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Who We Are

McNally Robinson is an independent bookseller: family-oriented, committed to the values of community bookselling, and determined to present an alternative to corporate-chain bookstores. 

Where We Are

Our focus is on Canada, and we work closely with authors and publishers to reach Canadians with their own stories.  Moreover, we select all our books, wherever written, to reflect the interests and circumstances of Canadians.

What We Are

We firmly believe in a literate society: one in which reading is co-relative with a thoughtful, imaginative and fulfilled life.



Our Stores

Winnipeg, Grant Park (opened in 1996)

McNally Robinson Grant Park

A pioneering store in the Canadian book industry, our Grant Park Winnipeg store replaced two smaller McNally Robinson locations. It was Canada’s largest independent bookstore at the time of its opening and, with two subsequent minor expansions to approximately 24,000 square feet, possibly still is. This store introduced features that have been echoed in our subsequent stores, notably a full-service restaurant and a comprehensive children’s bookstore, the latter located on the mezzanine. The store also prototyped our layout using themed alcoves instead of aisles. (Typically, bookstores are laid out with cross-aisles, forming a grid, like Los Angeles. Ours, however, are laid out in a radial plan, like Paris.)


Saskatoon (opened in 1998)

McNally Robinson Saskatoon Our store on 8th Street has been Saskatoon's largest independent bookshop at 23,000 square feet. Like other McNally Robinson stores, Saskatoon fields a continuing schedule of readings, booklaunches and other cultural events. The restaurant and the mezzanine “for Kids” store are both highly popular.


New York City (opened in 2004)

McNally Robinson New York City On December 3, 2004, McNally Robinson opened a store in lower Manhattan at 52 Prince Street in Nolita, just east of Soho -- a neighbourhood of great vitality and home to many writers and artists. At 7,000 square feet on two levels, the New York store, owned and operated by Sarah McNally, daughter of the founders, is one of the largest independent stores in Manhattan and operates perhaps the liveliest events program of any store in the city. The store changed its name to McNally Jackson in August 2008.

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