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Kathleen Francis -- Speaking & Signing

Thursday Jan 10 2013 7:00 pm, Winnipeg, Grant Park in the Atrium

Speaking & Signing Conversations with Monuments in Winnipeg (Kindred Productions).

"If you listen carefully and observe intently, you may discover a strange phenomenon-the statues in Winnipeg speak. They all have a story to tell... They have weathered fierce winters and infamous winds... They have stood firm as a prophetic presence... They call us to listen and invite us to gain insight. They have seen much, maybe even you as you've passed by."

With insightful historical and personal reflection, Conversations with Monuments in Winnipeg brings to life to some of Winnipeg’s famous landmarks.

Born and raised in southern Manitoba, Kathleen Francis has since lived across Canada including both coasts. She has lived in Halifax for the past 21 years but Winnipeg is always her other "home". Photography and journaling have long been interests of hers which she now combines in this series of books: Conversations with Monuments. Her passion is to help us all to live well as a result of reflecting on the lives of those who have made an impact on our nation.