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Hamster Princess Whiskerella by Ursula Vernon (from a Two Thumbs Up reviewer)

by McNally Robinson - Saturday, Jan 06, 2018 at 12:37pm

One day Harriet’s mom had a ball at her castle and a beautiful stranger came to the ball. Two days later they had another ball and Harriet found out the strangers name was Ella. Harriet was curious so she and her friend, Wilbur, followed Ella home. They found out that Ella had a fairy god mother, but Ella’s fairy god mother was mean, unlike Cinderella’s fairy godmother. She forces Ella go to the balls until she got swept off her feet by a prince. Will they get out of this mess before it's too late? Read Hamster Princess Whiskerella to find out.

One thing I liked about this book was the fact that it's a twisted fairytale. I didn’t really like the part when the author was too descriptive because I felt it was boring. I would give this book a 4 out of 5 stars.

- Sooah, a Two Thumbs Up reviewer

Hamster Princess Whiskerella will be available on January 23.

Categories: Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Two Thumbs Up Kids

Payback on Poplar Lane by Margaret Mincks (from a Two Thumbs Up reviewer)

by McNally Robinson - Friday, Jan 05, 2018 at 4:36pm

Would you like to have your own business? Well, Peter Gronkowski has his own business, Peter Presents Inc. He decides to do a fortune telling business with the help of an intern, Rachel Chambers. When Rachel gets fired, she decides to set up her own business, as competition to Peter’s. When Peter starts to sell rocks, she makes El Dorado a city of Pyrite. When everybody starts to go to her, Peter buys all the Pyrite at the Children’s museum, where Rachel gets her Pyrite. But then Rachel spray paints rocks gold and says they’re real gold so everybody goes to her still. Both of them have got their hands dirty, now how will they get them clean again?

One thing I liked about this book was that both Rachel and Peter were very competitive. But even though they wanted to win I don’t think they should have cheated. At first I didn’t really like Peter because he was so arrogant, selfish, and a liar, he pretended to talk with Tom Reddy, he lied that truth tonic was a family recipe, and other things. But I liked how he changed at the end. I think this book teaches you a good lesson.

- Jiyoo, a Two Thumbs Up reviewer

Payback on Poplar Lane will be available January 30.

Categories: Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Two Thumbs Up Kids

Dolphins Voices in the Ocean by Susan Casey (from a Two Thumbs Up reviewer)

by McNally Robinson - Wednesday, Jan 03, 2018 at 4:34pm

Inspired by an encounter with a pod of spinner dolphins off the coast of Maui, author Susan Casey embarked on a two-year global adventure to study these remarkable beings. Casey details the extraordinary connection between dolphins and humans, including shared characteristics such as capacity for emotion, playfulness, sociability, and intelligence, the sophisticated navigation ability innate in dolphins, and the dangers they face from people who aim to profit by putting them in captivity or far worse.

Are you a dolphin lover? Do you want to learn more about dolphins?
Well read this book and find out about the mysterious world of dolphins!! Here are some examples of the facts that you might find in this book about dolphins: Dolphins can recognize themselves in a mirror and sadly there is a dolphin hunt in Taiji, Japan every year and LOTS of dolphins are killed or sent to marine parks. As author Susan Casey goes on a trip to get to know dolphins better you can learn lots about dolphins. Read this book and become a dolphin expert!!

This book wasn’t my favourite because it was a non-fiction book, and I’m not a really big fan of non-fiction books. Also this book didn’t really keep my interest. I kept getting distracted when I was reading it and I usually don’t get distracted that much when I’m reading. One reason I think distracted was because the vocabulary was a bit hard. Especially in one chapter when they were talking about the dolphins brain. Even though I didn’t really enjoy this book, if you like dolphins or want to learn about them you might like this book. I give Dolphins Voices in the Ocean a 3 out of 5 stars.

- Jiyoo, a Two Thumbs Up reviewer

Dolphins Voices in the Ocean will be available January 23.

Categories: Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Two Thumbs Up Kids

Bug Blonsky and His Very Long List of Don'ts by E. S. Redmond (from a Two Thumbs Up reviewer)

by McNally Robinson - Tuesday, Jan 02, 2018 at 8:17pm

Do you have a list of don’ts, and if you do what don’ts do you have on it? Well, Bug Blonsky has a very long list of don’ts, and if you are wondering why he is called Bug, the reason is because his mom thinks he squirms a lot, and his sister Winnie thinks it’s because he is annoying. Anyways back to his long list of don’ts. Here are some examples of the things he has on his list. 1) Don’t be Abner Vanderpelt’s reading buddy. 2) Don’t sit next to Louie during morning meeting. 3) Don’t trade snacks with Kirby Dinklage.

After you read this book you may want to try making your own list of don’ts! One thing I liked about this book was the don’t: Don’t eat leftover meatloaf for lunch because it's funny and gross. I recommend this book for young children. Also if you like humor this might be a good book for you.

- Sooah, a Two Thumbs Up reviewer

Categories: Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Two Thumbs Up Kids

Ride: Kit Meets Covington by Bobbi JG Weiss (from a Two Thumbs Up reviewer)

by McNally Robinson - Saturday, Dec 30, 2017 at 11:21am

Trying to move on from her mother’s death and afraid of riding after a bad fall, fourteen-year-old Kit Bridges doesn’t quite know what to expect when her father takes a position at The Covington Academy, a prestigious boarding school in England. Things are looking up when Kit meets her cool, possibly secretly royal new roommate, Anya, and the boys of Covington, like Will, with their charming accents. But she hadn’t anticipated such a strict headmistress as Lady Covington. Or the expectation that every student be a rider. While navigating new friendships, romances, Kit needs to figure out whether she’s ready to get back in the saddle. And at the end of the day, it’s hard to tell who will be more changed by her arrival — The Covington Academy or Kit herself.

I liked the book Ride because it was very detailed and you could envision everything in your head while you were reading it. It was a little hard to follow the different events throughout the book and I felt the ending was very sudden. It was an interesting read, once I got into it, but it took me a while to start reading. I would recommend Ride to anyone who likes books about horses.

- Erin, a Two Thumbs Up reviewer

Categories: Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Two Thumbs Up Kids
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