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Since her first novel, The Good Mother (1986), Miller has distinguished herself as a careful chronicler of daily life, with a gift for being able to marry the precise rendering of of experience and emotion with a superb economy of style. Born into an academic and ecclesiastical family, she grew up in Chicago's Hyde Park and went to college at Harvard. While not strictly speaking autobiographical, Miller's fiction is, nonetheless, shaped by her experiences.

In her new novel, The Arsonist, Miller continues to explore the intricacies of home and hearth, creating another extraordinary story out of the quiet intimacies of family and friendship. Upon returning home to the small New Hampshire town of Pomeroy after an absence of 15 years, Frankie Rowley finds the town plagued by an arsonist. Over several weeks as the fires continue, she comes to recognize her father's slow failing and her mother's desperation. At the same time, Frankie finds herself beginning an unexpected, passionate affair with Bud Jacobs, the owner of the local paper, as they both try to come to grips with the social fault lines the fires reveal in a trusting community where no one has ever before bothered to lock their doors.

The Good Mother

- Trade paperback

by Sue Miller - $15.99 - Add to Cart

Recently divorced, Anna Dunlap has two passionate attachments: her daughter, four-year-old Molly, and her lover, Leo, the man who makes her feel beautiful -- and sexual -- for the first t...

The Arsonist

- Hardcover

by Sue Miller - $28.95 - Add to Cart

From the best-selling author of While I Was Gone and The Senator's Wife, a superb new novel about a family and a community tested when an arsonist begins setting fire to the homes of the ...

Lake Shore Ltd

- Trade paperback

by Sue Miller - $17.00 - Add to Cart

Meet Billy Gertz: a fiercely independent playwright, whose newest drama imagines the story of a man waiting to hear if his estranged wife has survived a cataclysmic event. As her life tou...

Lost in the Forest

- Trade paperback

by Sue Miller - $17.00 - Add to Cart

For nearly two decades, since the publication of her iconic first novel, The Good Mother, Sue Miller has distinguished herself as one of our most elegant and widely celebrated chroniclers...

The Senator's Wife

- Trade paperback

by Sue Miller - $16.95 - Add to Cart

Meri is newly married, pregnant, and standing on the cusp of her life as a wife and mother, recognizing with some terror the gap between reality and expectation. Delia—wife of the two-ter...

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