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Rebecca Haverluck -- Small Works Gallery Opening

Tuesday Aug 06 2013 7:30 pm, Winnipeg, Grant Park in Prairie Ink Restaurant

Showing Prairiescapes of Winnipegosis.

Rebecca Haverluck is an up and coming Winnipeg artist who works out of her home studio in the West End. For this series of oil paintings she delves into her roots in rural Manitoba, her fond childhood memories and her personal history in and around Winnipegosis, MB.

The Prairiescapes of Winnipegosis tries to capture raw inspiration and bring the viewer to a place of wide open blue skies, broken-down barns, wild grasses and serene lakes. Its a bit of a love affair, this series. Taking these images out of time and mixing reality with memories to create a visual experience for the viewer, I hope to translate some aspect of how I felt standing in front of these intimate landscapes.