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My Soul Still Dances--Book Launch (Reading and Signing)

Wednesday Oct 11 2017 7:00 pm, Saskatoon, Travel Alcove

Join us for the launch of My Soul Still Dances: Living with Parkinson's (DriverWorks Ink) by Sister Adelaide Fortowsky with Sister Rosetta Reiniger.

“Please, God, help the Parkinson’s people to keep faith and go on. I accept, Lord. Give me the strength to go on.” So wrote Sister Adelaide Fortowsky in her diary in 2009. An Ursuline nun of Prelate, Saskatchewan for 65 years, Sister Adelaide drew on her decades of teaching, clowning, worship, and life experiences to bolster her hopeful perspective on living with Parkinson’s disease. Sister Adelaide died in July 2016 at the age of 86. She hoped her story would assist families and caregivers in grasping what is happening to their loved ones as they experience deepening darkness. She wanted others to remember that their cherished ones suffering from Parkinson’s are still treasured and able to reach out to others in prayer and love.

Sister Adelaide Fortowsky grew up on a farm near Wilkie, Saskatchewan, where she was involved in 4-H activities. She was working in a local store when she felt called to become an Ursuline Sister (nun) of Prelate. She made her final vows in 1956. After attending Teacher’s College, she taught elementary grades in Barthel, Prelate, Richmound, Macklin, and Quinton, SK. In 1985, she joined the staff at St. Angela’s Academy, an all-girls’ residential high school in Prelate, where she taught Grade 10 English Grammar and Speech Arts until 2003, and did communications and public relations work. But it was as Allelu, the prayer clown, that she stayed young at heart.