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Derryl Murphy (Launch: Reading and Signing)

Monday Apr 04 2011 7:30 pm, Saskatoon, Art Alcove

Napier’s Bones

What if, in a world where mathematics could be magic, the thing you desired most was also trying to kill you? Dom is a numerate, someone able to see and control numbers and use them as a form of magic. While seeking a mathematical item of immense power that has only been whispered about, it all goes south for Dom, and he finds himself on the run across three countries on two continents, with two unlikely companions in tow and a numerate of unfathomable strength hot on his tail. Along the way are giant creatures of stone and earth, statues come alive, numerical wonders cast over hundreds of years, and the very real possibility that he won't make it out of this alive.

Derryl Murphy’s fiction has appeared in various magazines and anthologies. He is a three-time loser of the Aurora Award and lives in Saskatoon with his wife and two sons.