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Our Design Services


Designing a book from scratch can be daunting. Let us help.

We offer cover design as well as interior page design services. Our self-publishing experts can refine your document to give it a professional appearance, and our graphic designers can work with your ideas to create a customized cover for your book.



Coming up with a cover for your book can be a challenge. Even for the artistically-minded, arranging your book's cover to account for the back cover, spine, and front cover can be tricky.

Our graphic designers can take care of the work for you. We have several cover design packages available for you to choose from, each varying in complexity. Visit our pricing page for the current cost of each package, and see below for samples. Here is a brief description of what each cover design package includes:

  • First Edition - The author chooses which of the design templates they like best, and our designers alter the text accordingly. See some samples here.
  • Illustrated Edition - Along the lines of the First Edition package, except that our designers will add in an image that the author submits. All images must be provided by the author (see below for more details). See some samples here.
  • Limited Edition - Anything goes! You give us your ideas and any images you'd like to use, and our graphic designers will work with your instructions to provide you with a unique cover design. Our designers can search for images to use if you do not have the appropriate images for your ideas. Just note that our grapic designers can alter images but we do not have illustrators on staff to create original artwork. Click here to some samples of covers we've made for customers in the past.

As with interior page design, creating a cover design does take time, usually many hours of labour. Our graphic designers will work to make your cover as soon as possible, although it typically takes several weeks to finalize a design. Of course, the complexity of the design affects the time required. Choosing our First Edition or Illustrated Edition design packages means that we can likely have a cover ready within a few days or a week. The amount of time needed for the Limited Edition design package obviously depends on what you, the author, requests for a design; turn around time for a Limited Edition cover can be as low as a week or could takes several weeks.

Our graphic designers will work diligently with your suggestions to make a wonderful cover for your book, and you can be rest assured we will finish it as soon as we possibly can.


A few words on images:
For Illustrated and Limited Edition cover design packages, we require that the author submit to us all images and photographs that they'd like included in the design (.jpg, .bmp, or .png file types are preferred). The author must also prove that they have the rights to use the images.

Otherwise, our staff can help you find appropriate image(s) for your cover design, but because this is often a time-consuming process we will charge a fee of $30/hour on top of the design fee.



To see samples of our cover design packages, please click here.



Formatting your book block can be difficult, especially if you don't know your way around your word processing software. Setting up page numbers can be a hassle, adjusting margins and page sizes can throw off all other formatting, and inserting a table of contents can be downright grueling. Fortunately, we have trained staff who have spent many hours designing book interiors and fine-tuning their formatting skills, and they are more than happy to use those skills to help format your book.

The premise is simple: you send us your raw text in a word processing file (Microsoft Word's ".doc" file type is pretty standard), and we insert your text into pre-made design templates, which have ideal font combinations and structural formatting, to give your book a professional appearance. You can find more information and samples of all the design templates that we offer below.

Please note: We cannot format your text if you submit it to us as .PDF file. For formatting we can only work with standard text file types, such as Microsoft Word's ".doc" or a Rich Text File (".rtf"). A book only needs to be a .PDF after it has been formatted, and if we're doing the interior page design we'll produce a .PDF for you.

The price of interior page design is based on the total word count of your book. Please visit our pricing page for details (take a look under our A La Carte Services section).

Even for professionals, formatting an entire book takes time. Your book will be formatted as quickly and efficiently as possible, but we wouldn't want to rush the process and end up with a crudely designed book—and neither would you. We're proud of the books we print; therefore we take our time and work our way through your document page by page so that your book looks its best.

Turn around time, from when we receive your text until interior design is complete, is generally 2 to 4 weeks. Depending on our current queue of projects, we can possibly have your book formatted in a week or two. Our specialists can give you a better estimate of how long the process will take when you submit your text to us.



Formatting a book of poetry is very different than working with a book of prose. Typically there is a lot of customization and variation from page to page, which requires much more attention to detail and often more time to format properly.

We'd be pleased to design the interior of your book of poetry for you, but please note that the rates are different than interior design for a book of prose. For prose, the price of formatting is based on word count, whereas for poetry it is based on page count. Visit our Pricing page for current rates (look under a la carte services).



We offer several interior design templates with ideal font combinations as well as professional layout and structuring. You can view (or download) samples below. When it comes time for us to format your book, you would choose the design template that you like best, and we would insert your manuscript (including your dedications, acknowledgements, author information, etc.) into the template.

You can view the templates in your browser, or right-click and choose "Save As" to download.


A few words on editing:
Please note that we do not offer editing services. However, if you're interested we can provide a list of local, professional editors who can help you with stylistic and copy editing. Contact us or visit us in-store for our current list of editors.

If you are a self-publishing author, we highly recommend having your book professionally edited, particularly if you're planning on selling it in stores. All editing should be done prior to the submission of your files to us.