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Murray Howe --Book Launch (Reading and Signing)

Sunday Dec 03 2017 2:00 pm - Travel Alcove, Saskatoon

Join Murray Howe for the Saskatoon launch of Nine Lessons I Learned from My Father.

Part Tuesdays with Morrie, part Mr. Hockey, Nine Lessons I Learned from My Father is a son's intimate account of all that lies behind the towering legacy of the beloved Gordie Howe.

Dr. MURRAY HOWE is Gordie Howe's youngest son. He is head of Sports Medicine Imaging for Toledo Radiological Associates and Promedica Health System's Sports Care program. An associate clinical professor at the University of Toledo Medical Center, he also serves on the University of Michigan Medical School Admissions Committee. He has four decades of experience as a keynote speaker across Canada and the US covering various topics including sports medicine, health and wellness, and hockey. The author lives in Ohio.

Dr. Barry Heath (Reading and Signing)

Wednesday Dec 06 2017 7:00 pm - Travel Alcove, Saskatoon

Join us for the launch of Saskatchewan Coroner by Barry Heath.

Saskatchewan Coroner explains the variety of death investigations coroners deal with. There are cases of suicide, murder, natural, accidental and unexplained deaths. There is a discussion on the Coroner Service in Saskatchewan, organ donation, a new cremation method, infant deaths, funeral traditions and rites, and inquests held about deaths in various jails or holding facilities. Barry also discusses some case histories leading to recommendations that were accepted.

Dr. Barry Heath is a veterinarian with diplomas in clinical pathology and epidemiology. He served as a coroner in Saskatchewan for 24 years. Barry was a Remedial Measures Specialist with Transport Canada from 1987 until 2006, responding to road and rail accidents involving dangerous goods from Ontario to British Columbia. He is also the author of Mosie & Me: A Veterinarian's Story.

Photo by Sandy Hutchinson.

Sara Williams and Bob Bors--Book Launch (Reading and Signing)

Thursday Dec 07 2017 7:00 pm - Travel Alcove, Saskatoon

Growing Fruit in Northern Gardens is a comprehensive full-colour handbook for growing fruit in cold climates that is aimed at the home gardener. Includes a detailed map and reference guide to zones, hardiness, planting time, and best practices to ensure growth and survival.

From pincherries to haskaps, tree fruits to vine fruits, and everything in between, renowned horticulturalist Dr. Bob Bors and master gardener Sara Williams delve into the science of growing and maintaining fruit plants for northern gardeners.

Sara Williams was the founder and first editor of The Saskatchewan Gardener. Sara has a B.Sc. and a M.Sc. in Horticultural Extension from the University of Saskatchewan, as well as a B.A. in English and History from the University of Michigan. She served as the horticultural specialist with the Extension Division of the University of Saskatchewan for 12 years, retiring in 2001. Sara's previous books include A Photographic History of the Forestry Farm Park, Perennials for the Prairies, and In a Cold Land: Saskatchewan’s Horticultural Pioneers.

Dr. Bob Bors is the Project Leader of the Domestic Fruit Program and an Assistant Professor in the Department of Plant Sciences. Bob obtained a BSC from the University of Maryland, and a PhD from the University of Guelph. Bob's research focuses on breeding, tissue culture, propagation, disease screening, and interspecific hybridization of horticultural crops with emphasis on fruit and ornamentals. Bob’s previous publications include: The Saskatoon Berry Manual; R.H. Bors and L. Matthews, 2004. Dwarf Sour Cherries: A Guide for Commercial Production.

Tammy, Jean & Benjie (Live Music )

Friday Dec 08 2017 8:00 pm - Prairie Ink Restaurant, Saskatoon

Tammy, Jean & Benjie serve up a wide variety of music for a relaxed and fun evening. Enjoy Tammy’s vocal renditions of classic hits accompanied by acoustic guitar. Jean serves up a tasty collection of instrumental surf rock like The Ventures on his Stratocaster, while Ben adds a Latin touch with fingerstyle solo guitar.

Bill Waiser (Signing)

Saturday Dec 09 2017 1:00 pm - Storefront, Saskatoon

Join Governor General's Literary Award winning author Bill Waiser signing A World We Have Lost: Saskatchewan Before 1905.

Sometime during the summer of 1690, in east-central Saskatchewan, Englishmen Henry Kelsey and his Indian escorts walked out of the boreal forest and into a new world--the northern great plains of western Canada. The simple fact remains that any European and later Canadian activity in what would become the future province of Saskatchewan was entirely dependent on the goodwill and cooperation of the indigenous peoples of the region. A World We Have Lost examines the early history of Saskatchewan through an Aboriginal and environmental lens. Indian and mixed-descent peoples played leading roles in the story–as did the land and climate. By the time Saskatchewan entered confederation as a province in 1905, the world that Kelsey had encountered during his historic walk on the northern prairies had become a world we have lost.

Bill Waiser is a specialist in western and Northern Canadian history, recently retired from the University of Saskatchewan, where he was Department head from 1995—1998. He has received the Saskatchewan Order of Merit, the University's Distinguished Researcher Award, the Saskatchewan Book Award, and has been elected a follow of the Royal Society of Canada. Bill Waiser is the author of 12 books.

Oscar's Hollow (Live Music )

Saturday Dec 09 2017 8:00 pm - Prairie Ink Restaurant, Saskatoon

Oscar's Hollow is an exciting new band in Saskatoon’s flourishing music scene. Formed in 2016 by Lee Harris and Kris Mihilewicz, two singer/songwriters who both move easily between rhythm and lead guitar, this 5-piece already boasts a rich catalogue of original material and stylized covers. Although Mihilewicz and Harris both have distinct individual styles, these blend and synergize within the group in ways reminiscent of Jim Cuddy and Greg Keelor (Blue Rodeo). Oscar's Hollow spans a broad spectrum of styles and genres as Harris and Mihilewicz are joined by Kurt Burnett on drums and percussion, Darryl Dozlaw on keyboards and other sundries, and Byron Shaw on bass and guitar. Burnett, Dozlaw and Shaw all offer vocal harmonies to the mix.

Jann Arden--Book Launch (Reading and Signing)

Tuesday Dec 12 2017 7:00 pm - Travel Alcove, Saskatoon

Jann Arden is a singer, songwriter, broadcaster, actor, author and social media star. The celebrated multi-platinum, award-winning artist catapulted onto the music scene in 1993 with her debut album, Time for Mercy, featuring the hit single “I Would Die for You.” A year later she had her international break-out hit, “Insensitive.” She has written three books including the #1 bestselling memoir, Falling Backwards. She is much in demand as a public speaker, and a frequent guest on CBC’s Rick Mercer Report and a guest host on CTV’s The Social.

Based on her hugely popular Facebook posts and Instagram photos, Feeding My Mother is a frank, funny, inspirational and piercingly honest account of the transformation in Jann Arden's life that has turned her into the primary "parent" to her mom, who is in the grip of Alzheimer's. The many people who are dealing with a loved one who is losing it will find inspiration and strength in Jann's wholehearted, loving response and her totally 'Jann' take on the upside-down world of a daughter mothering her mother.

Tenth Street Saxophone Quartet (Live Christmas Music)

Friday Dec 15 2017 8:00 pm - Prairie Ink Restaurant, Saskatoon

Featuring Kathy Heinrichs, soprano; Sheldon Corbett, alto; Graeme Steen, tenor; Uffe Vors, baritone.

Rory Lynch Trio (Live Jazz)

Saturday Dec 16 2017 8:00 pm - Prairie Ink Restaurant, Saskatoon

The Rory Lynch Trio is a group of musicians from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, whose repertoire is based on the rich tradition of jazz, from classic standards to the modern sounds of the twenty-first century. Adventure-seeking and musical conversations are the focus of a performance, with each musician’s contribution having a synergetic effect on the total soundscape. The band also serves as a laboratory for the creation of innovative and exciting new compositions. The trio’s current line-up includes Rory (saxophone), Emmett Fortosky (bass), and Ian Summach (guitar).

Neil Hendry (Solo Jazz Guitar)

Friday Dec 22 2017 8:00 pm - Prairie Ink Restaurant, Saskatoon

Neil Hendry is a Toronto based guitar player originally from Saskatoon. Neil is a happy member of The Distillery, the Rhonda Stakich band, and So Long Seven. In order to give people space he also plays solo once in a while. // //

Donovan Terry's Son (Live Folk/Roots Music )

Saturday Dec 30 2017 8:00 pm - Prairie Ink Restaurant, Saskatoon

Donovan Terry's Son will take you on a tour through early American roots music right on up to the modern day. His country-blues style finger picking combined with his harmonica playing make for a dynamic acoustic experience. Donovan sings the joy and sorrow of traditional folk songs while at the same time expressing his own. Mississippi John Hurt, The Carter Family, Ralph Stanley, Leon Redbone, Townes Van Zandt and Daniel Johnston are but a few of his inspirations.

When Donovan's not out tapping toes and forgetting woes at local jams in his home of Montreal, you can find him back in the studio working on original songs which he performs with his band 'The Forks' and his indie-folk project 'Avalon Blue.'

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