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pubdate: 2006-09-07
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i-ROBOT Poetry by Jason Christie

About this Item

ISBN: 9781894063241
format: Trade paperback
pages: 112
publisher: EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy
pub. date: 2006-09-07

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The popularly misperceived boundary between humans and technology shifts, blurs and disappears to the point where robots become all too human in their wants, needs, and aspirations.

These Robot Poems are short prose poems which detail a not-too-distant future where anything robotic has sentience. i-ROBOT Poetry by Jason Christie is a revolutionary literary work, wherein robots and animated appliances openly begin to lament their position as slaves to human desires, and dream of finding their own identities and destinies.

Finally, a new genre has emerged through the dry, satirical wit and warm sensitivity of poet Jason Christie: ROBOTICA. This highly intelligent collection of ROBOTICA reveals a stunning analysis of the world of robots and what they perceive of the men and machines around them - giving an inspired insight into the inner emotions of animated appliances such that readers may never look at their toaster, DVD player or other robotic helpers in the same light again.

The author's work reveals that the separation between robots and humans isn't as vast as we previously imagined, in fact it doesn't exist at all -- these robots evidence humanity's acceptance of technology to the point of it becoming almost blase; technology is no longer something feared and kept at a clinical distance, it is now taken intimately inside the body.

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