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McNally Robinson Booksellers is pleased to announce a partnership with Kobo Books that links the books on our site to the ebook edition on the website. This will allow you to use McNally Robinson to recommend your next great read, and you can decide if you want the physical book or the ebook.

Your ebook transactions will take place between you and Kobo Books. This means that your ebook purchase will take place exactly the same as if you'd gone to Kobo Books directly. This should ensure a glitch-free experience, but if you do have any problems you can access Kobo Books' Help page to best resolve your issue. Because the transaction is taking place between you and Kobo Books, our Reader Reward Card does not apply nor can you use our Gift Cards.

There are three main ways to buy ebooks on our site in such a way that you support McNally Robinson with your purchase:

1. You can browse our site looking through the categories, the blog, or the feature pages and you can search for titles and authors. If any particular title has an ebook edition on Kobo you'll get the "buy ebook" button. Click on it and you're on to Kobo's site ready to proceed with the transaction.

2. You can search our site for ebooks exclusively by selecting "ebooks" from the "search entire site" drop down box underneath the search box. The results will be from Kobo's database but you'll still appear to be on our website. Click "buy" on any of those results and you're on to Kobo for the transaction.

3. You can click on any Kobo button or link from our site and go to Kobo's site. Then you can search for books or navigate Kobo's site until you find a book you'd like to buy.