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Matt Moskal (Live Musical Performance)

Friday Nov 10 2017 8:30 pm - Grant Park in Prairie Ink Restaurant, Winnipeg

Event type: Live Musical Performance

Live Music


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Matt Moskal plays a fresh form of Manitoban folk. The Ontario-born troubadour mixes tried-and-true finger plucking and evocative storytelling with lively yet smoky vocal melodies. He delivers confused and compassionate truths with tact. Brutal honesty feels so sweet when it’s cushioned between soft, sentimental acoustic tones. Suited for coffee time after Sunday family meals, a waning August afternoon or those late night moments after your worst breakup.

Matt Moskal has played alongside the likes of Julie Doiron, Wax Mannequin, Spookey Ruben and Fred Penner. In 2010, he played the main stage of the 40th annual Northern Lights Festival Boreal. The festival also featured headliners Broken Social Scene and The Weakerthans. In 2014, he spearheaded Folk & Word at the West End Cultural Centre in Winnipeg, MB, combining slam poetry with folk music. In 2017, he curated, hosted and performed at Don’t Be Scared: A Tribute to Daniel Johnston at the Good Will Social Club in Winnipeg. The event was a fundraiser for the Canadian Mental Health Association.

Karen Clavelle -- Book Launch

Saturday Nov 11 2017 7:00 pm - Grant Park in the Atrium, Winnipeg

Launch of Iolaire (Turnstone Press).

December 31, 1918. The war to end all wars was over and nearly three hundred men were returning home to their families, long left behind. When the HMS Iolaire left port on her fateful journey she was overflowing with joyful soldiers who had survived the gun but would not survive the sea. It was the Beast of Holm that sank her that night, plunging the men into the frigid waters no more than 20 feet from shore. 205 died , 82 survived. Iolaire, Karen Clavelle’s debut collection of poetry, takes letters, news clippings and her own unique voice to stitch together one of the most tragic tales in maritime history.

Poet and educator Karen Clavelle has long been fascinated with Scottish history and the long poem tradition. Her work has appeared in several literary journals including Prairie Fire and Contemporary Verse II. Iolaire is Karen’s first collection of poetry. She lives and writes in Winnipeg.

Keith Price Duo (Live Musical Performance)

Saturday Nov 11 2017 8:30 pm - Grant Park in Prairie Ink Restaurant, Winnipeg

Event type: Live Musical Performance

Live Music


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Beginning on his grandfather’s old guitar, Keith Price was first influenced by pop music, punk-rock, and heavy metal before discovering jazz at age fifteen. Price began his formal studies at The Conservatory of Amsterdam and upon returning to Winnipeg, turned down a scholarship from The New School in New York City and instead, opted to study with local jazz guitar guru Larry Roy as part of Steve Kirby’s newly established jazz program at The University of Manitoba. Price is now enjoying an inspiring period of musical growth while studying with internationally recognized pianist and composer Michael Cain.

An Afternoon with Mark Zuehlke

Sunday Nov 12 2017 2:00 pm - Grant Park in the Atrium, Winnipeg

The acclaimed military historian Speaking & Signing The Cinderella Campaign: First Canadian Army and the Battles for the Channel Ports (Douglas & McIntyre).

The Cinderella Campaign is the twelfth installment in the bestselling Canadian Battle Series. It tells the story of how First Canadian Army opened the way to the Allied victory in World War II by fighting, against fierce German resistance, to open the Channel ports from Le Havre to Ostend in Belgium.

Mark Zuehlke is Canada’s leading writer of popular military history. He is the winner of the 2014 Pierre Berton Award, the Governor General’s History Award for Popular Media, and his Canadian Battle Series is the most detailed account of any army during World War II ever written by a single author. Zuehlke lives in Victoria, British Columbia, where he is at work on his next book in the series.

An Evening with Sina Queyras

Monday Nov 13 2017 7:00 pm - Grant Park in the Atrium, Winnipeg

In conversation with Lori Cayer and signing My Ariel (Coach House Books).

Co-presented by the Winnipeg International Writers Festival as part of our collaborative Fall Literary Series.

My Ariel is a poem-by-poem engagement with Sylvia Plath’s Ariel and the towering mythology surrounding it.

Where were you when you first read Ariel? Who were you? What has changed in your life? In the lives of women? In My Ariel, Sina Queyras barges into one of the iconic texts of the twentieth century, with her own family baggage in tow, exploring and exploding the cultural norms, forms, and procedures that frame and contain the lives of women.

Sina Queyras is the author of the poetry collections, MxT, Expressway and Lemon Hound. Her work has been nominated for a Governor General’s Award, and won The Friends of Poetry Award from Poetry Magazine, The AM Klein Award for Poetry, a Lambda, the Pat Lowther Award, a Pushcart Prize and Gold in the National Magazine Award. Her first novel, Autobiography of Childhood was nominated for the First Novel Award. In 2005 she edited Open Field: 30 Contemporary Canadian Poets, for Persea Books. She is founding editor of Lemon Hound. She has taught creative writing at Rutgers, Haverford and Concordia University in Montreal where she currently resides.

Lori CayerHost Lori Cayer is the author of three award-winning books of poetry: Attenuations of Force (a finalist for the Lansdowne Prize for Poetry/Prix Lansdowne de poésie), Stealing Mercury (recipient of the Eileen McTavish Sykes Award for Best First Book in Manitoba and a finalist for the 2004 McNally Robinson Book of the Year Award), and Dopamine Blunder. In 2005 Lori was awarded the 2005 John Hirsch Award for Most Promising Manitoba Writer. By day Lori is a virtual editorial assistant for two scientific research journals.

Pam McKenzie -- Book Launch

Monday Nov 13 2017 7:30 pm - Grant Park in the Travel Alcove, Winnipeg

Launch of The Lewis Letters: The Exploits of a 20th Century Aviator and Adventurer.

Alexander Lewis played a fascinating role in the seminal events of the 20th Century. From the WWI adventures of a teenage pilot over the front lines in France to a first-hand account of the Kilmichael Ambush in Northern Ireland, as the pilot of the Hudson Straight Expedition who crashed in the North Atlantic, to WWII convoy duty and beyond. A lifetime of survival and service, all in his own words...

Pam McKenzie is a prairie girl; a wife, mother and grandmother. Born into the military, she has travelled widely, relocated frequently and enjoyed diverse career paths and interests. Pam is now Head of Library & Archives at the Royal Aviation Museum of Western Canada in Winnipeg.

An Evening with Laura Calder

Tuesday Nov 14 2017 7:00 pm - Grant Park in the Atrium, Winnipeg

Discussing & Signing The Inviting Life: An Inspirational Guide to Homemaking, Hosting and Opening the Door to Happiness (Appetite by Random House).

Far more than a guide to homemaking and being a fine host—although it is definitely all that too—The Inviting Life is about how to live each day with a desire and determination to turn the ordinary into something lovely. It’s also a book about why we should bother. Whether the subject is décor, ambience, shopping, feeding weary travellers, mixing cocktails, planning dinner parties, or getting yourself motivated for spring cleaning, Laura Calder affirms the value of our everyday activities and shows how beauty, creativity, and delight have the power to change the world.

Laura Calder was born and raised in Eastern Canada. She is the author of four cookbooks—French Food at Home; Dinner Chez Moi; Paris Express; and French Taste—and a contributor to The Globe and Mail. She wrote and hosted the internationally-aired series French Food at Home, which won a James Beard award. After a decade spent in France, Laura now lives and hosts in Toronto.

Bryan Scott & Bartley Kives -- Book Launch

Wednesday Nov 15 2017 7:00 pm - Grant Park in the Atrium, Winnipeg

Launch of Stuck in the Middle 2: Defining Views of Manitoba (Great Plains Publications).

Stuck In The Middle 2 finds photographer Bryan Scott and journalist Bartley Kives venturing beyond the Perimeter Highway to explore the architecture, landscapes and waterways of a province they know and love but, like most Manitobans, may never truly understand. This is the follow up to their 2013 Carol Shields Winnipeg Book Award winning Stuck In The Middle: Dissenting Views of Winnipeg.

Winnipeg photographer Bryan Scott has been documenting the city’s architecture and streetscapes since 2005. He works in advertising while making daily contributions to his photo website Winnipeg Love Hate. A collection of photos from the site was published in 2010.

Journalist and author Bartley Kives has been writing about politics, pop culture, politics, food and travel in Winnipeg since the 1990s. He worked as a reporter for The Winnipeg Free Press for 18 years and now works for CBC Manitoba. He is the author of A Daytripper’s Guide To Manitoba: Exploring Canada’s Undiscovered Province, a Canadian bestseller first published in 2006 and revised in 2015.

An Evening with Kathleen Winter

Wednesday Nov 15 2017 7:30 pm - Grant Park in the Travel Alcove, Winnipeg

In conversation with Ariel Gordon and signing her new novel Lost in September (Knopf Canada). Co-presented by the Winnipeg International Writers Festival as part of our collaborative Fall Literary Series.

Join us for an evening celebrating the long-awaited new novel from Kathleen Winter, whose previous novel Annabel was a finalist for the Scotiabank Giller, Governor General's Award, Writers' Trust and Orange prizes, was a Globe and Mail "Best Book" and a New York Times "Notable," and was a #1 bestselling Canada Reads selection.

As a young soldier, the historical James Wolfe (1727-1759) was granted a much longed-for leave to travel to Paris to study poetry, music and dance. But in that very year, 1752, the British Empire abandoned the Julian calendar for the Gregorian, and every citizen of England lost eleven days, including Wolfe. Despondent and bitter, he never got the chance to explore his artistic bent, and seven short years later, on the anniversary of this foreshortened leave, he died on the Plains of Abraham.

Now, in the present day, James is getting his eleven days back...but instead of the salons of 18th century Paris, he’s wandering the streets of present-day Montreal and Quebec City, not as “the Hero of Quebec” but as a damaged war veteran wracked with anguish. Winter takes a brief, intensely personal incident in the life of a famous historical figure and powerfully reimagines him, creating a wrenching portrait of one of the most well-known figures in Canadian history.

Sally ItoAriel Gordon is a Winnipeg writer. Her second book, Stowaways (Palimpsest Press, 2014), won the 2015 Lansdowne Prize for Poetry. She is currently writing creative non-fiction about Winnipeg’s urban forest, slated for publication in 2018 with Wolsak & Wynn, and co-editing an anthology of menstruation-lit with Tanis MacDonald and Rosanna Deerchild, due out with Frontenac House in 2018.

Matthew Fast -- Book Launch

Thursday Nov 16 2017 7:00 pm - Grant Park in the Atrium, Winnipeg

Launch of Finding Their Way Again: The Experiences of Gang-Affected Refugee Youth (Fernwood Publishing).

Ongoing and protracted conflicts around the world have led to annual increases in the number of people living as refugees, a situation only worsened by anti-immigration policies across the West. Increasingly, Winnipeg, Manitoba, is home to many of these refugees. Refugees face multiple challenges integrating into their new environments, but these challenges can be particularly difficult for youth. When positive support mechanisms are insufficient and if basic human needs are not met, young refugees are at risk for involvement in criminal and gang activity.

Using qualitative research methodology, Matthew Fast explored the perceptions, challenges and experiences of war-affected refugee youth who became gang involved after settling in Winnipeg. Fast argues that in order to assist young refugees in their successful transition into a foreign culture and society, it is essential to understand how their perceptions and experiences inform their identity and behaviour. Such an understanding must inform policy and future approaches by government and community-based organizations to assist refugees in their transition.

Matthew Fast works on behalf of refugee youth in Winnipeg as the mentorship/outreach program manager at the Newcomers Employment and Educational Development Services. Matt has worked locally and internationally on behalf of war- affected youth and families since 2004.

Lorri Neilsen Glenn -- Book Launch

Thursday Nov 16 2017 7:30 pm - Grant Park in the Travel Alcove, Winnipeg

Winnipeg launch of Following the River: Traces of Red River Women (Wolsak & Wynn).

Lorri Neilsen Glenn first discovered her great-grandmother’s tragic death in a passing comment from an aunt. Startled, she began to search out the history of her family, to understand the life of this woman she knew nothing about. Along the way Neilsen Glenn works to unravel the issues of racism, sexism and colonial nation building that haunt us still. In elegant prose and poetry she has created a story of pieces, bringing to life what she could find in newspaper reports and museums. Through these fragments and portraits she gives the reader a glimpse of the lives lived by her ancestors and by women like them.

Following the River is a lyric reflection on women that have been erased from our history and what that means for today.

Lorri Neilsen Glenn is a poet, essayist, teacher and researcher. Her most recent books include the bestselling Untying the Apron: Daughters Remember Mothers of the 1950s, an anthology of prose and poetry, and an acclaimed book of lyric essays in bricolage form, Threading Light: Explorations in Loss and Poetry. The former poet laureate of Halifax, she has won awards for her writing, her innovative teaching, her research and her work in the arts. She is a professor at Mount Saint Vincent University and a mentor in the University of King’s College MFA program in creative nonfiction. She lives with her family in Nova Scotia.

Doug Gilmour -- Book Signing

Friday Nov 17 2017 7:00 pm - Grant Park in the Atrium, Winnipeg

Signing Killer: My Life in Hockey (HarperCollins Canada).

Doug Gilmour will be signing copies of his autobiography this evening. He will not be available to sign memorabilia. Photography will be welcome but there will be no posed photos.

Doug Gilmour didn’t look fearsome on a pair of skates—being an “undersized” forward would plague him during his early career—but few players matched his killer instincts in the faceoff circle or in front of the net. The Hockey Hall of Famer from Kingston, Ontario, played for seven teams over his twenty-year career, netting 450 goals and 964 assists during the regular season and another 188 points in the playoffs, making him one of the highest-scoring centres of all time. Gilmour played a big role in the 1989 Stanley Cup victory, scoring the winning goal for the Calgary Flames. Perhaps most famously, he led the Toronto Maple Leafs to multiple winning seasons and in 1993, took them to the brink of their first Stanley Cup final in decades, only to lose out on one of the most controversial calls in hockey history.

In Killer, Doug Gilmour bares all about his on- and off-the-ice exploits and escapades. Gilmour has always been frank with the media, and his memoir is as revealing as it is hilarious. He played with the greatest players of his generation, and his love for the game and for life are legendary.

Doug Gilmour was born and raised in Kingston, Ontario. Over his twenty seasons in the NHL, he played for the St. Louis Blues, Calgary Flames, Toronto Maple Leafs, New Jersey Devils, Chicago Blackhawks, Buffalo Sabres and Montreal Canadiens before returning to the Leafs to retire in the blue and white in 2003. He won the Memorial Cup with the Cornwall Royals and the Stanley Cup with the Calgary Flames, was an NHL all-star, and still holds a number of junior hockey and Toronto Maple Leaf records. Gilmour became the coach of his hometown’s junior hockey franchise, the Kingston Frontenacs, in 2008 and is now the team’s general manager. He resides in Kingston.

Lindsey White (Live Musical Performance)

Friday Nov 17 2017 8:30 pm - Grant Park in Prairie Ink Restaurant, Winnipeg

Event type: Live Musical Performance

Live Music

Groovy Folk Rock

Hear here

Called “groovy folk-rock” and showcased on stages all over Canada, the music of Lindsey White uses many instruments and one strong voice to craft performances with unmistakable passion and emotional depth. The new, fan-funded Renegade album was produced by Mitch Dorge, (Crash Test Dummies) mastered by João Carvalho (The Tragically Hip, Sarah Slean) released in 2015 with a companion book (of poetry, prose and other writings) and expands the “groovy folk-rock” label to experiment with indefinable genres. Whether intimately on her own or filling the stage with her band, her live presence offers a playground of energetic musicianship and thoughtfully crafted lyrics. She throws similar passion into songwriting and other workshops through inspiration-based music sessions with creative youth. This work landed her a nomination for a Winnipeg Arts Council “Making a Mark” award and a designation as one of the CBC Manitoba Future 40.

Aganetha Dyck & Julian Jason Haladyn -- Book Launch

Saturday Nov 18 2017 7:00 pm - Grant Park in the Atrium, Winnipeg

Launch of Aganetha Dyck: The Power of the Small (Blue Medium Press).

This book is the first major publication on the artistic practice of this important Canadian artist. While her name is virtually synonymous with images of honeycomb-covered objects, author Julian Jason Haladyn considers the history of Dyck’s engagement with the small, which is used as a framework for discussing and analysing her career as an artist that includes, most prominently, her long term collaboration with the bees. Aganetha Dyck: The Power of the Small is the latest volume in the Canadian Artist Monograph Series (CAMS) published by London, Ontario-based Blue Medium Press.

Saku Pinta -- Book Launch

Saturday Nov 18 2017 7:30 pm - Grant Park in the Travel Alcove, Winnipeg

Winnipeg launch of Libertarian Socialism: Politics in Black and Red (PM Press) co-presented by the Winnipeg branch of the Industrial Workers of the World.

The history of anarchist-Marxist relations is usually told as a history of factionalism and division. This collection of essays, based on original research and written especially for this collection, reveals some of the enduring sores in the revolutionary socialist movement in order to explore the important, too often neglected left-libertarian currents that have thrived in revolutionary socialist movements.

Co-editor and contributor Saku Pinta is an independent scholar based in Thunder Bay, Ontario. He gained his PhD from Loughborough University in 2013. His research has concerned left and labour movement ideas and history with a focus on libertarian communism and the intersections between anarchism and Marxism. Most recently, his research has concentrated on the history of the Finnish North American left and the Industrial Workers of the World union in the twentieth century.

Pinta’s essays appear in the anthologies Anarchist Pedagogies: Collective Actions, Theories, and Critical Reflections on Education and Wobblies of the World: A Global History of the IWW. He also is the writer, researcher, and co-producer of the documentary To My Son in Spain.

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