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Red Planet Blues

About this Item

ISBN: 9780143180111
format: Trade paperback
pages: 448
publisher: Penguin Canada
pub. date: 2014-03-25

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Robert J. Sawyer presents a noir mystery set on a lawless Mars in a future in which  everything is cheap and life is even cheaper...

The name's Lomax--Alex Lomax. I'm the one and only private eye working the  mean streets of New Klondike, the Martian frontier town that sprang up forty  years ago after Simon Weingarten and Denny O'Reilly discovered fossils on the  Red Planet. Back on Earth, where anything can be synthesized, the remains of  alien life are the most valuable of all collectibles, so shiploads of desperate treasure  hunters stampeded here in the Great Martian Fossil Rush.

I'm trying to make an honest buck in a dishonest world, tracking down killers and  kidnappers among the failed prospectors, the corrupt cops, and a growing population  of transfers--lucky stiffs who, after striking paleontological gold, upload their minds  into immortal android bodies. But when I uncover clues to solving the decades-old  murders of Weingarten and O'Reilly, along with a journal that may lead to their  legendary mother lode of Martian fossils, God only knows what I'll dig up...

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