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Alison Calder -- Book Launch

Tuesday May 02 2017 7:00 pm, Winnipeg, Grant Park in the Atrium

Launch of Connectomics: Poems of the Brain (Iron Press).

Connectomics is the neuroscientific field concerned with mapping the brain. In Connectomics, Alison Calder muses on the possibility and implications of a transparent brain, focusing on the inextricable bonds between language, identity, and metaphor. Moving between the clinical precision of the lab and the jumble of lived experience, these poems turn the microscope upon the viewer and assert the importance of emotion in the face of a demand for scientific rationality.

Alison Calder’s first poetry collection, Wolf Tree, won two Manitoba book awards and was a finalist for two national awards. Her second collection, In the Tiger Park, was shortlisted for the Lansdowne Poetry Prize. She lives in Winnipeg, where she teaches Canadian literature and creative writing at the University of Manitoba.



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Connectomics is a book of poems that will expand your mind. It does exactly what the title says: it makes connections – between languages, between cultures and between human beings and our brains, that make it possible for us to be, to know, and to make connections. As Professor Raymond Tallis says in his foreword, “The wonderfully articulated, poised, often epigrammatic poems, picking up glints from the cutting edge of neuroscience, are so beguiling. The author asks us to look at our brains (and implicitly ourselves and our lives, our forgotten and remembered tasks through the lens of bioscience refracted in turn through the mind of the poet. They are playful, witty, wry and often poignant.”