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Prairie Writers

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Angel Promises Fulfilled

- Trade paperback

by Henry Ripplinger - $21.95 - Add to Cart

Henry couldn’t get over the fact that he had purchased Jenny’s home! It was all there in her diary that he had just discovered the day before. How they had met in 1956 and instantly fell ...

Boy Lost in Wild

- Trade paperback

by Brenda Hasiuk - $19.00 - Add to Cart

We may be lost but we are never alone. That is the message to be found in Brenda HasiukâEUR(TM)s new collection of short stories, Boy Lost in Wild. Adrift in unfamiliar surroundings, str...

The Evolution of Alice

- Trade paperback

by David Alex Robertson - $19.95 - Add to Cart

This haunting, emotionally resonant story delivers us into the world of Alice, a single mother raising her three young daughters on the rez where she grew up. Alice has never had an easy ...

Hillsdale Book

- Trade paperback

by Gerald Hill - $19.95 - Add to Cart

In this new collection, two-time winner of the Saskatchewan Book Award for Poetry Gerald Hill fuses verse, prose, history, photography, and his own life's story to create a uniquely perso...

In the Tiger Park

- Trade paperback

by Alison Calder - $16.95 - Add to Cart

Writing about ruins, compost, regeneration and football, Alison Calder explores the ways we learn, or invent, to feel our way through new experiences. Alison Calder's poetry is known fo...


- Trade paperback

by Barbara Huck - $22.95 - Add to Cart

Winner of the 2014 McNally Robinson Book of the Year Award. This book is based on the journal entries written by William Tomison, a native Orkneyman hired in 1760 as a labourer by the ...

Kraken Bake

- Trade paperback

by Karen Dudley - $16.95 - Add to Cart

It\'s a great day for Greece when Perseus defeats the dreaded kraken. But victory begins to lose its lustre when the remains of the beast swamp the shores and fishing nets of the Aegean. ...

Laughing All The Way To The Mosque

- Hardcover

by Zarqa Nawaz - $29.99 - Add to Cart

Zarqa Nawaz has always straddled two cultures. She's just as likely to be agonizing over which sparkly earrings will "pimp out" her hijab as to be flirting with the Walmart meat manager i...

Leaving Tomorrow

- Hardcover

by David Bergen - $27.99 - Add to Cart

From the Giller Prize-winning author of the #1 bestseller The Age of Hope, a thoughtful, tender, often wry novel of growing up and falling in love.In the small Alberta town of Tomorrow, y...

Lizzy & Annie

- Paperback

- estimated price, - Add to Cart

When Lizzy woke up for the first time on Annie's mattress, the first thing she registered was the carpet, a mottled brown-vomit-ish color that was like one of her dad's old apartments bac...

Magpie Days

- Trade paperback

by Brenda Sciberras - $17.00 - Add to Cart

Clever and persistent, Magpie Days, the debut poetry collection from Brenda Sciberras, picks through the baubles and trinkets of the everyday. And like the black and white plumage of the ...

Manitoba Butterflies

- Trade paperback

by Simone Allard - $39.00 - Add to Cart

Winner of the 2014 Mary Scorer Award for Best Book by a Manitoba Publisher. Manitoba Butterflies is one of the most unique and accessible field guides to feature Manitoba's winged amba...

Monologue Dogs

- Trade paperback

by Meira Cook - $20.00 - Add to Cart

Dazzling collection of masques from Manitoba Book of the Year- and Walrus Poetry Prize-winning author.Monologue Dogs is a series of contemporary dramatic monologues. Every "voice" has its...

Mr. Jones

- Hardcover

by Margaret Sweatman - $32.95 - Add to Cart

Award-winning author Margaret Sweatman has proven herself a virtuoso writer of historical fiction. Yet nothing she has written can prepare you for Mr. Jones. Emmett jones is adrift. Havin...

North End Love Songs

- Trade paperback

by Katherena Vermette - $14.95 - Add to Cart

Winner of the 2013 Governor General's Award for Poetry. For Katherena Vermette, Winnipeg’s North End is neighbourhood of colourful birds, stately elms, and always wily rivers. It is wh...

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