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Revering God

How to Marvel at Your Maker

September 10, 2024 | Trade Paperback
ISBN: 9780310160403
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Prepare to be awestruck at the most reliable, enjoyable, victorious, loving, redemptive, and expressive being in existence...your Creator. This is an invitation to revere God.

At the deepest level, the chief reason we are all here is to glorify and enjoy God. But for many people, God remains a vague, wispy, cloud of cosmic kindness, a super-sized projection of ourselves into the sky, or an impossible-to-please killjoy. But who is God, really? Who is this being we should thank for our next breath? Who has He revealed himself to be in His Word?

Questions like these inspire some to deep dive into theology. They emerge with a sophisticated new vocabulary, a head full of syllogisms, and a God who seems more like an abstract x at the end of a logical equation than the living, moving, affectionate God of Scripture. In Revering God, bestselling author Thaddeus Williams invites you to meet the real, living God, offering profound insight into God's attributes and practical ways to live a God-centered life, bridging the gap between abstract theology and awe-inspired devotion.

Revering God features:

  • Scripture that shows what God revealed about himself.
  • Stories from contemporary theologians on how divine attributes have impacted their lives.
  • Exercises and practical steps to live out God's attributes at home, in your community, and in the workplace.
  • Recommended resources for further study.


Learn to encounter God and worship him in a way that draws you into a deeper state of awe, joy, and reverence for the One who made you.

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About this Author

ISBN: 9780310160403
Format: Trade Paperback
Pages: 272
Publisher: Zondervan
Published: 2024-09-10


'Combining great writing with great theology, Williams uses everything from The Joker to the Sistine chapel to a civil rights hero to a Rolling Saint to reveal the true nature and aims of God. Guiding readers through readings, rhythms, reflections, repentance and resources, the inevitable result is a renewed reverence for the Great Seeker.'

'For many reasons, this is an important, carefully argued book but is especially important in that it undertakes to creatively discuss the essential, even difficult, elements of the Reformed and Scriptural doctrine of God, with an extensive knowledge and use of popular culture. It is thus hopefully able to capture a youthful readership with a subject long considered appropriate only for scholars. For this reason, I wish the book great success.'

'If your God is small, his character, attributes, and Word will mean little to you. If he is big, however, these will make all the difference in the world. Thaddeus Williams shows us the bigness of God.'

'One can never read too many books that revel in the awesome attributes of God, and Thaddeus Williams' Revering God is a worthy addition to the genre. Deftly weaving timely cultural analysis with timeless theological truth, the book is a valuable reminder to the contemporary church: reverence to God is a far more pressing priority than relevance to the culture.'

'Thaddeus Williams doesn't just want us to know God; he wants us to love him. In this book, he skillfully works towards that goal by weaving together theology, apologetics, and personal accounts of seasoned Christians in a way that is both emotionally satisfying and intensely practical. The result is a multifaceted presentation of our infinitely deep, loving, wise, gracious, creative, awe-inspiring God that moved me to worship. My hope is that many who never before encountered a God-centered view of all of reality--not to mention the God who is worthy of it--will read Revering God and be changed forever.'

'The best place to begin the study of God is with worship. As my colleague Thaddeus Williams writes compellingly in Revering God, 'human beings are designed for awe.' Beginning with reverence, Williams mines deeply into who God is, who we are, and how to know and worship him. This book is a rare find among theologians as it is both deep and wide, filled with truth and approachable for the believer hungry to know and worship our awesome God.'

'With the creativity and communication skills that we have come to expect from Thaddeus Williams, this outstanding, engaging, and interactive volume guides readers to think deeply about the greatness and grace of God in fresh and thoughtful ways. Through the use of Scripture, readings, stories, art, and the reflections of other key thinkers, Williams invites us to worship, trust, love, adore, follow, and enjoy the eternal Triune God, who is our creator, providential sustainer, and redeemer. Encouraging prayerful response and application, the book prioritizes reverence over relevance with the hope of bringing renewal to our lives and reform to our churches. It is a genuine joy to heartily recommend Revering God.'

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