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Marianne Clemens -- Book Launch

Monday Nov 14 2011 7:30 pm, Winnipeg, Grant Park in the Travel Alcove

Launch of Medley: A collection of short stories.

Marianne Clemens grew up in Germany and experienced World War II as a child, an experience recounted in her first book A Childhood Lost in War: Growing Up Under Nazi Rule. That book ends with her arrival in Manitoba as a German immigrant with her Dutch friend Louise Wynberg in 1957. The story of Marianne and Louise's partnership was celebrated in her second work, A Beautiful Life: A Journey of Love & Rebirth.

Heart-warming and sometimes bittersweet, memories from the past seventy plus years of Marianne Clemens' life are presented here as series of short stories in her latest autobiographical work, Medley.



- Trade paperback

by Marianne Clemens - $12.00 - Add to Cart

The title “Medley” was chosen for my book based largely on one of its dictionary definitions: “A piece of music combining tunes or passages from various sources.” Music has definitely ...

Childhood Lost in War

- Trade paperback

by Marianne Clemens - $11.99 - Add to Cart

The year was 1927 and Hitler was just beginning his unprecedented, meteoric rise to power. A girl, Marianne Charlotte Clemens, was born in a small village in Eastern Germany near the Pol...

A Beautiful Life

- Trade paperback

by Marianne Clemens - $12.00 - Add to Cart

“A Beautiful Life” is a moving tale of a deep, enduring love and the true meaning of partnership. Over the span of decades, Louise and Marianne used ingenuity and creativity, to break dow...

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