Through our wholesale division, Skylight Books, we provide comprehensive service to librarians on the prairies and in northern Ontario. Skylight's customers are Municipal and regional librarians, school librarians, and school boards.

Skylight provides a number of specific services designed for librarians and often customized for our clients according to the needs of their acquisition process.

Programmed buying

For certain genres it is appropriate to select new releases on behalf of librarians. We do so for mass market fiction, juvenile fiction series, boardbooks and other publishing categories for many library clients. We purchase by category to budget limits and deliver books as they are published.


Each publishing season (ie, winter, spring and fall) we consult with publishers to forecast the major books of the season and compile them in hotlists designed specifically for libraries. The hotlists are designed to streamline the buying decision process for titles that are must-haves. This allows us to pre-order copies and provide books promptly as they are released.

Our long-established general hotlist comprises hardcover frontlist releases in all categories with emphasis on high print runs and titles of regional significance.

In the past few years we have also issued a religious and spiritual hotlist, once again structured to cover the must-haves of each season to ensure that librarians have books immediately upon publication when borrowers.

Hotlist books are the most heavily discounted of our library sales because we can pre-order them and pass them through with great efficiency.

Regional coverage

One reason for our success as a wholesaler to libraries and schools is that many of the books most asked for are regional. National and international publishers may release titles of particular interest to a region; and regional publishers produce books geared to their market. In either case, national wholesalers will miss the significance of many books of interest to our library customers. Our inventory and our hotlists reliably reflect the needs of librarians on the prairies and northern Ontario.

School discounts

Because of the collective buying power of schools in a school division, we extend attractive discounts to individual schools, school librarians, and teachers.

Purchase on account

Libraries and schools with established accounts are permitted, upon submission of a purchase order, to buy on account.

International Sources

Our extensive international suppliers allow us to readily fill many specialty needs from the U.S. and abroad.

Online purchase orders and electronic ordering

Librarians can build a list of books on our website and submit it as a purchase order without going through the consumer checkout. Please contact a Skylight representative if you are interested in arranging for web-based ordering.

By arrangement we can accept electronic purchase orders generated by library software. Please contact a Skylight representative.

Individual service

An independent wholesaler, like an independent bookseller, has roots in the community and provides continuity in its service to other institutions in the community.


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