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Bob Watts Trio (Live Musical Performance)

Saturday Nov 18 2017 8:30 pm - Grant Park in Prairie Ink Restaurant, Winnipeg

Event type: Live Musical Performance

Live Music


Patricia Bovey & Leona Herzog - Book Launch

Sunday Nov 19 2017 2:00 pm - Grant Park in the Atrium, Winnipeg

Launch of Visual Celebrations II / Célébrations Visuelles II.

This volume marks the 10th Anniversary of the Buhler Gallery in St. Boniface Hospital, celebrating the many artists who have shared their work with patients, staff and visitors over the preceding five years. Pat Bovey’s insightful catalogues, along with many works by noted artists, are beautifully reproduced; while Leona Herzog’s essay draws attention to the pivotal role the Gallery plays in providing a healing space for solace, respite and contemplation in a healthcare environment.

Patricia Bovey, FRSA, FCMA, appointed to the Senate of Canada in 2016, is a Winnipeg-based gallery director and curator, art historian, writer, professor and, for many years, a management consultant in the arts and not-for-profit sector.

Formerly Director, she was appointed Director Emerita of the Winnipeg Art Gallery in 2014; was a founder of the Buhler Gallery at St Boniface Hospital, and Director/Curator from its 2007 inception to Dec. 2016. Pat was key to the establishment of the University of Winnipeg’s MA in Curatorial Practice.

Leona Herzog, BFA, MA, independent arts management consultant, is the current Director/Curator of the Buhler Gallery; and sits on the Board of Trustees of Manitoba Opera as a member of the Executive and chair of the Audience Engagement Committees. Between 2008 and 2015, she established the noted Manitoba Hydro art collection.

2017 Scotiabank Giller Light Bash

Monday Nov 20 2017 5:30 pm - Grant Park in Prairie Ink Restaurant, Winnipeg

Tickets are on sale now online*. You may also purchase tickets in store or by phone (204-475-0483). All proceeds support Frontier College.

Join McNally Robinson Booksellers and Prairie Ink Restaurant & Bakery for a delightful evening of good literature, food, and interesting advocates in celebration of Canada’s largest literary prize.

Listen to local advocates present each Giller shortlist nominated book, dine on a delicious meal from Prairie Ink Restaurant, and watch the proceedings live on television from Toronto. Featured advocates will be:

  • Ismaila Alfa: Transit by Rachel Cusk (HarperCollins Publishers Ltd)
  • Trish Cooper: I Am A Truck by Michelle Winters (Invisible Publishing)
  • Wab Kinew: Son of a Trickster by Eden Robinson (Alfred A. Knopf Canada)
  • Margo Goodhand: Bellevue Square by Michael Redhill (Doubleday Canada)
  • Angela Torgerson: Minds of Winter by Ed O’Loughlin (House of Anansi Press)

*Please note that although tickets are being sold via our Community Classroom booking system, the event will take place in Prairie Ink Restaurant.

Shirley Camia & Phoebe Wang -- Reading & Signing

Tuesday Nov 21 2017 7:00 pm - Grant Park in the Atrium, Winnipeg

Reading and signing of Camia's Children Shouldn’t Use Knives and Other Tales (At Bay Press) and Wang's Admission Requirements (McClelland & Stewart).

The blue skies of childhood exist in the warmest of our memories, but what chases us all through the rest of our lives are the storm clouds. This is the premise of Children Shouldn’t Use Knives, a harrowing but exhilarating examination of life before adolescence by Canadian poet Shirley Camia.

In a series of razor-sharp sketches, Camia’s piercing observations are offered as a perfectly balanced counter-weight to the sing-song melody of innocence. Camia and Vancouver illustrator Cindy Mochizuki offer an individual reckoning that unpacks for the reader the universal truth that fear and danger respect no age and ignore all boundaries.

Shirley Camia is a Winnipeg born, Toronto based poet and journalist. She is the author of two previous works of poetry: The Significance of Moths and Calliope. Her work can be seen online.

The poems in Phoebe Wang’s debut collection Admission Requirements attempt to discover what is required of us when we cut across our material and psychic geographies. Simultaneously full and empty of its origins, the self is continually taxed of any certainties and ways of being. The speaker in these poems is engaged in a kind of fieldwork, surveying gardens, communities, and the haphazard cityscape, where the reader is presented with the paradoxes of subsumed histories. With understated irony and unsettling imagery, the poems address the internal conflicts inherent in contemporary living.

Phoebe Wang was born in Ottawa and currently lives in Toronto, where she writes and teaches. She holds a BA in English from York University and a MA in Creative Writing from the University of Toronto. She is the author of two chapbooks, Occasional Emergencies and Hanging Exhibits, and was the 2015 winner of PRISM international's Poetry Contest.

We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts, The League of Canadian Poets, and the financial assistance of the Canada Council through The Writers’ Union of Canada.

Ty Dilello -- Book Launch

Wednesday Nov 22 2017 7:00 pm - Grant Park in the Atrium, Winnipeg

Launch of Golden Boys: The Top 50 Manitoba Hockey Players of All Time (Great Plains Publications).

Jonathan Toews, Andy Bathgate, Ron Hextall, Bobby Clarke, Terry Sawchuk...who is the greatest of all time?

Coinciding with the 100th anniversary of the NHL, Golden Boys looks at fifty players that have shaped the history of hockey in Manitoba. Featuring detailed biographies, rare photographs and never-been-told-before stories, Golden Boys is sure to delight, surprise and cause arguments among hockey fans young and old.

Ty Dilello is an accredited writer with the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) and is a member of the Society for International Hockey Research (SIHR). He has been a hockey fan since Peter Bondra led the Washington Capitals to the Stanley Cup Finals in 1998. Ty plays extensively on the World Curling Tour in the winter and can probably be found on a tennis court during the summer months.

Kristi Heather Kenyon -- Book Launch

Wednesday Nov 22 2017 7:30 pm - Grant Park in the Travel Alcove, Winnipeg

Launch of Resilience and Contagion: Invoking Human Rights in African HIV Advocacy (McGill-Queen's University Press).

HIV represents not only an unprecedented pandemic but also a site of civil society innovation. In the midst of devastation, activists in sub-Saharan Africa are progressing from traditional forms of health advocacy to strategies that engage human rights principles, techniques, and language.

Employing a comparative case-study approach, Resilience and Contagion considers the efforts of nine local civil society organizations in Ghana, Uganda, South Africa, and Botswana. Kristi Heather Kenyon examines who adopts rights-based discourse and why, arguing that leadership, individual beliefs, and structure all play a critical role in framing ADVOCACY. Beyond changing laws or policies, the most important impact of promoting the rights of people living with HIV, she attests, is that it enables individuals to interact with health services from a position of resilience, strength, and empowerment. This book delves into discourse at the juncture of human rights, social theory, and global health, prompting significant and relevant discussion on advocacy’s evolution in the region of the world hit hardest by the HIV pandemic.

Kristi Heather Kenyon is assistant professor in the human rights program of the University of Winnipeg’s Global College.

An Evening with Alan Doyle

Thursday Nov 23 2017 7:00 pm - Grant Park in the Atrium, Winnipeg

Discussing & Signing A Newfoundlander in Canada: Always Going Somewhere, Always Coming Home (Doubleday Canada).

Following the success of his bestselling memoir, Where I Belong, Great Big Sea front man Alan Doyle returns with a hilarious, heartwarming account of leaving Newfoundland and discovering Canada for the first time. Armed with the same personable, candid style found in his first book, Doyle turns his perspective outward from Petty Harbour toward mainland Canada, reflecting on what it was like to venture away from the comforts of home and the familiarity of the island.

The stories in this book tap into the complexities of community and Canadianness, forming the portrait of a young man from a tiny fishing village trying to define and hold on to his sense of home while navigating a vast and diverse and wonder-filled country.

Alan Doyle is a Canadian musician and actor. His first book, Where I Belong, published in 2014, was a national bestseller, and in 2015, Doyle released his second solo album, So Let’s Go. Doyle lives in St. John’s, Newfoundland.

An Evening with Lee Maracle

Friday Nov 24 2017 7:00 pm - Grant Park in the Atrium, Winnipeg

In conversation with Rosanna Deerchild & Signing My Conversations with Canadians (BookThug). Co-presented by the Winnipeg International Writers Festival as part of our collaborative Fall Literary Series and by Unreserved on CBC Radio.

On her first book tour at the age of 26, Lee Maracle was asked a question from the audience, one she couldn’t possibly answer at that moment. But she has been thinking about it ever since. As time has passed, she has been asked countless similar questions, all of them too big to answer, but not too large to contemplate. These questions, which touch upon subjects such as citizenship, segregation, labour, law, prejudice and reconciliation (to name a few), are the heart of My Conversations with Canadians.

North Vancouver–born Lee Maracle is the author of numerous critically acclaimed literary works and coeditor of a number of anthologies. A member of the Sto: Loh nation, Maracle is a recipient of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal, the JT Stewart Award, and the Ontario Premier’s Award for Excellence in the Arts for 2014. Maracle is currently an instructor in the Aboriginal Studies Program at the University of Toronto, where she teaches Oral Tradition. She is also the Traditional Teacher for First Nation’s House and an instructor with the Centre for Indigenous Theatre. Maracle has served as Distinguished Visiting Scholar at the University of Toronto, the University of Waterloo, and the University of Western Washington, and received an Honorary Doctor of Letters from St. Thomas University in 2009.

Rosanna DeerchildRosanna Deerchild is an award-winning Cree author and broadcaster. She has 20 years of experience telling story. Her latest poetry collection, calling down the sky, published by BookLand Press was shortlisted for the 2015 League of Canadian Poets’ Pat Lowther Memorial Award, the Manitoba Book Award - Lansdowne Prize for Poetry, and the McNally Robinson Book of the Year award. She works as the host of Unreserved on CBC Radio One.

Donna Chubaty -- Book Launch

Friday Nov 24 2017 7:30 pm - Grant Park in the Travel Alcove, Winnipeg

Launch of Thistlewood (Grasmere Publishing).

When Signy’s oddball aunt tries to conjure up the spirit of their hat-making ancestor, Allistair Marshall, Signy discovers that her family was to blame for the devastating fire that destroyed their town of Thistlewood a hundred years earlier. But when Signy and her cousin Abigail return to the abandoned Marshall home, they are mysteriously transported back in time. Next thing Signy knows, she and Abigail are helping out in the Marshall’s hat shop where they witness the true powers of their magical hats. Even with such powers in their family’s possession, however, it seems like history is going to repeat itself. Can Signy uncover Thistlewood’s darkest secret in time? Or is she doomed to always live under the shadow of her most notorious ancestor?

Donna Chubaty lives in Winnipeg with her husband, two daughters and their two canine fur-babies, Izzy and Pippa. She is a Clinical Psychologist who has previously worked in the federal prison system, in adolescent/young adult mental health, and with the Canadian Armed Forces. She is currently in private practice. Thistlewood was inspired by life with her family and experiences in her work.

Brian Chipney / Tim Cummings Duo with special guest Brad Shigeta (Live Musical Performance)

Friday Nov 24 2017 8:30 pm - Grant Park in Prairie Ink Restaurant, Winnipeg

Event type: Live Musical Performance

Live Music

Mainstream Jazz

Brian Chipney [soprano saxophone & vocals] and Tim Cummings [guitar] welcome their friend Brad Shigeta, former trombonist with the Duke Ellington Orchestra, featured soloist on the soundtrack of the Martin Scorsese film The Aviator, and currently a member of the Winnipeg Jazz Orchestra. Brian, Brad and Tim each enjoy exploring the great standards of popular song and a variety of jazz classics. Join us for an evening of intimately swinging chamber jazz with a most unorthodox instrumentation!

An Evening with Adam Shoalts

Saturday Nov 25 2017 7:00 pm - Grant Park in the Atrium, Winnipeg

Discussing and signing his new book A History of Canada in Ten Maps: Epic Stories of Charting a Mysterious Land (Penguin Canada). Co-presented by the Winnipeg International Writers Festival as part of our collaborative Fall Literary Series.

Every map tells a story. And every map has a purpose--it invites us to go somewhere we’ve never been. It’s an account of what we know, but also a trace of what we long for. Ten Maps conjures the world as it appeared to those who were called upon to map it.

Adam Shoalts, one of Canada’s foremost explorers, tells the stories behind these centuries old maps, and how they came to shape what became “Canada.”

It’s a story that will surprise readers, and reveal the Canada we never knew was hidden. It brings to life the characters and the bloody disputes that forged our history, by showing us what the world looked like before it entered the history books. Combining storytelling, cartography, geography, archaeology and of course history, this book shows us Canada in a way we’ve never seen it before.

Adam Shoalts, called "Canada's Indiana Jones" by the Toronto Star, has proven that the age of exploration is far from over. His expeditions into Canada's wilderness have generated new geographic knowledge and garnered international headlines. Focusing on the vast Hudson Bay Lowlands, this area, one and a half times larger than the United Kingdom, remains partly unexplored to this day. Shoalts is currently completing a Ph.D. at McMaster University.

Ed & Rhea (Live Musical Performance)

Saturday Nov 25 2017 8:30 pm - Grant Park in Prairie Ink Restaurant, Winnipeg

Event type: Live Musical Performance

Live Music


Ed and Rhea is a father daughter duo from Portage la Prairie. Ed has been weaving his way through the Manitoba music scene for many years and has established himself as a guitarist, singer and songwriter. Rhea is now 12 years old and has started to find her own voice as a singer and instrumentalist. Together they have an obvious musical connection that blends classic with contemporary while sticking to their roots.

Harriet Zaidman -- Book Launch

Sunday Nov 26 2017 2:00 pm - Grant Park in the Atrium, Winnipeg

Launch of Benny’s Dream Horse, based on a story by Ben Zaidman.

Benny has a dream to turn a delivery horse into a galloping steed so he can be a cowboy. When his impatience gets the better of him, his plan takes a dangerous turn. With love and understanding from his family and especially his kind neighbour, Benny learns how to make his dream come true in a different way.

Harriet Zaidman tells a timeless story about childhood yearnings. Tom Andrich’s watercolour paintings evoke a time when hopes and dreams counted as riches.

Harriet Zaidman lives in Winnipeg. As a teacher-librarian for 25 years, she introduced children to the world of literature. Picture books inspired her to write her first two titles, Daisy’s Biggest Success and Sherman and the Sheep Shape Contest. Harriet is a freelance writer and reviews books for The Winnipeg Free Press and CM: Canadian Review of Materials.

Gerald Brandt -- Book Launch

Monday Nov 27 2017 7:00 pm - Grant Park in the Atrium, Winnipeg

Launch of The Rebel: A San Angeles Novel (DAW Books).

Kris Merrill has lost everything. Her family when she was thirteen, her identity when she joined the anti-corporate movement, and now the man she loved. Living in a small room the resistance gave her, she feels alone. Abandoned.

Now, war has broken out between the corporations, and the lower levels of San Angeles are paying the price. The insurgents are trying to help, but Kris is being left out. She is torn between working with the insurgents as they become more like the corporations they are fighting, and helping the people of the lower levels.

Caught in one of SoCal’s draft sweeps and being hunted by an enemy who will stop at nothing to have revenge are just the tip of the iceberg. Kris is pregnant, and she might have to choose between bringing down the corporations that destroyed her family or saving the life of her unborn son.

Gerald Brandt is an author of Science Fiction and Fantasy. His first novel, The Courier, was listed by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation as one of the 10 Canadian science fiction books you need to read. By day, he’s an IT professional specializing in virtualization. In his limited spare time, he enjoys riding his motorcycle, rock climbing, camping, and spending time with his family. He lives in Winnipeg with his wife Marnie, and their two sons Jared and Ryan.

Joanne Kelly's Book Club

Tuesday Nov 28 2017 7:00 pm - Grant Park in the Travel Alcove, Winnipeg

Want to talk books with other book lovers - but without the commitment of a regular book club? Joanne Kelly and McNally Robinson Booksellers are pleased to continue their free bookclub open to all readers in Winnipeg.

The choice for November 2017 is Shanthi Sekaran’s Lucky Boy (G.P. Putnam's Sons), a gripping tale of adventure and searing reality that gives voice to two mothers bound together by their love for one lucky boy.

Get in touch with Joanne through e-mail at jmkelly (at) or with John at McNally Robinson at events (at) or by calling 204-453-0424, ex 227 if you have any questions.

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