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Ann Brough -- Book Launch

Friday Sep 22 2017 7:00 pm - Grant Park in the Atrium, Winnipeg

Launch of The Prussian Captain.

Based on a true story, spanning half a century, this sweeping tale takes the reader from upper-class English society, to New York, Boston, and the wilds of the Napa Valley. But Edward’s love comes from the most unlikely places—the poverty-stricken streets of Neck End.

Upon returning to England, after not “making good” in America, Edward meets Gertrude and his hope for the future is transformed. But there’s a big problem—he’s already married. In a time when the rich and the poor of England each had their own firmly defined limits, scandal could ruin everything. Will they take the risk?

The Prussian Captain is Ann Brough’s debut novel.​ She lives in Lester Beach, Manitoba, with her husband David. Her home is filled with family, laughter, and lots of love and sand every summer. She was born in Staffordshire, UK in 1944 and first immigrated to Winnipeg in 1967.

The Webster Brothers (Live Musical Performance)

Friday Sep 22 2017 8:30 pm - Grant Park in Prairie Ink Restaurant, Winnipeg

Event type: Live Musical Performance

Live Music


The Webster Brothers are an offshoot of The Webster Project. Where they differ is that the latter parlays a classic acoustic sound crossed with energetic, dynamic vocal arrangements. "This format enables us to give attention and treatment to songs one might not expect" says bassist/singer/mandolin player Kyle Chartier. The songs are arranged in a singer/songwriter format with sparse instrumentation and rich harmonies. Modern day story telling with an old school feel.

Natalie Thiessen -- Book Launch

Saturday Sep 23 2017 7:30 pm - Grant Park in the Travel Alcove, Winnipeg

Launch of Colour Manitoba (MacIntyre Purcell Publishing Inc.).

Manitoba is captivating in its natural beauty and rich in cultural heritage. Join us on a journey through the center of Canada, from the stunning prairie landscapes, to Winnipeg with its multitude of National Historic Sites, and to the North, home of the iconic polar bear.

Natalie Thiessen is a graduate of Red River College. She has designed and illustrated several children’s books including Turtle Island, Bucky Beaver and I Like To Be. Natalie lives in Winnipeg.

A portion of proceeds from the sale of the book will benefit the Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba.

Bob Watts Trio (Live Musical Performance)

Saturday Sep 23 2017 8:30 pm - Grant Park in Prairie Ink Restaurant, Winnipeg

Event type: Live Musical Performance

Live Music


Robert Everett-Green & Terry Griggs -- Afternoon Book Chat

Monday Sep 25 2017 2:30 pm - Grant Park in the Atrium, Winnipeg

THIN AIR Afternoon Book Chat.

The Afternoon Book Chats are the perfect excuse for a coffee break! The Atrium at McNally Robinson Booksellers takes on a café ambiance for this series of relaxed conversations about writing.

Two accomplished novelists introduce a couple of memorable characters: a boy taking a road trip with his mother and no clear destination, and a girl running wild before she can walk.

Robert Everett-Green was born in Edmonton and grew up there and on a farm in eastern Alberta. His short fiction has won a National Magazine Award (silver), and his short non-fiction appears regularly in the Globe and Mail. He has just published his first novel. In a Wide Country (Cormorant Books) is the story of a mother and son traveling across Canada in the summer of 1961, as Corinne re-imagines her past in stories while Jasper yearns for the stable life they had in Winnipeg. A warm review of the novel in the Globe and Mail points to the “hard truth beneath the quirkiness.” Robert Everett-Green lives in Montreal.

Terry Griggs is the author of several novels for adults, including Thought You Were Dead, listed as a Globe 100 pick, and the Roger’s Trust nominated Rogue’s Wedding. Her short fiction collection Quickening was shortlisted for the Governor General’s Award, while her Cat’s Eye Corner trilogy has been nominated for multiple children’s writing awards. She’s the recipient of the Marian Engel Award for a distinguished body of work. Her latest novel is The Discovery of Honey (Biblioasis), a riotous coming-of age story told by a hyper-precocious and nosily omniscient young narrator who relates everything she witnesses, no matter how scandalous. Terry Griggs lives in Stratford, Ontario.

An Evening with Chef Lynn Crawford

Monday Sep 25 2017 7:00 pm - Grant Park in the Atrium, Winnipeg

In conversation with Alison Gillmor and signing Farm to Chef: Cooking Through the Seasons (Penguin Canada).

Bestselling author and acclaimed chef Lynn Crawford celebrates the bounty of the seasons with over 140 recipes featuring farm-fresh produce for every occasion.

There’s nothing more satisfying than going to a farmer’s market, picking out the freshest produce and creating vibrant recipes to showcase those ingredients. Farm to Chef comes to life with Lynn Crawford’s passion for seasonal cooking and takes readers on a year-long journey with 140 original recipes, organized by season.

Chef Lynn Crawford is a highly acclaimed celebrity chef and author of the bestselling cookbook Lynn Crawford’s Pitchin’ In, a Gourmand World Cookbook Award winner. Chef Lynn has received tremendous media attention and international awards as the Executive Chef of the Four Seasons Hotel in Toronto and New York City. She is one of the most high-profile chefs in the country and has been invited to cook, speak, and mentor chefs and food lovers across North America. She stars in her two-time Gemini-nominated Food Network Canada hit TV show, Pitchin’ In. Chef Lynn is the chef and owner of the restaurant Ruby Watchco and food shop Ruby Eats in Toronto, where she lives.

Alison GillmorHost Alison Gillmor is a Winnipeg freelance journalist and educator. She has written on art and design, film, television, books and food for The Walrus, Border Crossings, Canada's History, The Winnipeg Review, Azure and Canadian Notes & Queries. She is currently a film reviewer and pop culture columnist for the Winnipeg Free Press and a contract lecturer in the Art History program at the University of Winnipeg.

Ariel Barnes -- Pre-Concert Chat

Monday Sep 25 2017 7:30 pm - Grant Park in the Travel Alcove, Winnipeg

Manitoba Chamber Orchestra Pre-Concert Chat.

Winnipeg audiences have a special appreciation for cello, and Ariel Barnes is, in the words of Bramwell Tovey, “the outstanding Canadian cellist of his generation”. Barnes is back with the MCO by popular demand to perform works by Joseph Haydn and Michael Oesterle, along with other works by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Jeffrey Ryan.

He’ll be discussing their September 26 concert with MCO Music Director Anne Manson this evening.

Joanne Kelly's Book Club

Tuesday Sep 26 2017 7:00 pm - Grant Park in the Travel Alcove, Winnipeg

Want to talk books with other book lovers - but without the commitment of a regular book club? Joanne Kelly and McNally Robinson Booksellers are pleased to continue their free bookclub open to all readers in Winnipeg.

The choice for September 2017 is Adam Haslett’s Imagine Me Gone (Little, Brown and Company), a ferociously intimate story of a family facing the ultimate question: how far will we go to save the people we love the most?

Get in touch with Joanne through e-mail at jmkelly (at) or with John at McNally Robinson at events (at) or by calling 204-453-0424, ex 227 if you have any questions.

David Camfield -- Book Launch

Wednesday Sep 27 2017 7:00 pm - Grant Park in the Atrium, Winnipeg

Launch of We Can Do Better: Ideas for Changing Society (Fernwood Publishing).

The view that capitalism is an inherently flawed, exploitative, crisis-prone, oppressive system is not new. But neoliberal capitalism’s flaws are increasingly dangerous in Western countries and globally as corporations exert growing influence on governments, as the endless pursuit of profits pushes our climate to the breaking point and as far-right politics dominate the media. Solutions are needed. Fast.

In We Can Do Better, David Camfield lays out a theoretical basis for political and social change that fuses critical Marxism with insights from anti-racist queer feminism. This reconstructed historical materialism treats capitalism and class as inextricably interwoven with gender, race and sexuality. After discussing today’s most influential social theories, Camfield uses this theory to analyze a range of issues that face our world today, including climate change, growing social insecurity and the persistence of sexism and racism. Camfield argues that the key to achieving change for the better is social struggle, and he offers ideas about moving from social theory to social action.

David Camfield teaches labour studies and sociology at the University of Manitoba and has been involved in social justice efforts since high school. He is the author of Canadian Labour in Crisis: Reinventing the Workers’ Movement.

Jeanne Martinson -- Book Launch

Wednesday Sep 27 2017 7:30 pm - Grant Park in the Travel Alcove, Winnipeg

Winnipeg launch of From Away – Immigration to Effective Workplace Integration.

This book is written for managers and leaders who have struggled with understanding our newest immigration wave and how to move from just hiring immigrants to effective workplace integration. This book focuses on the four top source countries of immigrants to Canada: China, India, Pakistan and Philippines. It addresses key ways western and eastern societies see the work world differently. This book also explores Canada`s immigration history, snapshots of the four key countries, strategies around language issues, and how to recruit within a cultural lens.

This book is intended to help managers to decode those cultural differences in order to hire, hold on to and maximize the talent of the best.

Jeanne Martinson, MA is a best-selling Canadian author and diversity strategist. She holds a diploma in Organisational Behaviour from Heriot Watt University (UK) and a Master of Arts degree in Leadership from Royal Roads University (Canada). Jeanne lives in Saskatchewan, Canada and works around the world. See more online.

Café Scientifique

Thursday Sep 28 2017 7:00 pm - Grant Park in the Atrium, Winnipeg

The University of Manitoba Café Scientifique presents “High-Tech Humans: Exploring the Limitless Potential of Technology,” an interactive panel discussion for non-researchers (you, me, neighbours, friends). In a relaxed atmosphere, specialists will talk about their work and the questions raised.

Further informaton and speakers TBA.

Please join us for a lively discussion, debate, and refreshments. Seating is limited. Please RSVP to: research_communications (at) or 204.474.6689.

Joe Calendino -- Speaking & Signing

Thursday Sep 28 2017 7:30 pm - Grant Park in the Travel Alcove, Winnipeg

Speaking & Signing To Hell and Back: A Former Hells Angel’s Story of Recovery and Redemption (YBYG Publishing).

As an outlaw biker living on the fringes of society Joe Calendino travelled the world, relishing the dangerous glamour of the Hells Angels’ lifestyle, even committing himself to an elite chapter in the organization: the Nomads Motorcycle Club or “one percenters”.

But his life soon spiralled into a world of drugs and debt. Eventually frustrated by Calendino’s recklessness, the Hells Angels stripped him of membership. In desperation, Calendino spent months in rat-infested crack houses, combing back alleys for anything that might help him get his next fix.

Finding himself on the cusp of death, he gained the support of an unlikely ally, Officer Kevin Torvik, a former high-school buddy on a very different path. Calendino not only recovered but thrived and redefined himself as a community youth leader, eventually winning the Courage to Come Back Award given to individuals who give back after overcoming tremendous adversity.

Joe Calendino is the Executive Director of Yo Bro Yo Girl Youth Initiative and works with youth in some of Vancouver’s most vulnerable neighbourhoods.

Brian Chipney / Tim Cummings Trio (Live Musical Performance)

Friday Sep 29 2017 8:30 pm - Grant Park in Prairie Ink Restaurant, Winnipeg

Event type: Live Musical Performance

Live Music

Mainstream Jazz

A Special Storytime with Marie-Louise Gay

Saturday Sep 30 2017 10:30 am - Grant Park in the Atrium, Winnipeg

All families are welcome at this very special storytime with acclaimed children’s author-illustrator Marie-Louise Gay, presented as part of THIN AIR 2017: The Winnipeg International Writers Festival.

Her latest book, Short Stories for Little Monsters (Groundwood Books), is a collection of illustrated stories that gives us a glimpse into the things children wonder about every day. What do cats really see? What do trees talk about? Should you make funny faces on a windy day? Do worms rule the world? Do mothers always tell the truth? Do snails have nightmares?

These short stories are illustrated in vibrant watercolor and collage in cartoon style. They are rich in detail and tiny humorous subplots that will delight all little sharp-eyed monsters.

Marie-Louise Gay is one of Canada’s most beloved children’s author-illustrators. She has written and/or illustrated over sixty books in both English and French, and her work has been recognized with two Governor General’s Awards, the Elizabeth Mrazik-Cleaver Award, the Vicky Metcalf Award, the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award, and the Hans Christin Andersen Award. She is best known for her many picture books featuring the irrepressible Stella and her little brother Sam, and has more recently released a set of early chapter books featuring a family on the move. She lives in Montreal.

Philip Collins / Keith Price Duo (Live Musical Performance)

Saturday Sep 30 2017 8:30 pm - Grant Park in Prairie Ink Restaurant, Winnipeg

Event type: Live Musical Performance

Live Music


Hear here and here

Philip Collins is a Winnipeg based trumpet player who has been playing for a number of years. A versatile musician, Philip has covered a vast range of styles from Jazz to Rock, and Reggae to Country. A former member of the Dirty Catfish Brass Band, Moses Mayes, and the Solutions, Philip now leads his own projects around the city. Tonight Philip will be joined by Keith Price (guitar) to entertain you with a combination of original tunes and standards.

Beginning on his grandfather’s old guitar, Keith Price was first influenced by pop music, punk-rock, and heavy metal before discovering jazz at age fifteen. Price began his formal studies at The Conservatory of Amsterdam and upon returning to Winnipeg, turned down a scholarship from The New School in New York City and instead, opted to study with local jazz guitar guru Larry Roy as part of Steve Kirby’s newly established jazz program at The University of Manitoba. Price is now enjoying an inspiring period of musical growth while studying with internationally recognized pianist and composer Michael Cain.

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