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Mary Harelkin Bishop--Book Launch (Reading and Signing)

Wednesday Oct 18 2017 7:00 pm, Saskatoon, Travel Alcove

Mary Harelkin Bishop launches Skye Bird and the Eagle Feather.

Skye Bird and her friends are beginning a new school year at a shiny new school that doesn’t look or feel at all welcoming or as cozy as their old school did. Skye can’t stop thinking about dancing powwow and starting a culture club and drumming group at her new school – but how could that happen? Skye’s teacher doesn’t understand and isn’t even trying to get to know her. Skye’s classmates laugh at her. One night, an old woman comes to Skye in a dream. She’s carrying an eagle feather and Skye learns what she must do to make things right.

Mary Harelkin Bishop has been a writer since she was nine years old. She is the author of the best-selling Tunnels of Moose Jaw Adventures books, the award-winning Mistasinîy: Buffalo Rubbing Stone, Seeds of Hope: A Prairie Story, as well as Gina’s Wheels. She has been a teacher, a teacher-librarian, and an educational/instructional consultant with Saskatoon Public Schools and has spent more than half her career working in core neighbourhood schools. A few years ago, Mary took a leave of absence to study the effects of colonization on Indigenous students in our school systems. Her thesis is entitled: Soul-to-Soul: Deconstructing Deficit Thinking in the Classroom.