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Jordan Van Sewell - Small Works Gallery Opening

Monday Dec 03 2012 7:30 pm, Winnipeg, Grant Park in Prairie Ink Restaurant

Showing Dreams.

ďThe piece that started my thoughts and ideas for this show Dreams began as a recollection of my time as a brakeman back in the 1970ís. That manifested as the piece I Was A Brakeman On The Devilís Steam Train; in which a newt is firing (a fireman) coal into the tender. Steam trains were long gone when I hired on in nineteen hundred and seventy two. Sure Iíd seen them as a kid running out of Minnedosa and Wynyard Saskatchewan...but I digress. Dreams has taken some artistic license on the topic as these arenít necessarily my dreams. Everyone has a dream.Ē

Jordan Van Sewell is a ceramic artist working in Winnipeg for the last 30 years since attending fine Arts at the University of Manitoba. His work is included in many prestigious collections throughout the globe. The quirky sensibility of his sculptures convey profound and alarming truths about the human condition. His other work includes community activism and a commitment to make the world ďa better place.Ē