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International Tabletop Day 2016 (Day of Gaming)

Saturday Apr 30 2016 10:00 am - Grant Park, Winnipeg

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McNally Robinson is pleased to host a day of gaming in celebration of the 4th annual International Tabletop Day!

Starting in the morning and running all day, we'll have tables and chairs set up within the bookstore for casual gaming. We stress the term casual: just drop in any time and play! No need to register, and there are no fees involved. There will be demos provided for you to use — courtesy of F2Z, Blue Orange Games and Iello Games — or you can bring your own games from home. Or you can purchase something new off our shelf and crack it open.

And if that's not enticing enough already, there will also be prizes to give away. We're talking full games here! If you show up and play, you are eligible to enter the draw.

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Authors for Indies Group Reading

Saturday Apr 30 2016 2:00 pm - Grant Park in the Atrium, Winnipeg

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Authors for Indies is a day when authors show their appreciation for Canadian independent bookstores. We’re thrilled to be participating once again - this year with a special twist.

Rather than have booksellers wander through our shelves to recommend books we will have them on stage reading selections from some of their long time favourites.

Participating authors include David Bergen, Erna Buffie, Méira Cook, Roewan Crowe, Anita Daher, Jeffrey John Eyamie, Ariel Gordon, Maurice Mierau, and Joan Thomas.

Hand-selling books in our Kids / YA Section this year will be Melanie Matheson and Scarlett Kol from 11:00 - Noon, Deborah Froese and Gabriele Goldstone from Noon-1:00 pm, and Larry Verstraete and Melinda Friesen from 1:00-2:00 pm.

Come and join us!

Fort Richmond Collegiate -- Creative Arts Magazine Launch

Saturday Apr 30 2016 7:00 pm - Grant Park in the Atrium, Winnipeg

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The Scribbler is a creative arts anthology compiled and produced by students from Fort Richmond Collegiate, a high school located in Winnipeg South. The book is composed entirely of student submissions, ranging from written work to art and photography to musical compositions brought to life through QR codes. Over the years, diligent care has been taken to maintain a high standard of excellence in both the book’s content and the design. Showcasing the creative skills of Fort Richmond students, The Scribbler blends a variety of art forms, establishing a platform for artistic expression among youth and a portal for readers to experience the world through the eyes of the contributors.

"We are very proud to be launching the fifth edition of The Scribbler at McNally Robinson Booksellers. For more information and a preview of this year’s content please visit our website.”

Doug G. Biggs (Live Musical Performance)

Saturday Apr 30 2016 8:00 pm - Grant Park in Prairie Ink Restaurant, Winnipeg

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Live Music

Acoustic Blues/Jazz/Folk

Mother & Child Storytime Tea

Sunday May 01 2016 9:30 am - Grant Park in Prairie Ink Restaurant, Winnipeg

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Dress your best. Bring your mom or grandma, or both, to our annual Storytime Tea Party for a morning of fun and celebration.

Tickets are $23 (plus tax and gratuity) per person and go on sale April 5. Tickets must be purchased in advance at Prairie Ink Restaurant in person or by calling 204-975-2659.

Diane Driedger -- Book Launch

Sunday May 01 2016 2:00 pm - Grant Park in the Atrium, Winnipeg

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Launch of Red with Living: Poems and Art (Inanna Publications).

In this collection of poems and art, Driedger ruminates on the colour of living. It is red with excitement, pain, sunsets, blood, and tropical flowers. Along the way, she paints herself into the works of Frida Kahlo, Vincent Van Gogh, Claude Monet and Maud Lewis. She confronts the body in two different contexts: Trinidad and Tobago Carnival and breast cancer treatment. Raised Mennonite, Driedger discusses issues around celebrating the body. In the second context, she reflects on the experience of undergoing cancer treatment and of being chronically ill.

Diane Driedger is a poet, writer, visual artist and educator. Her first poetry book, The Mennonite Madonna, was published in 1999. She is author of the Last Civil Rights Movement: Disabled Peoples’ International, and editor or co-editor of four anthologies by women with disabilities, including, Living the Edges: A Disabled Women’s Reader (2010). Driedger was awarded the Inaugural Tanis Doe Award for Distinction in Disability Study and Culture from the Canadian Disability Studies Association in 2009. She lives in Manitoba and is Assistant Professor in Disability Studies at the University of Manitoba.

Colleen Peters -- Book Launch

Monday May 02 2016 7:00 pm - Grant Park in the Atrium, Winnipeg

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Launch of Endearing Pain: Life lessons from MS Afflictions (Resource Publications).

Pain is universal. It comes in all shapes and sizes, but sooner or later it comes to us all. Colleen Peters hopes that what she has learned and written about while living with Multiple Sclerosis for more than a decade will reassure, challenge, and encourage those in pain to see that life can be rich in spite of, and at times because of, pain.

Colleen Peters and her husband, Len, have four adult children--two girls and twin boys. Colleen taught in a high school prior to raising a family, and as her children grew she returned to teaching on a part-time basis. Neurological anomalies surfaced in 2004, and after three years she was diagnosed with Progressive Relapsing Multiple Sclerosis, the condition that forced her to quit working outside of the home and with which she continues to live.

Jill Sexsmith -- Book Launch

Monday May 02 2016 7:30 pm - Grant Park in the Travel Alcove, Winnipeg

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Launch of Somewhere a Long and Happy Life Probably Awaits You: Stories (ARP Books).

The stories in this book explore the peculiar places we look for validation, for purpose, for a life we might recognize as wholly our own. The off-kilter heroes and heroines in Jill Sexsmith’s debut collection find themselves camping in elm trees set to be felled; seeking refuge in a spare bedroom carved out of an abandoned opal mine; singing to a stranger on the other side of bathroom wall.

Jill Sexsmith’s work has appeared in anthologies and magazines such as The Fiddlehead and PRISM International. In 2013, The Walrus named her an exciting new voice in Canadian fiction. In 2014, she won the Writers’ Union of Canada short prose competition. Jill has an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of British Columbia.

An Evening with Chester Brown

Tuesday May 03 2016 7:00 pm - Grant Park in the Atrium, Winnipeg

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In conversation with Kate Sinclaire and signing Mary Wept Over the Feet of Jesus: Prostitution and religious obedience in the Bible (Drawn & Quarterly). Co-presented by The Winnipeg International Writers Festival as part of our collaborative Spring Literary Series with McNally Robinson. Co-presented by The Winnipeg Working Group in association with Cherrystems and Ciné Sinclaire.

The iconoclastic and bestselling cartoonist of Paying for It: A comic-strip memoir about being a john and Louis Riel returns with a polemical interpretation of the Bible that will be one of the most controversial and talked-about graphic novels of 2016. Mary Wept over the Feet of Jesus is the retelling in comics form of nine biblical stories that present Chester Brown’s fascinating and startling thesis about biblical representations of prostitution.

Brown weaves a connecting line between Bathsheba, Ruth, Rahab, Tamar, Mary of Bethany, and the Virgin Mother and reassesses the Christian moral code by examining the cultural implications of the Bible’s representations of sex work. Mary Wept Over the Feet of Jesus forms a fascinating and startling thesis about biblical representations of prostitution.

Kate SinclaireKate Sinclaire is a pornographer based in Winnipeg. Her philanthropic soft porn site,, launched in 2008. After being approached to do more hardcore work on Cherrystems, she decided to develop her own film production company, Ciné Sinclaire. Her goal is to capture sexuality as it exists in the bedrooms (and living rooms and sex parties and hotel rooms) of the world. She also works for the Canadian silicone toy company, Fuze - enabling your dildo and butt plug desires ethically and with body safe materials. All while being an avid gardener and lover of graphic novels.

She has collaborated with such amazing folks as Courtney Trouble, Jiz Lee, and James Darling, and has spoken at Playground Conference (Toronto), Gender Fest Winnipeg, Catalyst Con (Chicago), the Queer Porn Film Festival (Brooklyn) and more - on topics of porn, sex work, and sex positivity.

The Winnipeg Working Group is organized as a chapter of the Canadian Alliance for Sex Work Law Reform. It is a coalition of sex workers, activists, researchers, health care professionals, and allies from Winnipeg who joined forces to challenge the view in Manitoba that all sex work is exploitative.

The WWG defends the position that approaches to prevent violence and protect the human rights of sex workers must be informed and directed by sex workers themselves, focused on harm reduction, and evidence-based. We advocate full decriminalization of adult consensual sex work. This human and labour rights and harm reduction framework requires that both sex workers and their clients not be criminalized. Follow the WWG on Facebook and on Twitter.

A Little Polish Poetry Symposium

Tuesday May 03 2016 7:30 pm - Grant Park in the Travel Alcove, Winnipeg

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The 2016 MayWorks Festival of Labour & the Arts presents A Little Polish Poetry Symposium. Selections from a central European poetry read in Polish by Polish writer Margaret Kellermann McCulloch and in English by singer Liliana Romanowski. Introduction, and new and selected poetry by Ron Romanowski (author of A Reader’s Guide to the Unnameable). Refreshments will be served. Free to all.

Margaret Kellermann McCulloch writes on the opera, symphony and cultural events for the Polish Canadian weekly CZAS. Educated in Poland and Canada, she holds degrees in Psychology and Applied Counseling. An avid supporter of the arts, she sings in the Polish Sokol Choir and serves as President of the Women’s Committee of the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra.

Winnipeg-born soprano Liliana Romanowski has enjoyed a diverse and dynamic singing and reading career. She has sung for her church, the Italian community, and the Sokol Polish Folk Ensemble. Among other recent solos she sang “Pie Jesu” at Easter, and “Come Prima” at the Polish Sokol Valentine’s social. Liliana is delighted to be returning to read at MayWorks 2016.

Ron Romanowski’s Reader’s Guide to the Unnameable made McNally Robinson’s bestseller list last spring. Ron’s poetry has been read on CBC National radio and his work has been published in Canadian and U.S. literary journals.He is also a member of the Sokol Polish Folk Ensemble Choir.

Joanne Klassen & Brian Hay (Eds.) -- Book Launch

Wednesday May 04 2016 7:00 pm - Grant Park in the Atrium, Winnipeg

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Launch of Creative Journey: Five Minute Meditations for Transformation (Heartspace) compiled by Brian Hay and Joanne Klassen.

Join a supportive circle reaching around the world, spanning four generations. Writers from seven countries, ages 15 to 80 offer a timeless collection, described as “medicine that leads you to your best self.”

Eighty reflections begin with action words, followed by insightful quotes and thoughts to see familiar events with new eyes. Discover how just five minutes can make a world of difference in your day.

Featured readers this evening include Beverley Johnston, Jeremy Schick, Irma Nadeau, Bertha Fontaine, Astrid Schuhmann, and Cynthia Booden-Firth.

Nicholas Burns -- Book Launch

Wednesday May 04 2016 7:30 pm - Grant Park in the Travel Alcove, Winnipeg

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Winnipeg launch of Arctic Comics (Renegade Arts Entertainment).

Arctic Comics is an hardcover anthology of five tales of myth, adventure, and humour written and drawn by Inuit and northern Canadian comic creators.

Nicholas Burns is a Winnipeg based freelance comics creator. In addition to numerous educational comics for federal, territorial, and municipal agencies, he’s appeared in independent comics anthologies such as The Forbidden Book and Moonshot: The Aboriginal Comics Anthology. He’s also written for Captain Canuck, Métal Hurlant, Kitchen Sink, and DC/Vertigo.

George Freeman is a Manitoba comic book artist and currently lives in Winnipeg with his wife, fellow artist Laurie Smith. He also works in the film industry and recently contributed to Moonshot: The Indigenous Comics Collection.

Lovern Kindzierski was born in Manitoba’s Interlake and later settled in Winnipeg. He graduated from the University of Manitoba and later broke into comics as the colorist on John Constantine: Hellblazer. Eager to try his hand at all aspects of comic creation he eventually began writing such titles as Lunatik, Agents of Law, Star Wars Tales and The Victorian. His work on Tarzan Le Monstre garnered him the nomination for best writer at the Harvey Awards. Lovern is the author of the ongoing Shame trilogy that is painted by John Bolton and has penned the upcoming new series from Renegade Arts, Necromantic.

Laurie E. Smith has been a professional comic book colorist for the last 21 years and currently lives in Winnipeg with her husband, fellow artist George Freeman. In 1996 she was nominated for an Eisner Award for her work on The X-Files series of comics. She is currently the main colourist for Nickelodeon Magazine.

Vincent Massey Collegiate -- Literary Magazine Launch

Thursday May 05 2016 7:00 pm - Grant Park in the Atrium, Winnipeg

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Launch of the literary arts magazine Strive.

"Vincent Massey Collegiate’s Strive is a collection of original student work. Each year the book has a theme which is the basis for all submissions; this year’s theme was Lock and Key. Comprised of original stories, poetry, prose, art, photography, and music the book offers something for everyone! Our entire student body is invited to submit original work for Strive and then a selection committee makes the final choices about which submissions are published. We are very pleased to launch our second issue of Strive this evening."

Robin Esrock -- Speaking & Signing

Friday May 06 2016 7:00 pm - Grant Park in the Atrium, Winnipeg

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Speaking & Signing The Great Canadian Prairies Bucket List: One-of-a-Kind Travel Experiences (Dundurn Press).

Renowned travel writer and TV host Robin Esrock has explored every inch of Canada’s Prairies to craft the definitive Bucket List. From food and culture to nature and adrenaline rushes, Robin has the inspiration and information you’ll need to follow in his footsteps and discover everything Manitoba and Saskatchewan have to offer.

Robin Esrock’s stories have been published in over a dozen major newspapers worldwide. He is also the creator and co-host of the forty-part television series Word Travels, seen on OLN and CityTV in Canada, on National Geographic International, and on Travel Channel in one hundred countries and twenty-one languages. Robin lives in Vancouver.

Nasreen Pejvack -- Reading & Signing

Friday May 06 2016 7:30 pm - Grant Park in the Travel Alcove, Winnipeg

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Reading & Signing Amity: A Novel (Inanna Publications).

This novel provides a window into the wreckage caused by wars—the destruction and displacement that generates life-long psychological torment and pain; here specifically within the contexts of Yugoslavia’s dissolution and Iran’s revolution.

The author, Nasreen Pejvack, also writes articles, short stories and poems. She was born in Tehran, Iran which she left over 30 years ago, and currently resides in Vancouver, BC. Since arriving in Canada, Nasreen studied and worked in the computer field for many years, progressing from Programmer to Systems Analyst, then studied and worked for 12 years in the field of Psychology.

For the past three years she has been writing; focused on her concern about how humanity has gained such marvelous technologies and profound intellectual capital, yet wars, intolerances and suffering have followed us throughout those centuries, and now threaten to overcome all our achievements.

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