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The Monster's Daughter: Book 2 of the Ministry of SUITs by Paul Gamble (from a Two Thumbs Up reviewer)

by McNally Robinson - Thursday, Nov 09, 2017 at 6:12pm

Did you know that if you think sad thoughts you can run twice as fast as before? Or how a box of spare uniforms in a school means that people are getting kidnapped? Jack Pearce did not know any of this stuff either. That is, until he joined the Ministry of S.U.I.T.s. He and his partner Trudy had to save Ireland from being attacked by pirates. But, that was weeks ago. Now, after working with the ministry for some time, he has begun to understand the strange, but logical explanations behind mysterious things.And now a new threat has risen and a new mystery has begun. The only clues are an exploding hygiene product, a woman that dissipated into a lake, drilling going on throughout the city, and the ministries fish prison having a jailbreak. Jack and Trudy must save Northern Ireland (yet again), from a new team of villains. And these ones are smarter than the last. Jack has to solve the case fast or else everyone in Ireland will die. Jack and Trudy may have the speed on their side, but the enemy has an army and the plan. Will Jack be able to stop the plan before it is too late or will Ireland be drowned and re inhabited by sea creatures? Read The Monster's Daughter to find out!  I recommend that you read the first book in the Ministry of S.U.I.Ts series.

- Max, a Two Thumbs Up reviewer

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The Monster's Daughter

- Children's hardcover

by Paul Gamble - $23.99 - Add to Cart

Memo: For Ministry of Strange, Unusual, and Impossible Things Operatives OnlyRe:The Monster's Daughter by Paul GambleThere is more trouble in Belfast: odd things are happening at the aquarium, giant crabs are staging jail breaks, and formerly harmless bath bombs are destroying bathrooms left and right.Fortunately, our brave new recruits--Jack, a curious boy skilled at logical thinking, and Trudy, the most dangerous girl in school--are on the case. Armed with the best Ministry training (as long as you don't panic everything will be fine) and full access to Ministry supplies (those that weren't ruined in the recent flood), we are confident that they can discover and foil this villainous plot.Please give them all possible assistance. Oh, and be sure not to share their location, as Jack is still on the run from the Tooth Fairy.