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Your 2017 Bestsellers

by Tyler Vitt - Wednesday, Jan 10, 2018 at 6:05pm

2017 has come to a close, and so we would like to reflect back on the wonderful literature that came out of it. Specifically, we want to focus on the bestselling books by Manitoban and Saskatchewan authors, as reported by our Winnipeg and Saskatoon stores respectively.

McNally Robinson is always eager to support Canadian and especially Prairie literature, and it's easy for us to stand behind the books appearing on this year's bestsellers lists. These titles and authors are a glowing selection of Prairie lit, and we're proud to not only carry the books on our shelves but to also have been a part of their history by having hosted many of their launches and signings within our bookstores.

Find our 2017 Manitoba and Saskatchewan bestsellers lists after the jump...



  1. The Break by Katherena Vermette. Softcover. $22.95.
  2. The Water Beetles by Michael Kaan. Softcover. $22.95.
  3. Grandmother, Laughing by Armin Wiebe. Softcover. $19.00.
  4. Once More with Feeling by Méira Cook. Softcover. $22.95.
  5. Comma (poetry) by Jennifer Still. Softcover. $20.00.
  6. Fall in One Day by Craig Terlson. Softcover. 19.99.
  7. The Prussian Captain by Ann Brough. Softcover. $22.99.
  8. Follow Me Down by Sherri Smith. Hardcover. $34.99.
  9. Crows, Stones & Other Poems (poetry) by Steve Lennon. Softcover. $19.95.
  10. Social Studies (play) by Trish Cooper. Softcover. $15.95.



  1. Lake Agassiz by Bill Redekop. Softcover. $29.95.
  2. An Army of Problem Solvers by Shaun Loney. Softcover. $20.00.
  3. Out of Old Manitoba Kitchens by Christine Hanlon. Hardcover. $24.95.
  4. Stories Best Left Untold by Gord Mackintosh. Softcover. $29.95.
  5. The Way of Letting Go by Wilma Derksen. Softcover. $21.99.
  6. When They Appeared by Stan Michalak. Softcover. $20.00.
  7. Abandoned Manitoba by Gordon Goldsborough. Softcover. $29.95.
  8. Portraits of the North by Gerald Kuehl. Hardcover. $35.00.
  9. Colour Manitoba by Natalie Thiessen. Softcover. $16.95.
  10. Stuck in the Middle 2 by Bartley Kives & Bryan Scott. Softcover. $35.00.




  1. Adam's Witness by J.C. Paulson. Softcover. $18.99.
  2. The Winners' Circle by Gail Bowen. Hardcover. $32.00.
  3. The High Mountains of Portugal by Yann Martel. Softcover. $19.00.
  4. Swedes' Ferry by Allan Safarik. Softcover. $19.95.
  5. The Gold by David Carpenter. Softcover. $21.95.
  6. Glass Beads by Dawn Dumont. Softcover. 20.00.
  7. What's Left Behind by Gail Bowen. Softcover. $19.95.
  8. Dust-ship Glory by Elaine M. Will. Softcover. $19.95.
  9. Life of Pi by Yann Martel. Softcover. $21.00.
  10. Daddy Lenin and Other Stories by Guy Vanderhaeghe. Softcover. $19.95.



  1. Firewater: How Alcohol is Killing My People (and Yours) by Harold Johnson. Softcover. $16.95.
  2. Saskatoon: A History in Words and Pictures by Amy Jo Ehman. Softcover. $22.95.
  3. The Education of Augie Merasty by Joseph A. Merasty. Hardcover. $21.95.
  4. Barcelona Is In Trouble by Henry Woolf. Softcover. $20.00.
  5. A World We Have Lost by Bill Waiser. Hardcover. $70.00.
  6. The Great Saskatchewan Bucket List by Robin & Arlene Karpan. Softcover. $19.95.
  7. Love This Saskatchewan by John Perret. Hardcover. $39.95.
  8. All the Sweet Things by Renée Kohlman. Hardcover. $39.95.
  9. With Love from Iraq by Maureen Haddock. Softcover. $13.95.
  10. Towards a Prairie Atonement by Trevor Herriot. Hardcover. $22.95.
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