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Line Dance (Reading and Signing)

Thursday Nov 24 2016 7:00 pm, Saskatoon, Travel Alcove

Line Dance

Prompted and inspired by two-line quotations sent out by Poet Laureate, Gerry Hill, during April 2016 Poetry month, the poems in this collection speak to the original lines and call to each other from the snows of the far north to grey valleys and rolling hills of Qu’Appelle, then sweep across the open prairies, down back roads and through backwoods, until they reach the horizon of everyone’s home place. Tellers of tall tales, makers of myths, singers of saints and painted people, they transverse the rivers of memory, dare to delve into that place between waking and sleeping, the dark of dream. Poems call out, each to the other, and call you home. And the lines invite them dance.

Contributors include Robert Currie, Bonnie Dunlop, Katherine Lawrence, Jim McLean, Dee Hobswan-Smith, Dave Margoshes, Brenda Schmidt, Ed Willett, Byrna Barclay and more...