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St. Mary Magdalene

The Gnostic Tradition of the Holy Bride

January 8, 2006 | Trade paperback
ISBN: 9780738707839
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In the Gospels of the Bible there are a few comments about Mary Magdalene here and there. But in the Gnostic scriptures that have been discovered, there are tantalizing hints that both her relationship to Jesus and her role among Jesus' disciples may have been profoundly important. Among several schools of Gnostic Christianity, Mary plays an essential role in the revelation of the gospel.

Here, for the first time in print, is a Sophian Gospel of St. Mary Magdalene. No secret oral tradition as extensive as this has ever been recorded, and none has ever presented a Gnostic view of Mary Magdalene as she is portrayed in this groundbreaking work--as a powerful holy woman, the innermost disciple and beloved wife of Jesus, and a Christed woman who is coequal with Jesus in the Christ revelation.

About this Author

Tau Malachi is a Gnostic Apostle, or Gnostic Master, of a Magdala Tradition of Gnostic Christianity, one that has a rich oral tradition of Mirya Magdala (Mary Magdalene) as the Anointed Bride, or female spiritual counterpart of Yeshua Messiah (Jesus Christ); and that teaches mystical teachings of the Christian Kabbalah.

He was something of a spiritual prodigy, having a strong spiritual and mystical inclination from his early youth. In 1970, when he was eight years old, he met his spiritual master, Tau Elijah, who received him as a disciple and taught and initiated him into the Gnostic Path and Holy Kabbalah. In 1983, he founded The Fellowship, the beginning of a gnostic community, where he began teaching, initiating, and guiding spiritual seekers in the Gnostic Path as well as teaching the Kabbalah revealed to him. Today The Fellowship has evolved into Ecclesia Pistis Sophia (EPS), an international gnostic community, or Christian Gnostic "church." He and Tau Sarah are the "Sacred Tau" of the lineage and community, the living messengers and spiritual masters of the present generation.

Adding to the seven books he has written and published, along with many thousands of pages of teachings he has posted in the forums on the main website of the Fellowship/EPS, Malachi has just completed a masterwork of a gnostic transmission and revelation of Mirya Magdala that spans several volumes: The Holy Gospel & Acts of Mirya Magdala: Teachings of Her Anointed Community.

Engage with Tau Malachi through:
o Facebook:
o Ecclesia Pistis Sophia website:
o YouTube:
o His most recent writings online:

ISBN: 9780738707839
Format: Trade paperback
Series: Gnostic Gospel
Pages: 240
Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide, LTD.
Published: 2006-01-08

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