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Remind Me

Michelle Elrick with co-reader Mary Maxwell (Reading and Signing)

Thursday Mar 30 2017 7:00 pm, Saskatoon, Travel Alcove


Michelle Elrick's then/again is a poetic account of finding home, and the meanings and moments that the concept of home can come to embody. The collection tracks the poet through a landscape of intimate places—an ancestral home in Scotland, a mother's birthplace in Salzburg, a childhood home on the West Coast—as well as the memory-warped terrain of the poet's past houses. Each quiet moment of reflection builds upon the others to produce a sense of place that is as immediate and fleeting as home itself.

Elrick has an uncanny sense for capturing and illuminating those moments that will later glow in memory.

Michelle Elrick is the author of the book To Speak, and creator of remember the old log house. Her poetry has appeared in CV2, Event, Poetry Is Dead and on CBC. then/again is Elrick’s second collection of poetry. She was a finalist in the CBC Literary Award for Poetry in 2015. She lives and writes in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Wind Leaves Absence

These poems are steeped in loss and lament as they concern the death of the poet’s family members, particularly her father and the premature death of two brothers two years apart. The collection’s tone is often elegiac, but rarely maudlin, and the clipped narrative is frequently imbued with lyrical strains.There is an abundance of quotes and hat-tip allusions that act as sign posts along the grieving journey.

Maxwell’s poems are emotional counterpoints to life’s implacable realities. Sickness and old age come to her father, as eventually does death. Her brothers are taken before their time and once again death enters her life. In the resulting response she learns that self-recrimination, denial, or anger cannot change the course of events. She teaches us that grief is a singular and deeply emotional experience and the poems convey this intimacy.