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Meet the Composer: CD Launch of Robert Turner's Solo Works for Harp, Organ & Piano

Tuesday May 17 2011 7:30 pm, Winnipeg, Grant Park in the Travel Alcove

Launch of Solo Works for Harp, Organ & Piano.

Robert Turner's exhilarating and profound music stems, in part, from his minute analysis of the music of fellow international composers. In Europe and the U.S., through study, travel and personal discourse, he has shared ideas and learned from Messiaen, Britten, Berio, Andriessen, Stockhausen, Britten, Copland, William Schuman, Elliot Carter and Roy Harris as well as the many conductors and performers who have played his music.

Turner's "undoctrinaire openness of response seems to be the key to his work", wrote Peter Garvie (former CBC colleague) in 1969. "His...output is thoughtful and distinguished. His music has no dogmatic allegiance (he uses serial technique freely when it suits him), but nourishes its roots in human experience and its power to communicate directly. It can be gay without being slick, and deeply felt without losing balance and clarity."

In 2006, composer Sid Robinovitch wrote, "One of the features of Dr. Turner's music that is most apparent to me is its distinctively North American quality. I believe that his music has achieved what is characteristic of the great composers of this continent such as Copland, Harris, and Ives: it has absorbed the concrete realities of the world around us and, through wide-ranging artistic reflection, presents a mature vision of what we are all about."

Please join us this evening for the launch of this new collection of Robert Turner's music, hosted by his wife Sara Scott-Turner and followed by a reception.