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The Giller Prize 2017 shortlist

by Tyler Vitt - Tuesday, Oct 03, 2017 at 5:38pm

The five finalists for the 2017 Scotiabank Giller Prize have been announced. They include:

The winner, who will receive a $100,000 prize, will be announced at a gala hosted by comedian Mary Walsh on November 20th, 2017.

To celebrate the evening, we will be hosting our annual Giller Light Bash inside of Prairie Ink Restaurant. Tickets are available for the event online or at the bookstore, and proceeds go to supporting Frontier College. For more information about the Bash, please visit this page.

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October's Author of the Month: ALICE McDERMOTT

by Tyler Vitt - Saturday, Sep 30, 2017 at 2:26pm

Alice McDermott was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1953. Her first novel, A Bigamists' Daughter, was published to wide acclaim in 1982. That Night (1987), her second novel, was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize, the National Book Award, and for the Los Angeles Times Book Prize. In his cover review for The New York Times Book Review, David Leavitt called That Night "an original, a work that revels in a rich, discursive prose style that belongs entirely to Alice McDermott." Charming Billy (1998), which won the National Book Award, tells the tragic story of the late Billy Lynch within the complex matrix of a tightly knit Irish American community. Her other books include At Weddings and Wakes, Child of My Heart, and After This.

In her latest novel, The Ninth Hour, a young Irish immigrant opens the gas taps in his Brooklyn tenement on a dim winter afternoon. He is determined to prove to the subway bosses who have recently fired him, and to his badgering, pregnant wife "that the hours of his life belong to himself alone." In the aftermath of the fire that follows, Sister St. Savior, an aging nun, a Little Sister of the Sick Poor, appears, unbidden, to direct the way forward for his widow and his unborn child. In Catholic Brooklyn, in the early part of the twentieth century, decorum, superstition, and shame collude to erase the man's brief existence, and yet his suicide, although never spoken of, reverberates through many lives, testing the limits and the demands of love and sacrifice, forgiveness and forgetfulness, through multiple generations. Rendered with lucidity and intelligence, The Ninth Hour explores love and morality in the kitchens, sickbeds, train compartments, love nests, and basement laundry rooms of three generations. (Hardcover. $37.00. FSG. September)

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McNally Robinson at The Forks

by Tyler Vitt - Friday, Sep 15, 2017 at 3:54pm

McNally Robinson Booksellers is pleased to share the news that we are planning to open a new store in The Forks Market.

The store will be small by our standards but will allow us to showcase the newest and best of what we do at our Grant Park Mall location. The new store will have a wide range of books but will offer a special presence to Indigenous and local writing as well as books for children. We will also feature a rotating selection of our non-book items from kitchen ware to reading glasses, board games to stuffed animals.

We are thrilled with the way the Forks has been reestablished as a meeting place. It was a meeting place for Indigenous peoples from ancient times and now brings Winnipeggers as well as visitors from around the world together to enjoy the area’s varied offerings. To get the opportunity to become a part of what’s going on at the Forks is very exciting to all of us. We hope everyone will be just as delighted to see us at the Forks.

Check back in coming months for details about the new store!

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What To Read: September & October 2017

by Tyler Vitt - Tuesday, Sep 05, 2017 at 11:43am

A collection of recent books particularly recommended by Chris Hall. Look for our in-store What To Read display tables.

The Parcel
by Anosh Irani
$21.00. Trade paperback.

This novel’s heart, soul and voice is Madhu, a transgender sex worker in the red-light district of Bombay. Madhu identifies herself as a "hijra" — a person belonging to the third sex, neither man nor woman. Now, at 40, she has moved away from prostitution and is forced to beg to support herself. One day Madhu is given a task: a "parcel" has arrived — a young girl from the provinces — and Madhu must prepare it for its fate. A sometimes difficult read but one that rewards generously. (Vintage. August)

Time Travel
by James Gleick
$23.00. Trade paperback.

A fun and mind-bending exploration of time travel, from its origins in literature and science to its influence on our understanding of time itself. Gleick explores physics, technology, philosophy, and art as each relates to time travel and tells the story of the concept's cultural evolutions from H.G. Wells to Doctor Who, from Proust to Woody Allen. He takes a close look at the porous boundary between science fiction and modern physics before delving into what it all means in our own moment in time. (Vintage. September)

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Our Sights & Sounds: Sept. & Oct. 2017

by Tyler Vitt - Tuesday, Sep 05, 2017 at 11:43am

Music CDs & Records

Liona Boyd. No Remedy for Love. CD $14.99. The winner of five Juno Awards and known the world over as “The First Lady of the Guitar,” Boyd has released twenty-eight albums, spanning a wide range of styles. The central theme of her new album is love in its many incarnations, from love for the planet and animals to romantic love and love for the place she now calls home. No Remedy for Love was inspired by the melodic folk, pop and classical music she grew up with and embraces a variety of influences across its seventeen tracks. (Universal. August)

Vijay Iyer Sextet. Far From Over. CD $16.99. His fifth release for ECM since 2014 finds the keyboardist-composer and his dynamic sextet reaching a new peak. Furthering an artistry that led The Guardian to call Iyer "one of the world's most inventive new-generation jazz pianists" Far From Over features a wealth of jazz history even as it pushes boldly forward.The music ranges from the thrillingly explosive to the cathartically elegiac, with melodic hooks, entrancing atmosphere, rhythmic muscle and an elemental spirit all part of the allure. (Universal. August)

See more of our Sights & Sounds, including DVDs & Blu-Rays, after the jump...

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