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Irene Ternier Gordon -- Book Launch

Monday Oct 23 2017 7:30 pm, Winnipeg, Grant Park in the Travel Alcove

Launch of Letitia Hargrave: Mistress of York Factory.

Many people know about the North American fur trade; some also know about the important role that Aboriginal women played in that trade. But few people know about the fur trade from the viewpoint of the first white woman to live at the remote northern post of York Factory on Hudson Bay. Letitia MacTavish met Hudson’s Bay Company fur trader James Hargrave in 1838 when he arrived in the Highlands of Scotland to seek a wife. Within two weeks of their meeting, Hargrave had decided that the intelligent, outspoken Letitia was the woman for him.

Letitia Hargrave: Mistress of York Factory describes the life Letitia, her husband and their children led at York Factory for over ten years. Courtship, sex scandals and childbirth; operations of the HBC; the people she met; race, education and religion; medical care and murders—all are subjected to Letitia’s tart tongue and incisive observations.

Irene Ternier Gordon was raised on a grain farm in Saskatchewan and has lived along the historic Assiniboine River just west of Winnipeg since 1989. She has always been interested in Canadian history but only started writing history books in 2003 after a career as a junior high teacher-librarian. For more information about her work visit Irene Ternier Gordon online.