication, they employ a fusion of modern investigative techniques and age-old tradecraft. Together, they assemble a captivating mosaic of intelligence, piecing together the intricate web of CCP influence that reaches into the highest echelons of global power.

"The Mosaic Effect" isn't just an exposé but an urgent cautionary tale. It invites you to peer into the covert realm manipulated by the CCP within the Western sphere. This isn't merely a story--it's a high-stakes narrative of intrigue and espionage that offers an intimate look into a dimension of global affairs concealed from public gaze. Welcome to a world of international espionage, intrigue, and the relentless pursuit of democratic values, all woven into a narrative that demands the attention of discerning readers immersed in global politics and the preservation of democracy.

For those who are well-versed in global politics, espionage aficionados, and public policy writers, "The Mosaic Effect" is your exclusive passageway into this clandestine world--a must-read that grants you access to the intricacies of international power struggles and the relentless quest for freedom and democracy

ISBN: 9780888903167
Format: Trade paperback
Series: Holding the CCP to Account
Pages: n/a
Publisher: Optimum Publishing International
Published: 2023-10-24

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