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Marianne Clemens -- Book Launch

Monday Nov 14 2011 7:30 pm, Winnipeg, Grant Park in the Travel Alcove

Launch of Medley: A collection of short stories.

Marianne Clemens grew up in Germany and experienced World War II as a child, an experience recounted in her first book A Childhood Lost in War: Growing Up Under Nazi Rule. That book ends with her arrival in Manitoba as a German immigrant with her Dutch friend Louise Wynberg in 1957. The story of Marianne and Louise's partnership was celebrated in her second work, A Beautiful Life: A Journey of Love & Rebirth.

Heart-warming and sometimes bittersweet, memories from the past seventy plus years of Marianne Clemens' life are presented here as series of short stories in her latest autobiographical work, Medley.



- Trade paperback

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The title “Medley” was chosen for my book based largely on one of its dictionary definitions: “A piece of music combining tunes or passages from various sources.” Music has definitely played a very big part in my life and the stories inside this book, with their unique and varied sources, have come together to compose pieces of the song that is my life. Heart-warming and sometimes bittersweet memories from the past seventy-plus years are presented here. My wish is for you to feel good while reading this book, and perhaps share in the secret that turned my life into such a wonderful experience: Always do your best and leave the rest to God. That's the guarantee for a beautiful life!

Childhood Lost in War

- Trade paperback

by Marianne Clemens - $12.00 - Add to Cart

The year was 1927 and Hitler was just beginning his unprecedented, meteoric rise to power. A girl, Marianne Charlotte Clemens, was born in a small village in Eastern Germany near the Polish border. Throughout her formative years, Marianne bore witness to the sudden rise and shocking advancements of Nazi Germany prior to World War II, the horror of ceaseless bombing raids, seeing entire cities laid to waste and relocation to a displaced persons’ camp. She experienced first hand feelings of despair and helplessness for a life, a family and a nation torn apart by war. A Childhood Lost in War paints the portrait of a young German girl’s experiences before, during and after World War II from the unique perspective of one labelled an enemy of the Allied Forces. There is a proverb, or is it a curse: “May you live in interesting times.” Marianne Clemens has certainly lived through some significant historical events. More importantly she has the talent of relating her experiences in a way that makes us feel as if we are there with her. - Al Simmons, Entertainer

A Beautiful Life

- Trade paperback

by Marianne Clemens - $12.00 - Add to Cart

“A Beautiful Life” is a moving tale of a deep, enduring love and the true meaning of partnership. Over the span of decades, Louise and Marianne used ingenuity and creativity, to break down each of their grandiose dreams into small, achievable steps – making the transition of two young, female, Dutch and German immigrants to Canada in the 1950s seem easy, and yet, impossibly miraculous. Whether they were collecting cans, opening a petting zoo, or voluntarily producing their own musical variety program, “The Cosmopolitan Time”, everything they did was a complete success, because it transpired in the light of a deep trust and appreciation for one another. Marianne Clemens' book traces this path to love and happiness, and offers a recipe for enjoying the delicious fruits of one’s own labour. - Daniel Barrow