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Ann Eriksson and Gary Geddes -- Reading and Signing

Tuesday Sep 16 2014 7:00 pm - Travel Alcove, Saskatoon

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High Clear Bell of Morning (Douglas & McIntyre) by Ann Eriksson and What Does a House Want: Selected Poems (Red Hen Press) by Gary Geddes

Glen, a biologist studying killer whales in the Salish Sea, is desperate to comprehend his daughter Ruby's mental illness. He follows her through the streets, catching glimpses of the horror-filled world in which she now resides. Meanwhile, he uncovers disturbing parallels between Ruby and the mysterious death of a young killer whale, found with a body full of toxic pollutants. Elegantly told and affecting, High Clear Bell of Morning illustrates the strain on families confronted with psychotic disorders, while at the same time celebrating the natural world and sending a cautionary warning of what we all have to lose.

Ann Eriksson is the author of three previous novels: Decomposing Maggie (Turnstone, 2003), In the Hands of Anubis (Brindle & Glass, 2009) and Falling From Grace (Brindle & Glass, 2011), which was awarded a Silver medal in the 2011 Independent Publishers Book Awards. Eriksson is a founding director of the Thetis Island Nature Conservancy. She lives on Thetis Island, British Columbia, with her husband, poet Gary Geddes.

What Does a House Want? affirms Gary Geddes’s place as one of the premier Canadian poets of his generation. Equally at home with the lyric and the long poem, Geddes brings his “deadly accuracy in language and form” and his no-holds-barred style to bear on U.S. multinationals, Israeli-Palestinian violence, the guilt of Leon Trotsky, P.O.W.s, assassins, mad-bombers, China’s bloody Emperor Qin Shuhuang, and the reputation of Ezra Pound. “Sandra Lee Scheuer,” a lyric on the Kent State killings, has been described as “the kind of poem most poets wait a lifetime for;” and The Terracotta Army, an award-winning sequence on politics and art, insists on the marriage of story and song, embracing narrative, yet achieving a rare and luminous lyric intensity.

Gary Geddes has written and edited more than forty books of poetry, fiction, non- fiction, drama, criticism, translation, and anthologies, and won a dozen national and international literary awards, including the Commonwealth Poetry Prize (Americas Region) and the Lieutenant Governor’s Award for Literary Excellence. When not serving as Distinguished Professor at Western Washington University or Visiting Writer at the University of Missouri–St. Louis, he resides on Thetis Island, British Columbia.

Arthur Slade and Christopher Steininger -- Book Launch

Friday Sep 19 2014 7:00 pm - Travel Alcove, Saskatoon

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Modo: Ember’s End

Modo, the star of the bestselling Hunchback Assignments series of novels, is back in graphic novel form! This stand-alone wild west story features the further adventures of this strong and determined hero. He's been trained by the British to be a secret agent and is a hunchback with a special ability: he can change his shape to look like other people. It’s a wonderful skill to have when he’s on assignment, but all he wants right now is a little holiday in America. When Modo and Octavia, his fellow agent, arrive at the town of Ember's End they're hired as deputies and almost immediately are attacked by a group of mercenaries who have come to claim something called the magnificent device. Why do they want it? And why are they attempting to steal it from the enigmatic Annette Ember? There are secrets within secrets in this action adventure story. This is a collector’s item as there are only 2000 copies in print.

Arthur Slade is the author of Dust, a national bestseller and the winner of the 2001 Governor General’s Award for Children’s Literature. He has written sixteen other novels including Tribes, Megiddo's Shadow, Jolted, and The Hunchback Assignments (which won the 2010 TD Children's Literature Award and 2011 Grand Prix de l'Imaginaire). He lives in Saskatoon with his wife and daughter.

Christopher Steininger is an illustrator whose work has appeared in comics like DeadHeaven, Worlds of Dungeons & Dragons, Avengelyne, and also games like Spec Ops: The Line.

The Nobles -- Live Musical Performance

Friday Sep 19 2014 8:00 pm - Prairie Ink Restaurant, Saskatoon

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The Nobles consist of the father/daughter team of Madison and Lorry Noble. Madison has been playing piano, guitar and has been singing for over half of her life. Lorry is a seasoned musician, playing guitar and drums in a number of bands for over 25 years. The Nobles play a wide variety of classic rock and country songs from Patsy Cline to Bryan Adams.

Kenneth William Budd -- Book Signing

Saturday Sep 20 2014 2:00 pm - Main Floor, Saskatoon

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SpringRush, the final instalment his The Adventures of Buddy Williams series (SummerWild Productions)

Buddy Williams’ happy life in SummerWild was obliterated by the blow of his great loss in FallGently. That tragedy, along with the combative relationship with his intimidating teacher Miss Ruby led the young lad to experiencing depression and making some very bad choices in WinterFree. But the blizzards of the cold season are past, and new adventures lie in wait. Nature continues to offer surprises for Buddy, Riel and Mokey. An old friend teaches him a very important life lesson, which also helps him clarify his contentious connection with religion. But will he ever be rid of the bad blood between him and the Red Witch? Will the warm winds of spring encourage Buddy to find a path to redemption? Will his family overcome the challenge a past secret has hidden? And will the young protagonist take advantage of the bonds with his companions—including Joe Starblanket—so that he might thrive again?

Ken Budd has enjoyed a myriad of experiences. He has skydived (once) and SCUBA-dived and snorkelled in Caribbean waters. He has swum with humpback whales off Maui and trapped, tagged and tracked grizzlies in Montana. Exploring the Badlands of Alberta, directing a wilderness-backpacking program in Kananaskis Country, and beachcombing off the West Coast of British Columbia have been life highlights. He grew up in his formative years in Saskatchewan and that has stained him most positively. Though teaching and counselling have been his master game for most of his professional life, Ken took a sabbatical after an interest in writing led him to The Banff Centre where he studied with W.O. Mitchell. That adventure sent him on a journey producing books. Since retiring from the classroom, Ken operates SummerWild Productions, a boutique publishing company, while continuing his verve for writing fiction. This series, The Adventures of Buddy Williams, are his first novels.

Whiskey on a Sunday -- Live Musical Performance

Saturday Sep 20 2014 8:00 pm - Prairie Ink Restaurant, Saskatoon

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Folk/Pop/Country/Irish Trio

Marie Donais Calder -- Book Signing

Sunday Sep 21 2014 1:00 pm - Main Floor, Saskatoon

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Little Miss Muffet Isn't Frightened Anymore (Borealis Press) and other titles

Little Miss Muffet Isn’t Frightened Anymore combines two elements beloved by children: rhythm and rhyme. Miss Muffet is a favourite nursery rhyme character for most of us. She was left in limbo centuries ago as she ran away from the spider without facing her fear. She has finally returned to help us learn from this colossal mistake. The illustrations, by artist Jacqueline McClement, are insightful and delightful. Children and adults alike are engaged by the details of the illustrations. Each page offers opportunities for teachable moments. This children's picture book brings smiles to the faces of readers of all ages.

Marie Donais Calder´s parents taught her that she could do most anything she set her mind to. And she did. Though extremely near-sighted since birth, which has deteriorated to low vision, she participated in various sports, tree-climbing and any other challenges that came her way in her childhood. She earned her B.Ed. after marrying Darcy and having their three daughters, Nicole, Chantelle and Kari-Lynn. Marie and Darcy live in Estevan, Saskatchewan. They have two granddaughters, Piper and Kyenna, and one surrogate granddaughter, Lyanna. Marie is also the author of The Other Side, a young adult historical fiction series.

Kids Time!

Sunday Sep 21 2014 1:00 pm - Storytime Circle, Saskatoon

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Join us Sundays at 1:00 pm in the Story Circle for an exciting new program at McNally Robinson for Kids.

It's Kid’s Time for children ages 3 to 7, and features sing-a-longs and yoga-inspired movement!

Bring your yoga mat if you like! No registration required: this is a drop-in program with a cost of $5 per child per session. Contact McNally Robinson for Kids at 306-955-1477 for details.

Mary Harelkin Bishop -- Book Launch

Monday Sep 22 2014 7:00 pm - Travel Alcove, Saskatoon

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Gina’s Wheels (DriverWorks Ink)

What would it be like to spend your life in a wheelchair? After meeting Colette Bourgonje, one of Canada’s most accomplished Paralympic athletes, five-year-old Gina explores her own world from her version of a wheelchair. How will this affect Gina when she goes to kindergarten?

Illustrated by Diane L. Greenhorn

Mary Harelkin Bishop lives in Saskatoon and is the author of the best-selling Tunnels of Moose Jaw Adventures series and the award-winning book Seeds of Hope: A Prairie Story. In 2010, Mary’s biography, Moving Forward: The Journey of Paralympian Colette Bourgonje, was published. Since then, she has been looking forward to publishing this picture book about Colette.

Diane L. Greenhorn lives on an acreage a few miles west of Saskatoon. Diane studied at the Gail Adams School of Art in Saskatoon. In 2000, she started her own art school, Country School of Art, teaching children and adults through drawing classes and workshops. Diane enjoys all types of mediums, especially soft pastels, pencil, and acrylics.

Preschool Storytime

Tuesday Sep 23 2014 10:30 am - Storytime Circle, Saskatoon

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For children ages 3 - 5.

Join us in the Story Circle, where our storyteller will treat you to a half hour of fun and imagination! Every Tuesday from 10:30 - ll:00 am.

For further information, please inquire at the Children's Desk (upstairs) in person or by phone at (306) 955-1477.

Melissa Spore -- Speaking and Signing

Tuesday Sep 23 2014 7:00 pm - Travel Alcove, Saskatoon

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The Designer's Guide to Presenting Numbers, Figures, and Charts (Allworth Press)

Numbers can tell an exciting story and like words, they can communicate information. If you want to learn how to make them communicate effectively, you needThe Designer’s Guide to Presenting Numbers, Figures, and Charts. Better yet, let Melissa Spore, one of the book’s co-authors, share some of the key points and set you on a clear path.

Communicating numerical information effectively is an increasingly important skill not only for designers but also for writers, editors, communication specialists, journalists, teachers—anyone who routinely employs numbers in reports, articles, presentations, or even in a classroom.

Using light-hearted examples, Melissa will answer some common questions about presenting numbers, the use and design of tables and charts, and tips on writing about numbers.

Melissa Spore is a Saskatoon-based instructional designer who has worked in distance, community, and continuing professional education. She conducts research and writes about using technology to improve written and oral communication.

Herman J. Michell -- Book Launch

Wednesday Sep 24 2014 7:00 pm - Travel Alcove, Saskatoon

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Kitaskino: Key Issues, Challenges and Visions for Northern Aboriginal Communities in Canada (JCharlton Publishing Ltd.), edited by Herman J. Michell and Cathy H.G. Wheaton

Kitaskino (a Cree term that speaks to our collective responsibility as humans to ensure the protection of the earth, lakes, and rivers as they foundational to Aboriginal world views, traditional values, ways of knowing, and languages) is a collection of northern-based articles designed to fill the need for northern-based authorship that highlights the social, historical, cultural, economic, political, and educational issues of concern to Aboriginal communities across Canada. The book presents current foundational issues for northern peoples, examines the impact change has and is having on northern peoples, provides current research findings, and suggests areas of need pertaining to future research endeavours.

Dr. Herman Michell is a member of the Barren Lands First Nation, and President and CEO of the Northern Teacher Education Program/Northern Professional Access College (NORTEP/NORPAC) in La Ronge. He is also the author of Working with Elders and Indigenous Knowledge Systems, Cree Ways of Knowing and School Science, and Working with Aboriginal Communities in Places of Higher Learning.

Lois Simmie -- Book Launch

Thursday Sep 25 2014 7:00 pm - Travel Alcove, Saskatoon

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Mister Got to Go Where Are You? (Red Deer Press)

Got to Go has made his home at the Sylvia Hotel for seven years now. And it is the best home a cat could wish for! There was always a comfy lobby chair or a warm windowsill to sleep on and a nice bit of fish from the kitchen. Mister Fisher, the manager, still talks about how the hotel is no place for a cat but Got to Go doesn't worry. Then he sees a man carrying a tantalizing parcel that smells like a nice bit of fish and follows him along the streets for hours until the hotel is nowhere in sight. And nothing is going right at the hotel with Got to Go missing from his usual windowsill. The staff all come to realize, "a hotel without Got to Go is not a proper hotel." Will Got to Go be able to find his way back to his hotel home and family?

Illustrated by Cynthia Nugent

Lois Simmie spent her youth in small towns in Saskatchewan. She taught writing classes for several years including sessions with the Canadian Authors Association. She is the author of Mr Got to Go, Mr Got to Go and Arnie, They Shouldn't Make You Promise That, The Secret Lives of Sargent John Wilson along with many other books for readers of all ages.

Two Tall Dudes -- Live Musical Performance

Friday Sep 26 2014 8:00 pm - Prairie Ink Restaurant, Saskatoon

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Two Tall Dudes is two tall guys playing acoustic versions of the 70s and 80s pop and rock music they grew up playing. Their play list include songs from Van Morrison, The Doors and James Taylor.

It's Too Late, Baby -- Live Musical Performance

Saturday Sep 27 2014 8:00 pm - Prairie Ink Restaurant, Saskatoon

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It's Too Late, Baby is a group of friends brought together by their common enjoyment of the music of Carole King and James Taylor. Performing a variety of the enduring songs from these two great singer-songwriters, as well as a smattering of originals, Penny Rosten (keys/vocals) is joined by vocalists Doug Campbell and Al Loewen and bassist Bruce Wilkinson to bring back some great tunes!

Kids Time!

Sunday Sep 28 2014 1:00 pm - Storytime Circle, Saskatoon

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Join us Sundays at 1:00 pm in the Story Circle for Kid’s Time!

For children ages 3 to 7, it features sing-a-longs and yoga-inspired movement. Bring your yoga mat if you like!

No registration required: this is a drop-in program with a cost of $5 per child per session. Contact McNally Robinson for Kids at 306-955-1477 for details.

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