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The Self-Publishing Process at McNally Robinson


Getting your book published at McNally Robinson is as simple as A, B, C, D . . .


our self-publishing timeline


The first step is to submit your files (one for the book block, one for the cover design) to us. The most efficient way to do this is via email. Alternately you can arrange an appointment to submit your files in person, bringing them to us on a USB flash drive (memory stick) or CD. Once we've reviewed your files we'll contact you to discuss your options.

Please note: We do not accept handwritten or typed manuscripts. All submissions must be in digital format (ie. a computer file). 


After reviewing your files, one of our Espresso Book Machine representatives will contact you to arrange an appointment to discuss the next steps required for your book. (Or, if you would prefer to submit your files to us in person, you can contact us to set up an appointment.) An appointment is necessary to discuss your printing/self-publishing options. Think of it as a consultation. During the appointment we'll help you select the appropriate setup package for your order, and any additional services you may require.

Arranging an appointment prior to coming to the store is important to ensure our EBM staff is available to assist you (we're pretty popular). Knowing you're coming gives us a chance to prepare your paperwork, and set time aside just for you.


Most of our setup packages include a proof copy (with the exception of the McNally Lite Printing Package). The proof is a printed and bound sample copy of your book, for you to review before we proceed with printing your order. If you wish to make changes, simply submit your revised files to us prior to your print run (most of our self-publishing packages include one complimentary set of revisions).


Once you've reviewed your proof copy and your book's files have been deemed "print ready", we can begin printing your book. The turn-around time depends on the quality of your files, size of your order, and the length of our current queue. We strive to get your books to you as quickly as possible. More accurate estimates can be given when we start your print run.


And then you're done!
After the print run, we contact you for payment and to retrieve your books, and that's itthe publishing process is complete.



What's next?

Consignment: Have you penned a potential bestseller? We offer consignment perks for authors who've had their works printed through our Espresso Book Machine. With our consignment program your book will be made available for purchase in our store and here on our website.

Book Launch: A well-publicized book launch draws awareness to your recently published work, often propelling your book onto the local bestsellers list. Camera shy? Don't like public speaking? A low-key book signing might be what you're after.

Click here for more information about our consignment program and author events.



And the final steps...

Legal Deposit to Library and Archives of Canada: Regardless of whether or not you plan on having a book launch or signing, after you've gotten your book published with McNally Robinson there is one last important step to the process. Library and Archives Canada (LAC) requires that all publishers send one copy of each book published to the National Archive. This is referred to as Legal Deposit.

Because we offer a self-publishing service, the responsibility of submitting your book to the National Archive falls to you, the author. But don't worry, the process is simple: all you need to do is fill out some paperwork (which we can supply to you for no charge) and send it with one copy of your book to the National Archive. That's it! A simple and straightforward process, although very important for preserving Canada's documentary heritage.

You can find all the details on the procedure for Legal Deposit on Library and Archives Canada's website by clicking here.

NOTE: This is only required for books that are intended for resale. You do not need to submit any books to LAC that you have published for personal use or distribution. For books that are to be sold in McNally Robinson on consignment (or in any other store), submitting to LAC is mandatory.


Legal Deposit to the Province of Manitoba's Legislative Library: Much like Library and Archives Canada, the Legislative Library of Manitoba requests that one copy of all books published in Manitoba be submitted to them. Although this process is not absolutely mandatory, the Legislative Library strives to maintain a complete record of Manitoba's literary heritage, and they cannot do this without help. The process is very similar to submitting to Library and Archives Canada. Contact the Legislative Library for instructions on submitting your book (contact information can be found by clicking here).

For more information on the Legislative Archive's Legal Deposit program, you can visit their website.