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Dan Rosin -- Book Signing

Saturday Jan 14 2012 2:30 pm, Winnipeg, Grant Park by the Cash Desk

Signing Finding Balance: 101 Concepts for Taking Better Care of Self.

This is a book about discovery; perception, and seeing the world more positively; putting into practice what you know but haven’t been doing about stress and personal wellness; working with people, hearing their issues, and searching for new solutions.

Time spent in counseling/therapy with clients has often been reduced by an on-target teaching concept. The concepts in this book are insightful and extremely helpful to people looking to make changes in their lives.

Dan Rosin, Ph.D. is a 40 year veteran of teaching, wellness, counseling, and therapy. He is a popular writer and speaker whose no-nonsense approach has been greatly appreciated by people in education, the service field , and business. He has the ability to “hone in” to the heart of interpersonal issues with warmth and humanness delivered through a humourous, intuitive, and down-to-earth style.