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The Hermetic Code

About this Item

ISBN: 9780968257531
format: Hardcover
pages: 131
publisher: Frank Albo
pub. date: 2007-04-09

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The Manitoba Legislative Building is the undisputed architectural gem of Canada. Yet few people know of its occult secrets. In The Hermetic Code, writers Carolin Vesely and Buzz Curie chronicle local scholar Frank Albo’s search to uncover the Masonic ambitions of the building’s architect, Frank Worthington Simon. Concealed in the building’s architecture is a spine-tingling trail of occult clues, which include hidden hieroglyphic inscriptions, numerological codes, and Freemasonic symbols so intelligently masked that they have escaped historians and visitors for nearly a hundred years! In an edifying feast of religious mythology, occult history, and code-breaking symbolism, The Hermetic Code unravels a Rosetta Stone of mystical architecture in the heart of the Canadian prairies.

Hard-cover, 131 pages with index, over 100 full-color illustrations.

Unlocking one of Manitoba's greatest secrets.

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