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The Trilobite Collector's Guide

January 23, 2024 | Hardcover
ISBN: 9780231213806
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For more than 250 million years, the primeval oceans of the Paleozoic teemed with trilobites. These hardy invertebrates evolved into an astonishing array of separate species--more than 25,000 at last count--and much remains unknown about these once-ubiquitous creatures. Fossil enthusiasts are captivated by trilobites' diversity and adaptability, enthralled by the possibility of catching a glimpse of a transcendently strange past.

Andy Secher--one of the most prolific trilobite collectors in the world--takes readers on an entertaining and enlightening journey to the distant epoch when these ancient arthropods swarmed through the seas. The Trilobite Collector's Guide presents a series of "Top Ten" lists covering everything from celebrated Cambrian localities and world-class fossil shows to invaluable collecting tips and ways to spot a fake trilobite. These brisk and often witty chapters enumerate trilobites in all their beauty and strangeness, from the most common to the ridiculously rare, the outrageously old to the last in line. The Trilobite Collector's Guide showcases more than 350 full-color photographs, mostly of stunning specimens from Secher's personal collection, that put trilobites' staggering variety and complexity on full display. Engaging and informative, this book lets readers see the world of trilobites as it's never been seen before.

About this Author

Andy Secher has been a field associate in paleontology at the American Museum of Natural History for more than two decades. He curates one of the world's largest private trilobite collections. Secher is the author of Travels with Trilobites: Adventures in the Paleozoic (Columbia, 2022) and was the long-time editor of the rock music magazine Hit Parader.

Richard Fortey is the former head of fossil arthropod research at the Natural History Museum, London.

Melanie J. Hopkins is chair of the Division of Paleontology and curator in charge of fossil invertebrates at the American Museum of Natural History.

ISBN: 9780231213806
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 472
Publisher: Columbia University Press
Published: 2024-01-23


Wow! I've never before seen so many amazing trilobites between the covers of a single book as I have in Andy Secher's new extravaganza The Trilobite Collector's Guide. Secher is one of the premier trilobite collectors of the world, and he can tell you everything about what it takes to find, collect, 'prepare,' and study trilobites. His photos are amazing. Trilobites are amazing. Be prepared to be dazzled and amazed!

Andy Secher's passion for trilobites comes through on every page of this beautifully illustrated book. He combines up-to-date scientific knowledge with practical information on how to collect trilobites, how to prepare them, where to find them, and much more. His passion is contagious, and after reading a few pages of this book, you will find yourself organizing your next vacation around trilobites.

The Trilobite Collector's Guide provides a popular 'hit parade' of trilobite facts, figures, and phenomena for the nonacademic reader and nascent--or even accomplished--collector. Secher explores and beautifully illustrates an eclectic array of relevant topics in an entertaining, concise, and easily digestible form.

The Trilobite Collector's Guide, along with last year's encyclopedic Travels with Trilobites, establishes Andy Secher as a true rock star of the trilobite universe. A gifted writer, collector, world traveler, and music business pro, Secher entertainingly walks you through dozens of 'Top Ten' lists, each illuminating trilobites from a radically different perspective, all using photos drawn from his world-class collection. If you are not already a card-carrying citizen of the trilobite community, you soon will be.

Secher, a famous collector of trilobites, provides 350 color photographs of fully preserved specimens. Written in a very accessible style that engages and informs. With the author's light-hearted style and trilobite fossils, facts, and features, this work will appeal to readers with a solid interest in ancient Arthropods.

This book is a must-have for anyone with an interest in trilobites!

Two years ago I reviewed another of Andy Secher's books, Travels with Trilobites, Adventures in the Paleozoic, and decided that was the best book we might see on the subject for many years. I was wrong. Secher's latest tome on my favorite arthropods is geared especially toward the collector. I suspect together that these two volumes will serve as sturdy bookends to whatever other trilobite books are on paleontologists' bookshelves.

This large format hardcover edition... [is] beautifully illustrated throughout, and informatively enhanced for the reader's benefit with two Forewords [and] a four page Glossary: Trilobite Terminology.

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