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A selection of our favourite new tabletop games.

Betabotz Game

- Games & Puzzles

by B & B GAMES - $42.00 - Add to Cart

Robotopia is every robot's dream, the land of oils and gears. At the annual coming of age competition, every robot has but one shot to stake claim in the dream land. Hundreds of Betabots will gather together to bid on unique upgrades and powerful codes to compete in battles along their byte of passage. One robot, and one robot only will prove worthy of entering Robotopia. Are you good enough to be crowned victor and join a community of elites? Or will you be sent home unable to make your dream a reality? Come play and find out! The object of BetaBotz is to have the most Bitz (currency) after the completion of 10 rounds. Bitz are used to win the game as well as to bid for component upgrades, so spending wisely is important to your ultimate victory. 3-6 players. Average play time is 30 to 60 minutes. Ages 10 and up.

Catan Traveler Compact Edition

- Games & Puzzles

by MAYFAIR GAMES - $60.00 - Add to Cart

Catan - Traveler is based on the same rules as the Catan base game, its "big brother." At the beginning of the game, you and your opponents each build 2 settlements on the island of Catan. If the numbers of the terrain hexes your settlements are adjacent to are rolled, you receive resources. You use these resources - ore, brick, grain, lumber, and wool - to build roads in order to reach new settlement sites, to upgrade your settlements to cities, or to buy development cards so you can, at the right moment, turn the tide in your favor. If you lack a particular resource type, you trade with your opponents. If you trade cleverly and have a little bit of luck, you have a good chance to win the game. The most important differences between "Catan - Traveler" and the "Catan" base game: -All of the game components fit in a case that occupies half the space required to store the "Catan" base game. - The game pieces are stored in drawers. During play, you can take the pieces directly from there as needed, and you can put them back into the drawers after the game has ended. - Roads, settlements, and cities have small pegs that allow you to securely plug them into the holes in the game board. That way, gusts of wind or an accidental jostle won't jumble up the pieces you have placed on the game board. - The two dice are stored in a dice shaker with transparent cover, which is why they practically can't be lost. You can roll the dice everywhere - even if no flat surface is available or there isn't enough space to throw the dice with your hand. - It takes only a couple of seconds to set up the game board for "Catan - Traveler." Open the case and place the 6 double-sided game board pieces. Since you can randomly combine the board pieces, there are hundreds of different ways to set up the island. As with the "Catan" base game, besides completely balanced terrain hex distributions the compact version also allows for set-ups containing very few hexes of a particular terrain type, for example, mountains or hills. - People frequently travel in pairs. In order for you to settle Catan together with your partner, the compact version includes the tried and tested 2-player rules and the corresponding game components. 2-4 players. Average game is 45-90 minutes. Recommended ages 10+.

Codenames Pictures

- Games & Puzzles

by CZAECH GAMES EDITION - $22.50 - Add to Cart

What are these strange symbols on the map? They are code for locations where spies must contact secret agents! Two rival spymasters know the agent in each location. They deliver coded messages telling their field operatives where to go for clandestine meetings. Operatives must be clever. A decoding mistake could lead to an unpleasant encounter with an enemy agent – or worse, with the assassin! Both teams race to contact all their agents, but only one team can win. Codenames: Pictures differs from the original Codenames in that the agents are no longer represented by a single word, but by an image that contains multiple elements.

Fluxx Original - Version 5.0 (Card Game)

- Games & Puzzles

by LOONEY LABS - $20.50 - Add to Cart

The Card Game With Ever-Changing Rules! The latest and greatest version of the card game with ever changing rules! Easier than ever with just the four classic card types that fans the world over have come to know and love. It starts out simple: draw one card and play one card – but New Rule cards quickly make things chaotic. Even the object of the game will often change as you play, as players swap out one Goal card for another. Can you achieve World Peace before someone changes the goal to Bread and Chocolate? 2-6 players. 5-30 minutes per game. Ages 8 and up.

Kingdomino Game

- Games & Puzzles

by BLUE ORANGE - $26.00 - Add to Cart

Dominoes with a kingdom building twist. Each turn, connect a new domino to your existing kingdom, making sure at least one of its sides connects to a matching terrain type already in play. The game mechanics for obtaining the tiles is clever: the order of who picks first depends on which tile was previously chosen. Make sure to secure tiles with crowns- these royal treasures help to multiply the worth of your kingdom at the end of the game! The game ends when each player has completed a 5x5 grid, and then points are counted based on number of connecting tiles and crowns. 2 to 4 players. Ages 8 and up.

Moral Dilemma

- Games & Puzzles

by MORAL DILEMMA TEAM - $28.50 - Add to Cart

Moral Dilemma is a brand-new party game of ethical debate that will put you and your friends in a position to discuss some of the most outrageous predicaments with some of the most terrible resolutions that we could think of. Two unique sets of rules will create two very different ways to play the game! In one set, argue for what you believe, and in the other you argue for whatever the cards tell you. Includes hundreds of unique moral dilemmas (with a few classics thrown in there) that can sprout hours of fun and debate!

Not Alone Game

- Games & Puzzles

by GEEK ATTITUDE GAMES - $34.00 - Add to Cart

It is the 25th century and it has already been a long while since humanity set off for the stars. Humans have travelled to the edges of the galaxy, yet they have never encountered other intelligent lifeforms. While searching through the central archives of old Earth, you discover that a planet named Artemia has been removed from official maps and that no other data is available. Intrigued, you set up an expedition. Initial readings from Artemia’s surface reveal that it is a class M planet: hospitable to human life and home to rich and varied fauna and flora. As you enter the planet’s atmosphere, a strong magnetic field disrupts your ship’s on-board computers. After sending out an SOS, the captain orders an evacuation of the ship before the inevitable crash. Safe and sound, you begin to explore your surroundings when you hear your captain crying out in agony. In the distance, you make out the silhouette of something observing you. You are not alone... 2 to 7 players. Playing time is approximately 30-45 minutes. Recommended ages 10 and up.


- Games & Puzzles

by DAYS OF WONDER - $90.00 - Add to Cart

After a hard day’s work, you take a break to admire your city through the large windows of your office… at this hour, most of your citizens are going back home, heading for the tall buildings that you see in front of you. Some others are still wandering in the parks and gardens with their kids, and others decided to go shopping in the new mall that you opened a few weeks ago. In the distance, near the harbor, you can see smoke rising from factories’ chimneys. Somehow, the city never sleeps… In Quadropolis you enact the role of the Mayor of a modern city. You will need to define a global strategy to build your city according to your Inhabitants’ needs and outmatch your opponents, sending your Architects to have various buildings erected in your city. Each building allows you to score victory points. There are various types of buildings with different scoring patterns; many of them may be combined for better effect.


- Games & Puzzles

by MATAGOT - $46.00 - Add to Cart

Present day, on an isolated island in the Pacific Ocean... "The expedition is about to land on the shore. The scouts we’ve sent came back wounded, but have confirmed the information we had: not all dinosaurs have disappeared! On this island, a female velociraptor lives with her babies. So far we’ve seen five of them, but there might be more. Our mission: to capture the children, alive, or neutralize the mother, who is fast and powerful. It will be an epic face-to-face struggle, but every true scientist would love to take my seat. Let the hunt begin!"-Professor Lindenbrock, paleontologist Raptor is a tactical game where each side has access to many different actions and powers. The modular board ensures that each game is unique. 2 players. Ages 9 and up.

Surplus of Popes

- Games & Puzzles

by William O'donnell - $30.00 - Add to Cart

Surplus of Popes is a card game in which everyone is trying to prove they had the best tenure as Pope. Each player has four cards in their hand. Each turn you draw a card and then play a card. Then you just follow the rules written on the cards themselves.The winner is decided by whoever has the highest PRIDE score. The Cards PRIDE : Something great you did. SHAME : Something you would not want to admit you did. FLIP : Once you play this card you flip a coin and you risk getting either PRIDE or SHAME points from it. EVENT : They can steal, copy, or remove cards, as well as either enhance or detract their Point value. Be sure to read the cards closely, because a few of them have special bonus acts you can do to earn extra points (for example, making beverages for everyone, or creating a cool new dance!) But what's a game without a bit of healthy competition? About the Creators: For over a decade, Will O'Donnell and Bart Rucinski have been shoe-horning Pope references into their art, work and casual conversations. After they met at the University of Manitoba these two have since taken on work in feature films, television, video games, comics . . . and now the ULTIMATE medium . . . Pope-themed card games! Under the banner of Yak and Shadow, they have created the comics One Shot Left, Pseudo Snipe Hunt and their populate convention series, Pope Vs. William most recently spent 8 seasons as a writer and performer for the satirical television show The Week Thus Far, and appeared in the film The Editor. Bart had a hand in creating the recent Warhammer Game: The Horus Heresy: Drop Assault and keeps nimble as a lifelong member of internationally renowned dance group S.P.K. Iskry.

Ticket to Ride - Rails and Sails

- Games & Puzzles

by DAYS OF WONDER - $120.00 - Add to Cart

The world is changing fast. All over the world, railroad tracks bridge countries and continents, and journeys that would take weeks can now be completed in a matter of days. Seas are no longer obstacles: huge steamers carrying hundreds of passengers sail across the oceans. From Los Angeles to Sydney, from Murmansk to Dar Es Salaam, Ticket to Ride: Rails & Sails takes you on a railroad adventure across the entire globe. All aboard, and get ready for an unforgettable journey! Ticket to Ride Rails & Sails is the new installment in this best-selling train adventure series. Players collect cards of various types (trains and ships) that enable them to claim railway and sea routes on a nicely illustrated double-sided board, featuring the world map on one side and the great lakes of North America on the other. Elegantly simple and fast to learn, it takes the Ticket to Ride series to the next level! Veteran railroaders as well as family and friends will be delighted to set sail to the new horizons of Ticket to Ride… 2-5 Players. Age 10+. 60-120 minutes.

Urbania 3d Puzzle: Bookstore & Cafe

- Games & Puzzles

by WREBBIT - $35.00 - Add to Cart

Bookstores and coffee places are real havens for those who want to escape the hustle and bustle of city streets. The 285-piece Café 3D puzzle will be an essential segment of your very own urban center. Pair with other Urbania 3D puzzles to design the main street of your own town.

Urbania 3d Puzzle: Cinema

- Games & Puzzles

by WREBBIT - $35.00 - Add to Cart

With its Haute-Couture boutique and International Film Festival, this 300-piece 3D puzzle will most likely attract crowds of enthusiasts. Be sure to put the Cinema in a prime location on your ideal avenue! Pair with other Urbania 3D puzzles to design the main street of your own town.

Urbania 3d Puzzle: Hotel

- Games & Puzzles

by WREBBIT - $35.00 - Add to Cart

Make the Hotel or Restaurant the cornerstone of your main street or form a small alleyway right next to the Café. Develop a personalized avenue with this 295-piece Hotel 3D puzzle! Pair with other Urbania 3D puzzles to design the main street of your own town.

Venise Game

- Games & Puzzles

by EG GAME - $60.00 - Add to Cart

You are taking a trip to Venice, where the famous carnival is held. While walking around, a masked lady challenges you to a gem hunt in the middle of a canal. Use the planks to go from pile to pile to find your way through this labyrinth! Each player picks a colour and has to collect four gems: rubies for the red player, diamonds for the white player, emeralds for the green player and topazes for the yellow player. Use your stock of planks to go from one pile to another. A player wins the game if he/she is the first to collect all 4 gems of his/her colour. The game can then continue to determine who comes second, third and fourth. 2-4 players. 30-45 minutes per game. Recommended ages 8+.