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Marianne Curtis -- Book Launch

Tuesday Jun 19 2012 7:30 pm, Winnipeg, Grant Park in the Travel Alcove

Winnipeg launch of Finding Gloria.

Finding Gloria is a memoir that tells the story of Marianne Curtis, a woman given up at birth and adopted by a family that settled in Southern Manitoba. The book chronicles Curtis’ upbringing in a home where she was beaten and starved, and from which she eventually ran away. As a ward of Child and Family Services, she struggled to find herself after those years of emotional and physical abuse. The echoes of her mother’s abuse rang loudly, affecting her life with her own family and resulting in her own mental breakdown.

On the heels of her adoptive mother’s death, Curtis discovered her birth family, and the true origins of her life. In the process she found the love, peace and acceptance missing from the first forty years of her life: rising from the ashes of abject misery and discovering that everything she grew up believing about herself was a lie! Only she could change her future into a Glori-ous life of her own choosing…whatever that may be.