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Preschool Storytime

Tuesday Oct 21 2014 10:30 am - Storytime Circle, Saskatoon

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For children ages 3 - 5.

Join us in the Story Circle, where our storyteller will treat you to a half hour of fun and imagination! Every Tuesday from 10:30 - ll:00 am.

For further information, please inquire at the Children's Desk (upstairs) in person or by phone at (306) 955-1477.

An Evening of Poetry with Kristian Enright, Brenda Sciberras, and Fionncara MacEoin

Tuesday Oct 21 2014 7:00 pm - Travel Alcove, Saskatoon

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Join us for an evening of poetry with Kristian Enright, Brenda Sciberras, and Fionncara MacEoin, reading from their debut collections: Sonar (Turnstone Press) by Kristian Enright , Magpie Days (Turnstone Press) by Brenda Sciberras, and Not The First Thing I've Missed (Thistledown Press) by Fionncara MacEoin.

Ginsberg saw the best minds of his generation destroyed by madness - but what is madness? In a world that has traded Hansel and Gretel’s breadcrumbs for Prozac and where zombies masquerade as the living, who is really mad? Through the eyes of an artist boxed in by tradition, Sonar wrestles with language, mental health and identity. Kristian Enright's work has been shortlisted for the Matrix Magazine Litpop awards and for the Robert Kroetsch Award for Innovative Poetry. He has been featured in Juice, the University of Winnipeg’s creative writing literary journal, five times, and is a long-time contributor to Winnipeg’s cultural scene. Recently, he completed a Master's degree in creative literature at the University of Manitoba. Sonar is his first full-length collection of poetry.

Clever and persistent, Magpie Days picks through the baubles and trinkets of the everyday. Like the black and white plumage of the magpie, Brenda Sciberras’s poems balance the exquisite tension between joy and misery. Evoking life-defining events from the remembrance of a first bicycle to the loss of a close friend, these poems acknowledge pleasure and pain as necessary to life in this remarkable debut. Brenda Sciberras is a Winnipeg writer whose poetry has appeared in several Canadian literary magazines, as well the anthologies A/Cross Sections: New Manitoba Writing and I Found It at the Movies: An Anthology of Film Poems. She holds a BA from the University of Manitoba and divides her time between working in a library, singing in the Spirit’s Call Choir, writing, and her family. Magpie Days is her first book.

Not The First Thing I've Missed is a collection of poems imbued with a rueful, self-deprecating humour about how delusions frighten while they enlighten. Fionncara MacEoin's poems are short meditations that explore an emotional counterpoint where hope and doubt collide and where the familiar present is only an echo of some past loss. Moreover, questions arise: How can we be certain of what we really know? Why does the reverie of reality seem so strange in the recklessness of our everyday lives? This collection captures the debris and encumbrances of such questions with a healthy humour and a wicked sense of ownership. Fionncara MacEoin is a poet living in Saskatoon. Her poetry has appeared in The Society, In Medias Res, Transition, CV2, and the chapbook Even the Sky Parts (JackPine Press 2011).

Vacations Away -- Travel Presentation

Wednesday Oct 22 2014 7:00 pm - Travel Alcove, Saskatoon

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Join Marian Thompson of Vacations Away and Ashley Van Elslander of Collette Vacations and discover the many ways to experience the world. Collette family tours, Collette explorations (small group tours) and Royal Horticultural Society Garden name just a few of their vacation options. Learn about some of their best sellers: exotic tours to Africa, Australia/New Zealand and Iceland!

RSVP to Marian at (306) 477-7460 or to reserve a seat.

Michael Krawchuk -- Speaking and Signing

Thursday Oct 23 2014 7:00 pm - Travel Alcove, Saskatoon

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The Battle of Vimy Ridge: Wall of Fire

The Battle of Vimy Ridge is the most famous of Canadian battles. Celebrated at the time and since, it has been seen as a major achievement for the Canadian military and Canada as a nation. Believed to be the strongest defensive position the German Army held on the Western Front, Vimy Ridge was the objective for the Canadian Corps in April 1917. The Canadians’ attack, using methods learned from the experience of warfare on the Western Front, was a complete success; the first successful offensive operation of the Great War. How the Canadian Corps was able to overcome the extremely difficult tactical and technological problems facing the attacker and capture Vimy Ridge is the story of this book. It is told from the heights of strategy and tactics, down to the soldier in the trenches. That the Canadians succeeded as they did at Vimy Ridge made an impact on Great War battle tactics and turned the Canadian Corps into an elite fighting force. It helped define Canada as a nation.

Michael Krawchuk is a lawyer by profession, but with a passionate interest in military history. He resides in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. This is his first book.

An Evening with Marie-Louise Gay

Friday Oct 24 2014 7:00 pm - Travel Alcove, Saskatoon

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Reading & signing her new book Any Questions? (Groundwood Books)

Many children want to know where stories come from and how a book is made. Marie-Louise Gay’s new picture book provides them with some inspiring answers in a fictional encounter between an author and some very curious children, who collaborate on writing and illustrating a story.

Marie-Louise has scribbled, sketched, scrawled, doodled, penciled, collaged and painted the words and pictures of a story-within-a-story that show how brilliant ideas creep up on you when you least expect it and how words sometimes float out of nowhere asking to be written.

Marie-Louise Gay is a world-renowned author and illustrator of children’s books, including the best-selling Stella and Sam series. She has won many prestigious awards, including two Governor General’s awards, the Elizabeth Mrazik-Cleaver Award, the Vicky Metcalf Award and the Marilyn Baillie Picture Book Award. She has also been nominated for the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award and the Hans Christian Andersen Award. Her books have been translated into more than fifteen languages and are loved by children all over the world. She lives in Montreal.

The Standards Trio -- Live Musical Performance

Friday Oct 24 2014 8:00 pm - Prairie Ink Restaurant, Saskatoon

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Don Sawchuk (guitar, mandolin and vocals), Todd Gursky (drums and vocals) and Matt Gruza (bass)

Jennifer Sparks -- Book Signing

Saturday Oct 25 2014 1:00 pm - Main Floor, Saskatoon

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Happy on Purpose

Foreword by Angelique Trigueros and contribution from Mary Sabo
“Being Happy on Purpose is about making a conscious decision in each moment to move towards happiness. It is not about a perfect life. It is not about having things. It is about creating YOUR experience and being open to the beauty, joy, and abundance that already exists in your life and calibrating yourself to recognize it with ease.” ~Jennifer Sparks

Happy on Purpose explores what happy people do differently and how these differences create a happy life, often despite less than desirable circumstances. Through engaging and honest stories, Jennifer demonstrates that happiness is something that we can choose to create if we are prepared to step out of our comfort zones, examine our social conditioning, and explore our desires more fully.

Jennifer Sparks (B.Ed., M.S., CPT) is an Ironman triathlete, personal trainer, life coach, teacher, and single mother. She is a self-proclaimed personal development junkie and a believer in accepting responsibility for creating your own happiness. In her bestselling book WTF to OMG: The Frazzled Female’s Guide to Creating a Life You Love, she shares her journey and her strategies. In Happy on Purpose, she focuses on the habits of happiness that enable her to be happy and stay happy, despite life’s curve balls.

Wayne Bargen -- Live Musical Performance

Saturday Oct 25 2014 8:00 pm - Prairie Ink Restaurant, Saskatoon

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Instrumental Guitar

Wayne Bargen is a finger style acoustic guitar player. All of the songs that he performs are originals. His influences are Bob Evans, Bruce Cockburn, Don Ross, Antoine Dufour, and Andy McKee. His goal is that people who come to his show will walk away relaxed, have a greater appreciation of acoustic guitar music, and be inspired to start playing guitar.

Boo Brunch!

Sunday Oct 26 2014 9:30 am - Prairie Ink Restaurant, Saskatoon

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Dress up in your best costume and join us for a Boo-tiful brunch buffet on Sunday, October 26 at 9:30 am.

Enjoy Boo-berry pancakes and other Ghoooulish Goodies on our Boo Brunch Buffet and creep, crawl, hop, dance or walk through the store in our Costume Parade! Then, join us for some spooOOooOOooky stories in our story circle!

Tickets are $15. For more information, drop by Prairie Ink Restaurant or call (306)-955-3579 .

Michele Genest -- Book SIgning

Sunday Oct 26 2014 2:00 pm - Main Floor, Saskatoon

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The Boreal Feast: A Culinary Journey through the North (Harbour Publishing)

Adventurous northern gourmand Michele Genest is back with a new book of recipes and stories celebrating the northern boreal forest. In this cookbook--which focuses on seasonal feasts--Genest explores how various northern cultures, from the Yukon to Scandinavia, use wild and cultivated boreal ingredients like lingonberries, wild mushrooms, herbs, flowers, game and fish in their traditional and contemporary feasts and celebrations. The book also doubles as a travelogue of the experiences that inspired each feast. Genest relates eye-opening moments from her recent journey to Sweden, Norway and Finland alongside memorable tales from twenty years of life in the Yukon. The result is a beautifully layered cookbook, an irresistible culinary journey through northern cultures near and far, and a reminder of the importance of conserving the boreal forest.

Michele Genest has lived in Whitehorse since 1994, where she moved from her hometown of Toronto in search of winter. She has written about food and culture for the past twenty-five years, and cooked ever since she can remember. Her previous book, the national bestseller The Boreal Gourmet, received silver in Taste Canada's Food Writing Awards in 2011. Michele's past experience includes a four-year stint as dining editor of enRoute Magazine, and another as chief dishwasher and fish-gutter in a restaurant on a small Greek island. She writes a regular cooking column for Yukon, North of Ordinary magazine, and her print credits include the Globe and Mail, the Toronto Star, the Montreal Gazette, Up Here, enRoute, Flare and Geist.

Dwight G. Newman -- Book Launch

Monday Oct 27 2014 7:00 pm - Travel Alcove, Saskatoon

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Revisiting the Duty to Consult Aboriginal Peoples (Purich Publishing)

Since the release of The Duty to Consult in 2009, there have been many important developments on the duty, including three major Supreme Court of Canada decisions. Both the Supreme Court and lower courts have grappled with many questions they had not previously answered, and these very attempts have raised yet new questions. Governments, Aboriginal communities, and industry stakeholders have engaged with the duty to consult in new and probably unexpected ways, developing policy statements or practices that build upon the duty to consult, but often use it only as a starting point for different discussions. At the same time, evolving international legal norms have come to engage with the duty to consult in new ways that may have further impact in the future.

Professor Newman clarifies the duty to consult as a constitutional duty, offers some approaches to understanding the developing case law at a deeper and more principled level, and suggests possible future directions for the duty to consult in Canadian Aboriginal law. The duty to consult has a fundamental importance for all Canadians, yet misunderstandings of the doctrine remain widespread. This book will help address many of those misunderstandings.

Dwight G. Newman is Professor of Law and Canada Research Chair in Indigenous Rights in Constitutional and International Law at the University of Saskatchewan. He holds a law degree from the University of Saskatchewan and a doctorate from Oxford University.

An Evening with Clint Malarchuk

Tuesday Oct 28 2014 7:00 pm - Travel Alcove, Saskatoon

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The Crazy Game: How I Survived in the Crease and Beyond (HarperCollins Canada)

Clint Malarchuk will be reading from the book and the joined in conversation by Michael P.J. Kennedy

No job in the world of sports is as intimidating, exhilarating and as stress-ridden as that of a hockey goaltender. Standing in the crease facing one-hundred-mile-an-hour slapshots, the entire game riding on your glove hand, standing on your head when necessary-all job requirements for those wanting to be the best goalies in the world. Now imagine doing that job while suffering high anxiety, depression and obsessive compulsive disorder, and having your career nearly literally cut short by a skate across your neck.

The Crazy Game takes you deep into the troubled mind of Clint Malarchuk, the former NHL goaltender for the Quebec Nordiques, Washington Capitals and Buffalo Sabres. Even as a boy, Malarchuk faced such deep anxiety that he missed school and acted out at school and with his friends. His OCD changed the way he trained, and he was almost always the last player off the ice. When his throat was slashed during a collision in the crease, Malarchuk nearly died on the ice. Forever changed, he struggled deeply with depression and a dependence on alcohol, which nearly cost him his life and left a bullet in his head.

“This is a tough book written by a tough survivor. It will help a lot of people. A must read.” —Don Cherry

Originally from Grande Prairie, Alberta, Clint Malarchuk now divides his time between Calgary, where he is the goaltender coach for the Calgary Flames, and his ranch in Nevada.

Michael P.J. Kennedy is a freelance sportswriter and a professor at the University of Saskatchewan. His class “Reading Culture: Hockey in Canadian Literature” has received national recognition.

Ileen Boechler -- Book Launch

Wednesday Oct 29 2014 7:00 pm - Travel Alcove, Saskatoon

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I Know My Onions: Homesteading North of the 53rd

My parents and my three older sisters were already in the Model T Ford. I think it was old because it had no top. It was moving day. My dad had filed on a homestead and we were about to begin the two-hundred-mile trek from Watrous to Carrot River, Saskatchewan. My powder blue dress was scattered with tiny pink flowers. Mother had fashioned it from pieces that had once been part of a dress she had worn. To me, the move mattered not at all. The usual aura of family security prevailed. How could a child of barely five years know the hardships that lay ahead?

Ileen (née Sheehan) Boechler’s plainspoken memoir of a childhood spent homesteading beyond the 53rd parallel tugs at the roots of northern life, peeling back the layers of family and community connections to reveal the growth that is possible because of them.

Saskatoon Women's Calendar Collective -- Book Launch

Thursday Oct 30 2014 7:00 pm - Travel Alcove, Saskatoon

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Herstory 2015 (Coteau Books)

It's the end of an era... After 40 proud years of her story, Herstory 2015 will be the final Canadian Women's Calendar produced. For 40 years, the Herstory calendar has profiled the activities and accomplishments of women and women’s organizations from all areas of the country, from all walks of life, from all decades of Canada’s existence. These inspirational stories are presented alongside day planner pages, with space for notes and reminders to help us chronicle our own herstories. The striking 2015 cover features the work of prominent Saskatoon artist Iris Hauser.

The Saskatoon Women’s Calendar Collective has been researching and compiling the material for the annual Herstory calendar since 1974. Its mission is to make Canada’s history more reflective of the lives and achievements of the women who help to create and shape our country.

Ian Martens -- Live Musical Performance

Friday Oct 31 2014 8:00 pm - Prairie Ink Restaurant, Saskatoon

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Acoustic Rock/Folk

Hear here

Ian Martens hails from Saskatoon, where he has been playing and writing rock'n'roll for years. His full-length solo acoustic album, Have You Heard, features Ian's inspired guitar work and is full of uplifting spiritual overtones. "I always loved the acoustic songs that rock bands did, so that's what inspired me to do this record. Plus I wanted people to leave my show with something they could take home that was what they actually heard live. I love the raw, honest element of an acoustic set."

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