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Self-Publishing Consignment & Book Launches


You've written your book, and printed it at McNally Robinson . . . what's next?

See your work on our shelves! In-store, and here on our website.

Promote your work! With a well-publicized booklaunch at Canada's most eventful bookstore.



Through our Espresso Book Machine (EBM) consignment program, we'll place your book on our shelves making it available to purchase in our store and here on our website. You set the price. Whenever a copy of your book sells, we split the earnings: a small percentage to us, the majority of the profits to you. Then we print another copy of your book and put it back on the shelf!

A consignment contract may be established when you're arranging your self-publishing contract. In fact, our two Self-Publishing Setup Packages (outlined on our Price List page here) include store consignment.

For inquiries about our EBM consignment program, please email us at

For general inquiries about McNally Robinson's consignment program (not related to books printed on our Book Machine), please contact our stores' respective consignment departments. Traditionally you will want to contact the location that is closest to you.

For our Winnipeg (Grant Park) location:

For our Saskatoon location:



Once your book is on consignment, let the world know through an event held in-store at McNally Robinson Booksellers Grant Park. A book launch can get the word out about your book to thousands of potential readers. They don't call it a "book launch" for nothinghaving one can really help your book take off!

Please visit our Booking an Event page for specific details about setting up a launch for your self-published book.

If you have any questions about author events, please contact our Event Coordinators directly:

For our Winnipeg (Grant Park) location:

For our Saskatoon location: