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The Land Where the Sky Begins

North America's Endangered Tall Grass Prairie and Aspen Parkland

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ISBN: 9781896150468
format: Hardcover
pages: 160
publisher: Heartland Associates
pub. date: 2007-04-25

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Once, the eastern prairie was an ocean of grass. Once, it sustained vast herds of bison, hundreds of other mammals, birds and plants, and dozens of plains cultures. Once, emerging from the dark eastern forests, newcomers were left speechless by its enormity and fertility.

Today, the tall grass prairie is among the most endangered landscapes on Earth; less than one per cent of that magnificent sea of grass remains. But in many places and many ways, efforts are being made to preserve those last remnants, and even restore part of what has been lost. Celebrating what was, and what is, this book is a tribute to those efforts.

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