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Chris Macalino -- Book Launch

Wednesday Nov 01 2017 7:30 pm, Winnipeg, Grant Park in the Travel Alcove

Launch of All Psyched Up: Poems.

Have you ever read a long poem? The experience can be quite time-consuming yet conceptually fulfilling. In All Psyched Up, the author presents ten new long poems for the book lover’s leisure. Whether the reader is new to this kind of poetry or an aficionado, they’ll be impressed by the very imaginative style of this collection... Feel free to take a selfie while holding a copy of this book.

Chris Macalino is an artist & poet, known for taking part in readings. He studied in St. John’s High School and The University of Manitoba. He’s experienced tourism, graduation, a video screening, group shows, and an exhibit of paintings. He’s a licensed car driver, avid bus rider, and slow-paced walker. His hometown is Winnipeg, where he circles the inner city. He hopes to live a long and happy life of creativity.


All Psyched Up

- Paperback

by Chris Macalino - $18.00 - Add to Cart

For anyone who wants to grow excellent as a talented artist, a noble writer, a speedy musician, a high player, a happy teacher, a strong librarian, some meritorious precog, an exceptional genius, or buzzing mime... This is just another way of me, trying to be that somebody special, someone chilling, in a wonderful land of creativity and beauty!