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Booking an Event

Launching your work at McNally Robinson Booksellers could make all the difference...

We have built a reputation as one of Canada's finest booksellers. Our stores are defined by their communities and characterized by personalized service and community involvement. This last is perhaps best demonstrated by our continued commitment to authors, both fledgling and veteran, local and international. We host hundreds of events each year that are tailored to fit the individual author.

Books launched at McNally Robinson often catapult to our local best-sellers list. Each location has the resources to host spectacular author events, and each offers several spaces designed to accommodate them. We can help you decide which space best suits the format, atmosphere, and size of your function, and we'll work with you to organize the details. We encourage events to be as imaginative, informative and enjoyable as we can collaboratively make them. Events often include readings, video presentations, discussions and signings, but we're not limited. Some of our previous events have included escape artists, psychic readings, and musical accompaniments. We're interested in finding the unique focus that is at the center of each event.

The costs for each event at McNally Robinson are shared with the independent author or publisher. With unique in-store promotional displays, our weekly flier of upcoming events and psa's to local media outlets, the basic nominal cost for any event covers an assembly of promotional opportunities that allow the event to be advertised within the store and throughout the community. Other ways that we can enhance your event are through local and national print advertizing, personalized invitations sent either by post or email, and catering services and beverages from Prairie Ink, our superb in-store restaurant and bakery.

For particulars and to book an event please contact the events coordinator at the location you're interested in:


McNally Robinson Grant Park
1120 Grant Ave, Winnipeg, MB, R3M 2A6.

John Toews, Events Coordinator
Phone: 204-453-0424 ext. 227


McNally Robinson Saskatoon
3130 8th St. East, Saskatoon, SK, S7H 0W2.

Rachel Fowlie-Neufeld, Events Coordinator 
Phone: 306-955-3486 ext. 217