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Why We Remember

Unlocking Memory's Power to Hold on to What Matters

February 20, 2024 | Hardcover
ISBN: 9780385675680
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Memory is far more than a record of the past--in this groundbreaking tour of the mind and brain, one of the world's top memory researchers reveals the powerful role memory plays in nearly every aspect of our lives, from learning and decision-making to trauma and healing, and helps us take control of our unconscious mind to live happier, more deliberate lives.

A new understanding of memory is emerging from the latest scientific research. In short, the memory is not what we think it is--a repository of the past that we tap into as we wish. It is actually a highly transformative power, active at all times, that shapes our present in often secretive and sometimes destructive ways. 

We are in many ways creatures of memory and only when we understand the mechanisms of memory can we truly understand ourselves and our motivations, and use our knowledge of those mechanisms to our advantage while avoiding their pitfalls. Why We Remember teaches the principles behind memory storage and retrieval and explains how our memories are always changing. It reveals how these processes affect what we think we know about ourselves and how we make decisions. It shows that the real power of psychotherapy isn't to remember what happened, but to change our interpretations of those events, so we can heal and grow. 

Memory is designed to be selective, meaningful and malleable. When we understand how memory works, we can cut through the clutter and remember the things we want to remember. We can not only remember more--we can remember better.

About this Author

CHARAN RANGANATH is a Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience at the University of California at Davis. He directs the Dynamic Memory Lab and is a pioneer in the use of brain imaging techniques like functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to study the mechanisms in the brain that allow us to remember past events. He lives in Davis, California, with his wife and children.

ISBN: 9780385675680
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 304
Publisher: Doubleday Canada
Published: 2024-02-20


"Illuminating." --The New York Times

"Lucid and rigorous. . . . Ranganath's book shines when it's illuminating how this all works in the brain. His descriptions of complex studies are entertaining and clarifying, and he vividly paints the intellectual history of the science of memory." --The Washington Post
"Clever, insightful and humorous. . . . The most significant lesson is that we need not be prisoners to our incompletely remembered past."--The Wall Street Journal

"This is popular science at its best: entertaining, thought-provoking and an encouragement to the reader to keep an open mind." --The Financial Times

"A riveting overview of how memory works. . . . Ranganath has a knack for describing neuroanatomy in accessible terms, and the science consistently surprises. . . . Approachable and enlightening, this is worth seeking out." --Publishers Weekly (starred review)
"A well-informed tour of a mysterious and crucial part of the brain, promising greater self-awareness and mental clarity." --Kirkus Reviews 

"In this magnum opus, leading memory researcher Charan Ranganath turns much of what we think we know about memory on its head. . . . Ranganath is a master explainer and storyteller." --Daniel J. Levitin, author of Successful Aging and This Is Your Brain on Music
"Prominent neuroscientist and Guggenheim Fellow Charan Ranganath guides us through the science of our memories with incredible insight and clear science. He combines fascinating tales of the peculiarities of memory with practical, actionable steps. Not only will every reader remember better afterward, they'll also never forget this life-changing book." --Siddhartha Mukherjee, Pulitzer Prize-winning author of The Emperor of All Maladies and The Gene
"Why We Remember offers a radically new and engaging explanation of how and why we remember. . . . It is a tour de force of both individual and collective importance." --Dr. Matthew Walker, author of Why We Sleep
"Why We Remember is terrific. Ranganath balances original first-class science with lighter, more personal writing. This will be a mind-changing read for anyone who wants to better understand and use their own brain." --Robert Sapolsky, author of Behave

"Why We Remember is going to transform readers' understanding of memory. It's hard to think of a topic more timely and important to communicate to the world, or a scientist who is better positioned to do so than Charan Ranganath." --Ethan Kross, author of Chatter

"This book captures a transcendent truth about our lives. Memories serve to guide our future, our engagement of the world. They are not rigid, static pictures of our past. Ranganath has delivered a compelling picture of how basic science can help us all understand the human experience. It is a major accomplishment." --Mike Gazzaniga, author of The Consciousness Instinct

"This book shows us how understanding the brain can help us change minds for the better. By giving us a clear map of memory, we are better able to take charge of our lives, learn from the mistakes of the past, make better decisions in the present, and positively predict our futures." --Tali Sharot, author of The Optimism Bias and The Influential Mind

"Charan Ranganath offers answers to universal questions: how do we stop worrying about the future, let go of the past, and live in the present? Through fascinating science, deeply compelling personal stories, and with a strong voice, Why We Remember delivers on all its promises." --Dr. Amishi Jha, author of Peak Mind

"Charan Ranganath uses his cutting-edge science to explain how our present shapes our past, and how the stories we tell ourselves ultimately impact our futures. Why We Remember is the key to moving beyond our inner narratives, and into a life of purposeful decision-making and joy. An absolute must-read!" --Dr. Lisa Miller, author of The Spiritual Child

"Why We Remember is a complete, much needed, appealing, poetic and practical view of the field of memory--and there is no one better positioned than Ranganath to guide readers on a tour of his inner landscape." --David Eagleman, author of Incognito

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