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Judith Morrow & Heather Garden -- Movie Presentation

Tuesday Sep 17 2013 7:30 pm, Winnipeg, Grant Park in the Travel Alcove

Speaking & Showing portions of the film The Healing of Heather Garden.

In 1992, Heather Garden was debilitated by a paralyzing attack of a mysterious disease. For five years, Heather endured painful treatments and increasingly severe symptoms with no medical hope of recovery. The Healing of Heather Garden tells of these years of treatment for Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis and the turning point when she was introduced to a woman who led her to a different approach to healing.

This documentary follows Heather’s journey into the unexpected and the steady progress to regaining her health. Today, since taking her first steps without a cane or wheelchair in 2002, Heather remains in vibrant health, manages a successful business and leads a full, happy life.

Judith Morrow worked for thirty years in the Winnipeg’s inner city doing community development, social work, and therapy with children and families. In 1996 she obtained her MSW in Family Therapy while at the Child Guidance Clinic. Morrow says, “My experience in seemingly impossible situations taught me that words, images and beliefs can be powerful healing tools. My focus was to offer a story of inspiration and hope.”


The Healing of Heather Garden Bluray

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The Healing of Heather Garden charts Heather's story from permanent disability and a prognosis of further deterioration to her discovery of a different way of looking at her health and healing. Tod...

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