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Cloth Books

This is a selection of our current Cloth Books titles. To find other titles or authors, or just to browse, please use the search box.

Are You My Mother? Cloth Book

- Cloth or Bath book

by P. D. Eastman - $22.99 - Add to Cart

When Baby Bird hatches from his egg, his mother is off looking for food. What's a bird to do? Go find his mother, of course! So begins Baby Bird's hilarious, and at times very touching, hunt for his mother. Children will love this deluxe cloth edition of P. D. Eastman's all-time favorite. Soft and snuggly pages, complete with an adorable plush baby bird, let children interact with each wonderful character our little hero meets as he asks again and again, "Are you my mother?"

Bobby Bunny

- Cloth or Bath book

by TANGERINE DESIGNS - $8.99 - Add to Cart

With soft fabric pages and stimulating features to see and hear, cloth books are the perfect first books for baby. Little Loves Rattle Books feature a sweet springtime tale of a baby animal exploring the world around them. A built-in rattle creates a gentle sound whenever the books are shaken. The perfect stroller or car seat take-along. in Bobby Bunny, little Bobby sees lots of animals in the forest, but which one is his mommy? (Ages 0-3)

Cloth Bk Alphabet Zoo

- Paperback

by SKIP HOP - $26.50 - Add to Cart

Fuzzy Bee and Friends

- Cloth or Bath book

by Roger Priddy - $13.99 - Add to Cart

Babies will love to meet Fuzzy Bee and his insect friends in this cuddly touch-and-feel cloth book. There's a busy bug to say 'hello' to on the turn of every soft, cloth page, as well as a different, stimulating touch-and-feel texture for little hands to explore. Packaged in a gift box.

The Wonderful World of Peekaboo!; Read and Play - K's Kids

- Cloth or Bath book

by MELISSA AND DOUG - $24.00 - Add to Cart