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Craig McInnes--'The Mighty Hughes' (Signing)

Friday Oct 13 2017 1:00 pm, Saskatoon, Travel Alcove

Join us for a book signing with The Mighty Hughes author Craig McInnes and special guests Ted and Helen Hughes.

Throughout his sixty-year career, Ted Hughes has been a model of ethical conduct in the Canadian judicial system. The son of immigrant homesteaders who grew up in Saskatoon during the Depres­sion, he served on the Saskatchewan Court of Queen’s Bench before moving to BC in 1980, where he reinvented him­self as a formidable ethics commissioner and overseer of prominent public inquiries in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and British Columbia. This is the story of his remarkable life and how he became the lion Canadians needed him to be when the credibility of our political system was on the line.

Craig McInnes is a veteran reporter, editor, and writer. His long newspaper career includes eighteen years with the Globe and Mail and fourteen years with the Vancouver Sun, where he wrote extensively about public policy issues. He lives in Victoria, BC.