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Alice's Adventures in Wonderland board book

- Children's hardcover

by Alison Jay - $8.99 - Add to Cart

Alice in Wonderland is now ready for the toddler crowd in this delightful board book edition of Lewis Carroll's classic Introduce the youngest readers to Alice's Adventures in Wonderland...

A B See

- Children's hardcover

by Elizabeth Doyle - $10.99 - Add to Cart

A beautifully illustrated, graphic alphabet book with a fun search-and-find twist.If a picture is worth a thousand words, what's in a single letter? Everything in A B See!Because hidden i...

Daily Routines

- Children's hardcover

by Serena Yong - $10.00 - Add to Cart

Baby Sign Language encourages your baby to learn their very first words. It's beneficial use basic signs throughout your day and this book covers the moment you wake up in the morning to ...

Dream Animals

- Children's hardcover

by Emily W. Martin - $9.99 - Add to Cart

From the New York Times bestselling author of The Wonderful Things You Will Be is Emily Winfield Martin's little book for little dreamers.Ideal for bedtime reading, this board book will b...

Favourite Signs

- Children's hardcover

by Serena Yong - $10.00 - Add to Cart

Babies can communicate before they can talk! This Baby Sign Language book features some of the most popular signs including: ‘mom’, ‘dad’, ‘baby’, ‘hat’, 'car' and many others. The inter...

Garbage Delight Board Book

- Children's hardcover

by Dennis Lee - $12.99 - Add to Cart

A delightful dose of "Canada's Father Goose" for pint-sized poetry fans! Based on the title poem of Dennis Lee's classic collection, Garbage Delight is a feast for the senses, a stew of s...

Go to Sleep, Little Farm padded board book

- Children's hardcover

by Mary Lyn Ray - $12.99 - Add to Cart

Somewhere a bee Makes a bed in a rose, Because the bee knows Day has come to a close. Nighttime blankets a little farm. An owl who-hoots. A bear curls up in a log. A mother fox ca...

I Can Roar!

- Children's hardcover

by Frank Asch - $15.95 - Add to Cart

This engaging board book offers a unique interactive experience for young children. Each page introduces a different animal with a suggestion for how a child can imitate that animal, such...

My Soft-and-Cuddly Animals

- Children's hardcover

by Xavier Deneux - $17.99 - Add to Cart

The BabyBasics(TM) range encourages baby's first exploration of tactile and visual senses with books carefully keyed to the developmental stages of early childhood. BabyBasics(TM) books ...


- Children's hardcover

by Judith Nouvian - $11.50 - Add to Cart

Shapes are everywhere in nature. Discover many different kinds in these eye-catching photographs of animals in our natural world. From the line that pigeons form on a telephone wire to th...

So Many Babies

- Children's hardcover

by Lorna Crozier - $9.95 - Add to Cart

Where can you find animal babies? Why, nearly everywhere! Perfect for babies and toddlers, this adorable board book features a wide variety of baby animals and explores all of the places...

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