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- Hardcover

by David Axelrod - $40.00 - Add to Cart

New York Times Book Review"A stout defense--indeed, the best I have read--of the Obama years."A New York TimesBestsellerDavid Axelrod has always been a believer. Whether as a young journ...

Canada and Aboriginal Canada Today - Le Canada et le Canada autochtone aujourd'hui

- Trade paperback

by Paul Martin - $14.95 - Add to Cart

Dans la conférence prononcée comme récipiendaire de la médaille Symons en 2013, le très honorable Paul Martin, vingt-et-unième premier ministre du Canada, s'appuie sur tout le savoi...

Citizen Coke

- Hardcover

by Bartow J. Elmore - $32.95 - Add to Cart

How did Coca-Cola build a global empire by selling a low-price concoction of mostly sugar, water, and caffeine? The easy answer is advertising, but the real formula to Coke s success was ...

Don't Wait for the Next War

- Trade paperback

by Wesley K. Clark - $30.00 - Add to Cart

With the end of the Cold War came not the end of history, but the end of America's sense of its strategic purpose in the world. Then, after a decade of drift, the US was violently dragged...

If Mayors Ruled the World

- Trade paperback

by Benjamin R. Barber - $28.99 - Add to Cart

In the face of the most perilous challenges of our time - climate change, terrorism, poverty, and trafficking of drugs, guns and people - the nations of the world seem paralyzed. The prob...

The Impulse Society

- Hardcover

by Paul Roberts - $33.00 - Add to Cart

It's something most of us have sensed for years-the rise of a world defined only by mine and now. A world where business shamelessly seeks the fastest reward, regardless of the long-t...

The Internet Is Not the Answer

- Hardcover

by Andrew Keen - $31.50 - Add to Cart

The Internet, created during the Cold War, has now ushered in one of the greatest shifts in society since the Industrial Revolution. There are many positive ways in which the Internet has...

Is Gwyneth Paltrow Wrong About Everything?

- Hardcover

by Timothy Caulfield - $32.00 - Add to Cart

Over the past few decades, celebrity culture's grip on our society has tightened. For Timothy Caulfield, a health science expert, this culture has a measurable influence on individual lif...

The Price of Thirst

- Hardcover

by Karen Piper - $32.95 - Add to Cart

"There's Money in Thirst, reads a headline in the New York Times. The CEO of Nestlé, purveyor of bottled water, heartily agrees. It is important to give water a market value, he says in ...

Reviving Social Democracy

- Trade paperback

by David Laycock - $32.95 - Add to Cart

In 2011, Canada's New Democratic Party stunned voters with its breakthrough emergence as Canada's Official Opposition. After near collapse in the 1993 election, how did this distant third...


- Trade paperback

by S. Mullainathan - $19.50 - Add to Cart

In this provocative book based on cutting-edge research, Sendhil Mullainathan and Eldar Shafir show that scarcity creates a distinct psychology for everyone struggling to manage with less...

The Signal and the Noise

- Trade paperback

by Nate Silver - $19.00 - Add to Cart

"Nate Silver'sThe Signal and the Noiseis The Soul of a New Machine for the 21st century." --Rachel Maddow, author ofDriftNate Silver built an innovative system for predicting baseball ...

Tell Everyone

- Hardcover

by Alfred Hermida - $29.95 - Add to Cart

Social media is fuelling our human urge to share, affecting the information we depend on to make smart decisions, from choosing politicians to doing business to raising money for charity....

Too Big to Jail

- Hardcover

by Brandon L. Garrett - $35.95 - Add to Cart

American courts routinely hand down harsh sentences to individual convicts, but a very different standard of justice applies to corporations. Too Big to Jail takes readers into a comp...

The Upstairs Wife

- Hardcover

by Rafia Zakaria - $31.00 - Add to Cart

A memoir of Karachi through the eyes of its women An Indies Introduce Debut Authors Selection For a brief moment on December 27, 2007, life came to a standstill in Pakistan. Benazir Bhu...

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